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Microsoft Excel: How to Hide Tabs

If your spreadsheet is shared and used by others, you may want to keep your formulas and some data from being viewed or changed by others. By hiding the tabs that these are located, you can allow others to use your spreadsheet without having to worry about them playing where they don’t belong.

1. Open your saved Excel Spreadsheet.

At the bottom of your spreadsheet, you can see all available tabs. For this example, we will hide the Formulas tab.

2. On your keyboard, press ALT+F11 to bring up the Visual Basic editor.

3. At the top of the left pane, locate the desired tab that is to be hidden and select it.

4. Go to the bottom of the left pane and locate the Properties for the selected tab.

5. Go to the Visible setting and use associated dropdown to select 0 -xlSheetHidden.

6. Go back to the top of the left pane.

7. Right-click VBAProject and select VBAProject Properties.

8. Select the Protection tab.

9. Check the Lock project for viewing checkbox.

10. Input a password, repeat it to confirm the password.

11. Click the OK button.

12. Go to the menu, click File and select Save.

When you return to your spreadsheet, you will now see that the tab is hidden.

To make the tab visible again, press ALT+F11 to open the Visual Basic editor. Input the password and change the Visible setting for the tab back to 1 -xlSheetVisible.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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