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Outlook 2007: Change the Screen Location that the Desktop Alert Appears

By default, Outlook displays the Desktop Alert above the system tray on the desktop. Since I run a multiple monitor setup, I found myself rarely noticing the Desktop Alert because I was focused on applications on the other monitor. by changing the location that the Desktop Alert appears, it was more easily noticed and better served its purpose. To change where the Desktop Alert appears on your screen, follow these steps:

1. Click Tools and select Options.

2. Under E-mail, click the E-mail Options button.

3. Under Message handling, click the Advanced E-mail Options button.

4. Under When new items arrive in my Inbox, make sure that the Display a New Mail Desktop Alert checkbox is checked.

5. Click the Desktop Alert Settings button.

6. Click the Preview button.

7. Click and drag the generated Desktop Alert to the desired location on your desktop.

8. Click OK to close the Desktop Alert Settings window.

9. Click OK to close the Advanced E-mail Options window.

10. Click OK to close the E-mail Options window.

11. And finally, click OK to close the Options window.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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