How to Set Themes on an Android Keyboard

Posted June 15, 2020 by Sheraz Ali in Android

There are many features you can customize on your Android phone. But thanks to Google’s introduction of the Gboard as the default keyboard, you can even customize your keyboard theme! Give your phone’s screen a unique look by setting your own theme keyboard theme. That is sure to turn some eyes your phone’s way each time its keyboard pops up on screen. You can set your own theme as well as select in-built Gboard themes. They come in the form of colors, landscapes and gradients. Here is where you’ll find out how to set the theme on Android keyboard in 3 incredibly easy ways.

Setting up the Theme on your Android Keyboard – Method 1:

1. Open your device’s Settings.

2. Scroll down and tap on System.

3. Tap on Languages & Input.

4. Go to Virtual keyboard.

5. And then tap on Gboard.

(Or any other keyboard you have set as default keyboard.)

6. Tap on Theme from keyboard settings’ list.

7. Tap ‘+’ to add image from your device for theme.

8. Then select desired image from your device’s storage.

9. After selecting theme, tap on Edit.

10. Set size and position as you want.

11. Then hit Next when you’re done.

12. Move brightness toggle right/left to adjust it.

13. Hit Next when brightness is set.

14. Turn toggle on/off for keyboard borders.

15. Tap on APPLY when you’re done editing.

And now your very own customized theme for Android keyboard has been set successfully!

Setting up the Theme on your Android Keyboard – Method 2:

1. Open your device’s keyboard (by taping on any text bar).

2. Tap on keyboard settings.

3. Follow steps 6-14 from method 1.

Setting up the Theme on your Android Keyboard – Method 3:

1. Open your device’s keyboard (by taping on any text bar).

2. Tap on keyboard themes.

3. Follow steps 7-14 from method 1.

And there you have it! Three different yet super easy methods to set your very own customized theme on Android keyboard. Now your Android phone is sure to look a little bit different than those around you. You can save and edit the theme any time after you have set it up.

More on Customizing Android Keyboard

Although there are other themes you can set for your Android keyboard. They are in-built. And they come in the form of colors, landscapes, light gradients and dark gradients.

You can select any from the theme page. And by going to Show All appearing under each category mentioned above, you can see even more themes from each category.

Offline versus online Gboard Themes

Remember, the themes appearing on the theme page right away are offline themes. You don’t need an internet connect to upload and/or edit them.

However, to see more themes, you will need to be connected to the internet. Because other themes present in the list need an internet connection to be uploaded to the editing bar. And from there on out, the process is the same as for offline themes.

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