Excel 2013: Change Gridline Colors

   Posted December 24, 2012 by Alex Bahdanovich in Microsoft Excel

You may be bored with the default gridline colors, or you may simply need to better outline your data. Follow these steps to customize the gridline color to whatever you want in Excel 2013.

The default gray gridlines fry themselves into the back of your retina after staring at your data for a while. Tweaking the color of the grid will increasing your concentration and relax your eyes.

1.First, open up Excel 2013, and select File from the Excel ribbon. 

2.Now, select Options from the bottom of the list on the left-hand side. 

3.The Excel Options window will appear. From here, select Advanced from the options on the left sidebar. 

4.Scroll down until you reach Display options section. Under this area make sure that the Show gridlines option is enabled. Then select the gridline color by clicking on the color picker bucket icon. After you have selected your color, click OK. 

Your options are limitless. Often changing the gridlines to blue or green provides a good visual experience. Here is an example of one of my recent changes.


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  • Peter Gabor

    Hi, Alex,
    The whole color setting of Office 2013 is terrible. I wish I could change the default color of the gridlines which can so far be seen only because you know they are there…
    Another problem is with the sidebar of the Files section (Load, Save, Options etc). One day the text color of white (on black background) turned into dark blue – almost unreadable. I could do nothing about iy!!! But this show, that there is a way to change the colors – they must be somewhere in the registry. BTW, the only thing I could do was to remove Office from the PC and re-install it!

    I wonder if you have anything new on the coloring problem…

    Kindest regards