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Vista: How to Clear Reports from Parental Controls


In order to more easily keep an eye on what your children are accessing on your computer, it is wise to perform periodic maintenance. You should clear your reports once in a while to prevent having to constantly wade through long lists of old data. To clear the reports, follow these steps:

1. Log onto the computer using an account with administrator privileges.

2. Click the Start Button and select Control Panel.

3. Select System and Maintenance.

4. Select Administrative Tools.

5. Double-click Event Viewer.

6. When the UAC prompt appears, click Continue.

7. In the left pane of the Event Viewer, expand the Applications and Services folder.

8. Expand Microsoft.

9. Expand Windows.

10. Expand Parental Controls.

11. Right-click Operational and select Clear Log.

12. To save the log, click Save and Clear, if not, click Clear.

13. Close the Event Viewer, Administrative Tools, and Control Panel windows.



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