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Nexus One: Use Long Press Shortcuts to Save Time

Android provides a way to quickly access menus and functionality by doing a long press ( a press and hold) of buttons or keys. These shortcuts can be a real timesaver.

Long Press on the Home screen itself, will allow you to add Shortcuts, Widgets, Folders or change Wallpapers.

Long Pressing an icon or widget on the Home screen will allow you to move or delete the icon/widget.

Long Press of the Home key at anytime will bring up a list of the last six recently used applications.

Long Press of the Menu key will bring up the onscreen keyboard.

Long Press of the Search key will activate voice search.

While in the Browser application you can Long Press the Back button to access a history of pages visited, most visited, and bookmarks instead of selecting the Menu key and selecting Bookmarks. Long Pressing a link or Bookmark, a menu appears with the option to Open, Open in new window, Bookmark link, Save link, Share link, or Copy link URL.

Long Pressing a message in the Gmail application will produce a menu with options to Read, Archive, Mute, Mark read, Delete, Add star, Change labels or Report spam.

Long Pressing a map location in the Maps application will give you the street address of that location.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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