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Vista: Making Only Administrators UAC Free

Vista incorporates a feature called the User Account Control (UAC) to help ensure that users don’t accidentally make unwanted changes to their system by prompting them for admin authorization. UAC is also useful in stopping malware from grabbing admin privileges without the user knowing it. However, if you are an Administrator on the PC, the UAC can become quite annoying during initial set up and configuration of the system. You can disable the User Account Control for Administrators on the computer while keeping the UAC enabled for standard users by following these steps:

1. Press the WinKey+R to bring up the Run dialog box.

2. Input secpol.msc.

3. Click OK.

4. When the UAC prompt appears, select Continue.

5. The Local Security Policy window will appear.

6. In the left pane, expand Local Policies.

7. Select Security Options.

8. In the right pane, scroll down to the bottom.

9. Double-click User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode.

10. Click the dropdown button and select Elevate without prompting.

11. Click OK.

12. Close the Local Security Policy window.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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