How to Disable Geotagging on Your Smartphone’s Camera (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry)

Posted February 25, 2011 by Rob Rogers in Android, Apple iPhone, Blackberry

If you are big on privacy then you will want to make sure that geotagging is disabled on your smartphone’s camera. Geotagging embeds the location that the photograph was taken into the image itself. This means that others that view the image can access this information. This can be especially alarming if you post your images online for others to access or email them out for people to view.

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To disable geotagging on your camera only:

iPhone (4.0):

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select General.

3. Select Location Services.

4. Locate Camera from the list of apps that use Location Services and change the setting to OFF.

Android (2.2; 2.3):

1. Open the Camera app.

2. Select the Location icon.

3. Select Off.

Some versions of Android will need you to open the Camera app, select the Menu button on their phone, select Settings and disable Geo-tag photos.

BlackBerry (6.0):

1. Open Camera.

2. Select the Location icon and set it to Disabled.

Previous versions will need to open Camera, press the Menu button and select Options. Then set Geotagging to Disabled.

To disable location services on your phone for all apps:

iPhone (4.0):

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select General.

3. Select Location Services.

4. Change the setting for Location Services to OFF.

Android (2.2; 2.3):

1. Open Settings.

2. Select Location & security.

3. Uncheck both Use wireless networks and Use GPS satellites.

BlackBerry (6.0):

1. Open Options.

2. Select Device.

3. Select Location Settings.

4. Go to Location Services and change the setting to Location Off.

5. Press the Menu key on the phone.

6. Select Save.

Previous versions will need to open Options, select Security, and select Applications Permissions. Press the Menu key on your phone and select Edit. Expand Connections and set Location (GPS) to Deny.


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  • Joevlow

    Wrong. All camera location settings are done (as general location settings) in Android settings menu for android 2.2 and above on galaxy s samsung phones and I suspect many others. This will disable all app location settings for the phone, not just the camera.

    • Austang

      I love assholes that come on posts just to say “Wrong” as their first word.

    • cellphonegeek

      > Apparently some people need to become famiiliar w/ their phone. The CAMERA GEOTAGGING feature on smartphones does NOT disablle other GPS features of the phone. I have my Camera Geotagging settings always OFF to NEVER show a location when the pic was taken. I am also ALWAYS USING my GPS on my HTC Incredible 2 for Navigation, and it works just fine.

      • juris

        > actually Joe is right……apparently some galaxy phones, lke mine, CANNOT be specific as to the type of location shut off… is all or nothing. Thx Joe!

  • Jim

    Sorry, he’s right. There simply is no option to turn of geotagging in Andoid 2.2. Sorry, you’re SOL unless you get another camera app or disable GPS and Wireless locations altogether. Please update. 

  • deaconous

    I think it’s strange that people keep recommending disabling GPS. Why would I want to do this, when there are free applications that let me keep my geotags but not share them. I guess it’s my personal quest to let ‘everyone’ know there are FREE, Yes, FREE, smartphone applications that are way better for protecting privacy than turning off GPS. Here’s a key word clue: “pixelgarde”. try searching for it on the Android marketplace, iPhone App Store, go to their website…. come on people!

  • Sandra

    Thank you so much I have small grand children and I take lots of photos.

  • caitlin

    so, now it’s Jan 2012, I have ice cream sandwich on my nexus s. I go to camera, settings, click on the 3 squares for further settings, and the default is “store location – off”. I can turn it back on, but to me this means that locations for the camera on their own are disabled. Am I misunderstanding it?

  • mini mimi

    Could anyone explain why when I put my thumb over the camera eye on my Droid bionic, I lose my ability to scroll up and down or switch screens? And how to change this behavior? I’m not doing anything wrong just kinda don’t like the idea of being watched without my mascara 🙂

  • Kevin Davidson

    For the iPhone running IOS 6, Location services has moved from the General to the Privacy tab in Settings.