Leopard: Link (or Pair) Your Apple Remote to Your Computer

Posted April 8, 2008 by Rob Rogers in Mac OS X Leopard

To prevent other Apple Remotes from accidentally (or intentionally) interfering with your computer, you can link your Apple Remote to your computer.

1. Make sure your computer is up and running.

2. Using your Apple Remote, hold down the Play/Pause and Menu buttons at the same time until a remote with links above it appears on the screen. You can also hold down the Next button and the Menu button to do this, but the Play/Pause button is so much easier to access.

Once the linked remote appears on the screen, you can stop pressing the buttons on the remote. Your Apple Remote is now linked (or paired) to your computer, preventing other Apple Remotes from controlling it.

To unlink your remote:

1. Go to System Preferences:

2. In the Personal section, select Security.

3. At the bottom of the window, click the Unpair button.

4. Close the Security window.


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