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Sony PSPGo – Connecting / Pairing your PS3 controller to your PSPGo

The Sony PSPGo is the latest PSP gaming console offering by Sony.  Several distinctions/changes have been made to this PSP revision; the main items being that the UMD disc drive was removed in favor of 16gb of flash memory and bluetooth connectivity was introduced. One feature that bluetooth added was the ability to connect a PS3 system controller to the PSPGo to use and play games/navigate the XMB interface.  This can be very handy if you use your PSPGo on a dock/cradle for music or video playback.

This recipe will explain and show (video) how to pair / connect your PS3 controller to your PSPGo.

Required Hardware:

[ Sony PSPGo console
[ PSPGO USB cable
[ Sony PS3 console
[ PS3 controller
[ mini-USB cable (for PS3 Controller)

Pairing / Connecting a PS3 Controller to a PSPGo

1. Power on your PS3

2. Power on your PSPGo

3. On the PSPGo, go to:
> Bluetooth Device Settings and then go to Manage Bluetooth Devices option.

4. Click on Register New Device

5. Choose Register a PS3 System Controller

6. It will give a prompt on what you need to connect, click OK.

7. Now connect the PSPGo to your PS3 via the USB Cable

8. After you do that, it will prompt you to connect your PS3 system controller to your PS3 with the mini-USB Cable

9. It will give you a prompt that its connecting and pairing and to wait.

10. Once its done, disconnect the PSPGo and PS3 system controller from your PS3.  When you hit the PS button on the controller, it will now connect and control your PSPGo.

Youtube Video Walk-through:

(no video? click here to go to youtube video)


When the PS3 controller is paired to your PSPGo, it will not control your PS3 at all.
To pair the controller back to your PS3, just plug in the USB cable to the controller and plug it into your PS3.  Give it a few seconds to connect and once you can move the PS3’s XMB with the controller, it should now be paired back to your PS3.  You will need to repeat the above steps to re-pair the controller to your PSPGo.
You can remove the PS3 Controller from the Bluetooth devices by going to Settings > Bluetooth Device Settings and then go to Manage Bluetooth Devices option.  Then highlight the Playstation3 System Controller device and hit Triangle button and choose the Delete option.

Jimmy S
Jimmy S
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