Vista: Enable Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) in Windows Mail

If you are sending an email out to a few people or a mailing list, you probably are wanting to hide the list of addresses from each recipient. You do this by using the blind carbon copy field in the message you are creating. Windows Mail has this field hidden by default, to unhide the field, follow these steps:

1. From Windows Mail, click Create Mail from the toolbar.

2. The New Message window will appear.

3. Click View and select All Headers.

4. The Bcc field will appear. Place the address(es) you wish to send a blind carbon copy.


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  • joan

    What about showing the BCC line after the message is in the “Sent” box? It doesn’t show the line, and “reply all” doesn’t make it show either. Now I am not sure who I invited to my party.

  • Steve

    Thank you!!

  • maxi

    These instructions allow me to keep BCC on screen on any new email I start.
    Thanks for the instructions.

  • wow that really helpd me thnx very much 🙂

  • Jay

    Thanks. Makes sending sales to customers ez.

  • Thank you!!

  • Anonymous

    This sounds simple and very effective…. BUT!

    when I select new messege dont get the top line containing FILE EDIT VIEW etc

    Q: how can i make it appear so can select VIEW then All headers?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you

  • Eastcoastgirl

    Thanks. Exactly what I needed to know, simple, easy…

    • Abdul Khan


  • Abdul Khan

    when iwant to send email to afew people how I find address list

  • Abdul Khan

    I am waiting for the anwers .

  • Vai

    I know how to add an e-mail adress individually to the bcc line in my e-mail, but what I’m having a problem with is a GROUP mailing. If I give a name to the group, how can I put it in the bcc line, without it coming back and saying that there is a problem with one of the addresses, so that I have to delete it, and then it comes back with another address to be deleted till everything gets deleted, and if I put each name in individually, then it works, but if I send the group name in the main heading(To:) then it prints ALL the e-mail addresses!!!! How dumb is THAT?