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Outlook: How To Delete Duplicated Holidays

If you inadvertently add the same holidays to your Calendar more than once, it can not only look rather messy, but also take attention away from other important events you might have on those days. While you could remove them by taking the time to delete each one, there is a much quicker method to force your Calendar to celebrate the holidays only once per event.

1. Go to Calendar.

2. Click View, mouseover Current View and select Events. This will provide a list of all events in your calendar.

3. Right-click a column header and select Field Chooser from the resulting menu.

4. In the Field Chooser box, use the dropdown and select Date/Time fields.

5. Select Created.

6. Drag Created to the Column Headers to add it to the list. Close the Field Chooser box.

7. Now click on the newly added column header (Created). This will sort all of your events by the date that they were added to your Calendar.

8. Find the group of holidays you wish to remove.

9. Select the first holiday in the list that is to be deleted.

10. Scroll down to the last holiday that is to be deleted. Hold down the Shift key and select this holiday. This will highlight all of the holidays that you are going to remove.

11. Press the Delete key. The duplicate holidays will be removed from the Calendar.

12. Click View, mouseover Current View and select Day/Week/Month to return the Calendar to the normal view.

Your Calendar should now only display one set of holidays.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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