Place your iPad or iPhone in Do Not Disturb Mode

   Posted June 12, 2012 by David Kirk in Apple iPhone

For those of us who use their iPhone or iPad as an alarm clock, the Do Not Disturb settings available in iOS 6 forces incoming calls and alerts to be silenced. This tutorial will walk you through setting up this new feature.

Few things physically hurt me more than being jarred from sleep by a text message or a Facebook notification. Additionally, as I frequently sleep during odd hours of the day, having a way to isolate myself from calls is essential.

Even in this mode, your alarm will still work correctly. If you are actively using your phone with this mode enabled, you will still be notified. The Do Not Disturb mode kicks in once the iOS device is locked.

Your iOS device will need to be updated to iOS 6 to be able to use this feature. Likewise, you will require a iPhone 3GS, 4th generation iPod Touch, iPad 2, or later to install iOS 6.

1. Select Settings icon
2. You will see the Do Not Disturb On/Off switch here which will allow you to enable or disable this feature.
3. To schedule and configure the Do Not Disturb feature, select the Notifications entry instead.

do not disturb settings

4. Select the Do Not Disturb option here to open the configuration settings.
5. Slided the Scheduled to ON to set the time you wish for the Do Not Disturb option to be automatically enabled.

do not disturb schedule

6. You can select whom to Allow Calls From and if Repeated Calls should be allowed to ring. With Repeated Calls enabled, a second call from the same person within three minutes will be allowed to interrupt you.

7. When Do Not Disturb mode is actually enabled, you will see a moon near your clock at the top of the screen.

8. You can manually override your scheduled settings by using the Settings-> Do Not Disturb ON/OFF toggle.


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  • Donna Spiers

    I read your post about the “do not disturb” feature on the new ios 6. I downloaded the ios 6 yesterday but the “do not disturb” feature does not work on my phone and allows any calls to ring. I have done several test calls and have set the quiet time and enabled all the notifications but it want keep calls from ringing the phone. Can you help me with this?

    • David Kirk

      @Donna – Several people have asked me this through various means. Considering iOS 6 is in beta right now, I’m assuming that it’s a bug that it is not yet working correctly on a devices.

  • eric

    with all the previous versions, if you just switch your phone to silent mode (make sure to turn off vibrate) your phone won’t wake you up for calls and messages, but it will sound your alarm clock.

    you just completely missed the point of the new ‘do not disturb’ function, which is that besides the already available silent mode, it will keep your screen dark as well.
    the second new feature for it is that you can specify who will be ignored by this new mode, for instance if you have elderly family members that you want to be able to reach you at any time…

    I hope your other articles are written with a bit more insight.


    ~written on my iPhone (in silent mode).

    • David Kirk

      @eric – Thanks for adding the additional information. We haven’t had anybody with any snark around here in a while… so thanks for adding a little flavor too.

  • AdamW

    @eric – LOL, I was wondering where that fact was in the article. I was like, “Huh?” 😉

    To the topic, though – this is a great feature (the selective part of the calls), BUT I really would like the same for texts. I hate that texts get left out so often in new features (like caller/texter specific tones came for calls first), as I use them more than anything else.

    I have thought 1,000 times – I only am waiting for one text from one person, otherwise I’d put the phone on silent. I too sleep odd hours, and this would be very helpful – especially coupled with the “repeat text tone” feature. Say, I’m supposed to get a text from someone to go out to lunch – I only wanna hear theirs, and if I miss it, I wanted it repeated.

    Sure, that would take about thirty seconds to set up every time (changing all the appropriate settings, as I usually only have once-only text alerts), but it would be worth it to grab an extra few hours of sleep.

  • anthony

    I have the same problem with IOS 6 the DND still let phone calls come through.
    yeap i thought was the download and was going to down load again maybe that a go

  • Benta

    Thanks, this helps, but I’d like to have my phone on loud (silenced during Do Not Disturb periods) but the alarm on low, then it will be perfect!