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How to Tune Pinterest Home Feed in the Latest 2019 Update

Whether you’re an artist or a techie, a parent or a teenager, Pinterest caters to everybody’s “inspiration needs.” Surprisingly, Pinterest has the lead as the fastest growing member platform with 57% growth rate, which is even more than Facebook’s (6%). Now you can even add a “Pin it” button to your browser in case something outside of Pinterest interests you. That’s how trendy “pinning” is becoming. Before, Pinterest gave users only one chance to add interest topics: at the time of account creation. However, with latest 2019 updates, users can now easily edit interesting pins and boards anytime in the app; and even more easily in browser.

How to Tune Pinterest Home-feed via App

Just follow these steps to tune your Pinterest home-feed to your favorite pins and boards via app:

1. Open your profile in the app.

Pinterest home page in the latest 2019 update.

2. Tap on your profile image to access Settings.

Accessing Pinterest profile settings in the app.

3. Tap on Settings.

Accessing Pinterest profile settings in the latest 2019 updated app.

4. Select Edit Settings.

Editing settings in the latest 2019 updated Pinterest app.

5. Scroll down to select Home feed > option.

Accessing home-feed tuner in the latest 2019 updated Pinterest app.

6. Select/deselect your boards to see more/less related content on your feed.

Editing boards' recommendations to tune home-feed.

7. Tap History and turn on (or off) pins the likes of which you wish (or don’t) to see more on your feed.

Turning pins on or off to tune home-feed.

8. Tap Topics >Find more topics to follow to add more topics to show on your feed.

Following more topics in Pinterest app.

9. Select topics/genres of your choice.

Selecting topics/genres of your choice to tune your Pinterest app home-feed.

10. Hit Done once you finish selecting.

Finishing up with adding topics/genres of your choice in Pinterest app.

11. Boards, pins and activities related to selected topics will then appear on your following section.

Pinterest home-feed tuned according to changed made via app.

How to Tune Pinterest Home-feed via Browser:

1. Open your Pinterest in the browser.

2. Click on Settings on the top right corner.

Accessing Pinterest settings in the browser.

3. Select Tune your home feed.

Accessing home-feed tuner in Pinterest via browser.

4. Follow same steps from there as mentioned above.

5. Select Quiz to quickly select ideas you like.

Accessing Quiz section in Pinterest via browser to tune home-feed.

6. Select cross icon for no and heart for yes.

Liking and disliking ideas coming up in the Pinterest home-feed tuner quiz.

7. The number of ideas liked will be represented by the number of hearts below each pin in the quiz.

How Pinterest shows number of liked ideas in Quiz by the number of hearts.

8. Select Done after you’ve selected the required number of favorite ideas (5).

Finishing up with the Quiz to tune Pinterest home-feed via browser

9. Select the prompt Go to feed which is now tuned to display pins related to selected ideas.

Selecting Pinterest's prompt to visit home-feed tuned via browser.

As the above steps show, tuning your Pinterest home-feed to match your topics, pins, boards and activities of interest via a browser has become more straightforward than ever thanks to the latest updates. Such a shortcut to something so important.

Ideas Quiz and Pinterest’s Member Growth

Among contributing factors of Pinterest’s exponentially growing membership is its inclusion of a short quiz to select ideas, ideas which users wish to see more pins and boards on on their feed.

What’s more is that users can come back anytime to choose more ideas they like. Pinterest shows pins under “ideas” in the quiz based on user searches, boards and recommendations taken by users from the recommended content.

It’s almost as if Pinterest is your very own person, one incredibly good at understanding your interests.

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