Lync: Change the Default Font and Color of Instant Messages

   Posted July 24, 2012 by Lê Hoàng in Microsoft Office

By default the text font in Lync is set to Segoe UI with black color. If you do not like it, you can always change it to another font and color.

Microsoft’s Lync is quickly becoming a powerful communications platform for the enterprise environment. Integrated into the latest version of Office and available on most mobile devices, Lync is quickly becoming the instant messaging choice for many business networks.

Like most Microsoft products, users quickly want to know how to alter the default settings. For example, using a different font and color while in group chat can really help the others members spot your message quickly and easily. Customizing your instant messages this way can be accomplished through the following steps.

1. Launch Lync 2013 and log in to your account.

2a. If you have the menu bar displayed at the top, go to Tools -> Options.

2b. Alternatively, you can simply click the small Gear icon right above the search box to access the Options window.

3. When the Options window appears, make sure you are in the General section. This section can be found on the left of the page.

4. On the right side of the window, click the Change Font button at the top.

5. The windows that appears will allow you the set color, change the font and adjust the size. You can even apply these settings to the incoming messages.

6. When you are done, click OK to save the changes and close the Options window.

Please note: These steps are applied to Lync 2013 only. The steps may vary in older or newer versions.


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  • gigkash

    useful tutorial

  • Rajiv Malhan

    Thx for the article Le. With above instructions font of Lync gets changed, but only for the conversations which we initiate from the contacts available in Lync box. But if we want to reply with Lync to some contact who has sent us mail and we double click the contact from mail body, font again becomes smaller with the default font and size. Can you help in changing this font too.

  • Cherelyn

    For some reason when I opt to change the font, it does not provide the “apply these settings to incoming messages” as indicated in the screenshot. I’m not sure what the issue is here but it has this really large font that does not resemble any other font on my computer. I really would like to change this but it does not appear to take the changes that I’m making.

    • swbusch

      I too am unable to “apply these settings to incoming messages”. Is there any way around this? When I go to settings, I only have limited list of color options. I would like to be able to assign a color that’s found when I look at the font colors from inside the dialog box.

      • Tommy

        > I am looking for the same feature. Itis so annoying with people using all different kinds of fonts and colors. However this option seems to be only available in Lync 2013 and not Lync 2010

  • Denco

    How do I set the default font to “BOLD”?

    • a

      > i need this too, but cannot find it 🙁

  • TA

    What I don’t like about 2013, is, you cannot set Italic or Bold Within the settings you listed. You can only do this per chat session (spawns)

  • george pitts

    This is useless. Yes it changes the font on the lync window, but does nothing for the messges themself, which after all is the thing most people want to change

  • Annonymous

    Very simple, thanks!

  • GD P

    Useless tutorial. Is there really somebody out there who couldn’t figure this one out? What about changing the horrible theme they’ve unleashed on us. It would be nice to see a border again.