How to Create a Gallery with WordPress 3.5 Media Manager

Posted December 13, 2012 by Chris Luongo in WordPress

Since version 3.5, WordPress features an exciting new Media Manager. This tutorial will walk through the steps required to build a gallery considering the latest changes.

Since WP version 3.5, WordPress has included a redesigned Media Manager for uploading and including media within posts and pages. Instead of just listing the data about each image, the new Media Manager is more visually driven by using thumbnails. Additionally, alternative text and caption information can be entered more easily.

The new Media Manager is more intuitive and even features drag and drop abilities in making galleries. However, these new features can be confusing at first. Hopefully, this tutorial will get you started. The screencast below will show you the instructions in the most detail. Reference the step-by-step images and directions below for additional information.

When creating this gallery in the example below, assume no images have been uploaded yet.

1.From within your post, select the Add Media button.

Wordpress 3.5 Add Media Button with new Post

2.Select Create Gallery From the left side of the screen that appears.

Wordpress 3.5 Create Gallery Button

3.Select the Select Files button to the right of the screen to begin selecting files for the gallery.

Wordpress 3.5 Select Files for a gallery

4.You can add all your images one by one or hold shift+left mouse to select multiple images. Then select the Open option.

Wordpress 3.5 select images for gallery in windows explorer

5.All your images will appear. You can edit the meta data for each by clicking on it and including the data on the right. You can also click the check mark arrow on each image that you wish to include in the gallery.

Wordpress 3.5 editing image meta data

Wordpress 3.5 editing image meta data 2

6.Once you have your media uploaded, click on Create New Gallery on the bottom right.

Wordpress 3.5 create new gallery button

7.You will have a chance to edit the captions for all the images in your gallery. To the right you can also set some gallery options such as how many columns to have and the order of the images. Click Insert Gallery when your done.

Wordpress 3.5 editing a gallery

wordpress 3.5 create the gallery button

8.Once you publish your post or page, your gallery will be live and viewable.

Wordpress 3.5 Gallery in a post


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The Conversation

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  • Sandy


    Nice stuff, but how on Earth do we call these new galleries from inside the theme code?
    The [gallery] shortcode obviously does NOT work anymore – all my old galleries are now GONE and I have no clue (and found no mention about it anywhere) as of how to embed them in the theme code ?


    • David Kirk

      Sandy – The WP support documents say that the gallery shortcode should still work:

      “To use the gallery shortcode, you’ll need to switch to the Text editor.”

      You may have found a bug or an incompatible plugin.

  • Marie walsh

    I am using wordpress gallery. I have changed images order in the gallery but the changes dont show up on the website… do you know why?

    • D. M.

      Same problem as Marie Walsh. Changing the order of the pictures in the gallery, but not showing the changes on the website. Does anyone have a suggestion or solution for this?>

      • Bo

        > Remember when working with wordpress sometimes you need to clear your browser cache when jumping from tab to tab to see changes.

  • jamie

    how do you select the size of the thumbnails the gallery displays?

    • Jamie,

      To change the thumbnail size navigate to Settings -> Media, then next to Thumbnail Size you can enter a custom size.

      (ignore medium size and large size unless you are using them as output options in the shortcode, by default thumbnails use “thumbnail” for size)