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Posted December 29, 2008 by

Leopard: The Easy Way to Make an Alias

An alias functions in much the same way as a Windows shortcut. It provides an icon that points to the original file and this icon can be placed anywhere (in a stack on the dock, the desktop, etc) while requiring minimal storage space. Using the File –> Make Alias method takes a little more effort than I like, since not ony do you have to select the items from the menu, you have to clean up the alias name so that it no longer includes the word “alias.”

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Posted December 28, 2008 by

Leopard: Stop Application Icons from Bouncing on the Dock When Launched

When you launch an application, its dock icon will bounce until the application appears. If you find this annoying, you can easily get rid of it and be done with this distraction.

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Posted November 18, 2008 by

OS X Activity Monitor: Monitoring CPU, Network, Disk or Memory Usage from the Dock

The Activity Monitor is quite useful for pulling up the CPU, System Memory, and Network activity as well as Disk Activity and Disk Usage. The dock icon can be a useful tool all on its own, without having to keep the Activity Monitor window up and running. You can view CPU History as well as CPU, Disk, Memory, or Network Usage.

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Posted October 27, 2008 by

OS X: Quick Pop-Up Dictionary

OS X now contains a very helpful, pop-up dictionary. It works in textedit, safari, and terminal.

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Posted October 8, 2008 by

Leopard: Using Preview to Make Screenshots

By using Preview’s Grab utility, you can easily make screenshots of your Mac desktop and application windows. While you can use various keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots, it is sometimes easier to use mouseclicks instead of the keyboard. Another advantage is that Preview gives you the option of taking timed screenshots that allow you 10 seconds to set up your shot before it snaps the screenshot.

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Posted September 15, 2008 by

Leopard: Force Ejection of a DVD or CD

If you have the misfortune of having a DVD or CD stuck in your drive, here’s a tip that will work in most cases.

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Posted September 12, 2008 by Have Your Email Read to You

At times, it would be nice to have your email read to you while you do other things. Leopard’s will read aloud any email(s) you select from your Inbox.

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Posted September 1, 2008 by How to Bounce a Message to the Sender

If you receive an email from someone that you really wish didn’t have your email address, you can make them think that they don’t. By using the Bounce functionality that is included in the OS X mail client to fool the pest into thinking that their email did not reach the intended goal. The sender […]

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Posted September 1, 2008 by

Leopard: Get More Out of the Trackpad

If you rely on the Trackpad instead of a mouse, you should explore the options that are available to increase its functionality and increase your productivity.

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Posted July 24, 2008 by Forward Important Emails to Different Email Address

Frequently I need to forward important emails from work to my home address as well. Here is how to set this up with the OS X mail application.

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Posted July 20, 2008 by

OS X: Hide Your Hard Disk from the Desktop

If you want to hide the Hard Disk icon from your desktop so that you can maintain a clean look, follow this Tech-Recipe. These directions are accurate for all modern versions of OS X including 10.7 Lion.

Posted July 17, 2008 by Set Interval for Automatic Removal of Deleted Items

Without proper management, your Trash folder can get out of control and take up unnecessary space on your drive. You can either manually manage the items in your Trash folder, or you can set the interval that you want to automatically remove these items.

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