IE8: Reopen Closed Tabs

Posted October 6, 2008 by Rob Rogers in Browsers

You finally get to the webpage that you have been surfing for and now you have accidentally closed the tab. This can be a very frustrating situation. Luckily, Internet Explorer 8 is quite forgiving and allows you to easily reopen the closed tab, even if you have closed other tabs after it.

Using a Keyboard Shortcut:

By using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T, IE8 will open the last tab that was closed. Use the keyboard shortcut again, and it will open the tab that was closed before that, and so on. You can use this method to restore up to the last 10 tabs that have been closed during your browsing session.

Using the New Tab Page:

Go to the tab area and click the new tab button to open up a new tab.

Go to the Reopen closed tabs section. You will find a list of the last 10 tabs that have recently been closed during your browser session.


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