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Windows 7: Essential Windows Management Shortcuts

A big part of Windows workflow is managing open windows. Memorizing and using these shortcuts will greatly improve your desktop efficiency.

Shamanstears posted a list of shortcuts for managing open windows over a year ago. This will be a gentle reminder along with several additional helpful shortcuts as well.

  • Move active window to left side of screen- Press Windows key + Left key
  • Move active window to right side of screen- Press Windows key + Right key
  • Display /Hide Explorer Preview panel- Press ALT + P while on the explorer panel
  • Maximize/Restore inactive window- Press Windows Key + Up Key
  • Minimize active window- Press Windows Key + Down Key
  • Minimize everything except the active window– Press Windows Key + Home Key
  • Open Windows Explorer- Press Windows Key + E
  • Lock the Screen- Press Windows Key + L
  • Resize Icons– Press CTRL + Mouse Scroll

If we’ve left out your favorite shortcut, please include it in the comments below.



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