IE8: How to Disable the WebSlices Notification Icon

WebSlices allow users to subscribe to content directly from within a webpage. If WebSlices are available on the page, a notification icon will appear when you mouseover the content. If you don’t utilize WebSlices, this notification can be a distraction.

1. Open Internet Explorer 8.

2. Click Tools and select Internet Options.

3. Select the Content tab.

4. Go to the Feeds section and click the Settings button.

5. In the Advanced section, uncheck the Turn on in page WebSlice Discovery checkbox (Turn on WebSlice button in the page in Beta 1).

6. Click OK.


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  • Name

    Better yet . How do you remove that stupid peice of @%#$%# altogether. Don’t need more useless clutter.

    And while they are at it , restore the abiltiy to place the links bar.(now renamed the favorites bar) alongside of the the text menu bar.

    Maybe I should just sue Microsoft for contributing to RSI by making me use the mouse all more than is necessary.

  • Name = GET FIREFOX!!!! Firefox has all theese new features anyways but in a better likeing way, Microsoft just copy what they use since Mozilla come up and use them first!

  • DMCM

    THANK YOU!!! This has been driving me nuts forever.