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How to use Spotify’s ‘Only You’ feature

Spotify is currently the biggest streaming platform in the world, with more and more users joining every day. The platform loves to innovate: while changing the way in which audiences listen to music, Spotify is also changing the fundamental way that streaming platforms operate. 

The new ‘Only Feature’ tool enables listeners to get to know their favorite musical artist from the past six months, while having access to some other fun information about other favorite songs and artists. 

Innovation in Streaming

Spotify is an immense success around the world, with over 350 million users, according to The Verge. The streaming platform has grown exponentially and consistently since it was first established by using simple yet effective strategies adopted by other sectors of the entertainment industry.

A key strategy for many businesses is to offer a free trial period or free service plan, which allows access to the basics of a product at no cost in order to attract a larger audience. Popular examples of where free trials have been popularized are video streaming platforms such as Netflix, which offers free trials, or online casinos that offer free spins, no deposit schemes, and bonuses. For example, Spin Casino is one of those examples and you can find the Bonus.ca review here. Likewise, Spotify offers a free plan, which has no restriction in terms of the music catalog, attracting casual and serial music listeners alike.

Additionally, Spotify is known for its inventive and creative approach to app design and interaction with users. From its famous ‘Wrapped’ feature, summarised by Business Insider here, which shows users their consumption habits throughout the year and lets them share it with friends and followers, to the more recent ‘Blend’ option that offers you a personalized playlist that matches your musical tastes along with that of a person of your choice, Spotify has worked hard to stay ahead of competitors and captivate new users.

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‘Only You’

This new revolutionary feature, ‘Only You’, relies on different stats and trivia, which can be shared on your social media. In the ‘Only You’ feature tab, you’ll find different types of information divided into six different categories:

Your Genres

Here you can check out what type of music or podcast you listen to the most when using the streaming platform.

Your Artist Pairs

This feature essentially shows you how unique your musical taste is. Spotify picks two artists you usually listen to, but that you wouldn’t normally see together. For instance, Taylor Swift and Metallica or Kendrick Lamar and The Beatles.

Your Time of Day

Spotify shows you which artists you like to listen to at different hours of the day.

Your Song Year

Do you know your favorite song’s release date by heart? Get ready to find out.

Your Audio Birth Chart

Have you ever thought about how your musical zodiac would look like? This tool shows what your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs would be. In this case, the Sun represents the artist you’ve listened to the most in the last six months, the Moon picks your most emotional musical artist, and Rising pins one of your recent findings.

Your Dream Dinner Party

You are presented with nine artists, and you must pick three. Then Spotify works its magic and creates a playlist that combines their songs. 

Creating Playlists With ‘Only You’

The feature should pop up on your screen as soon as you open the app, but if that doesn’t happen you can always head over to the ‘Search’ tab and type ‘Only You’.

After checking out all the six tabs, you will find the option ‘Add mixes to Your Library’. By accepting this, three new playlists will instantly be added to your library. We hope that you enjoy this new feature and get to know your tastes and artists better. Nonetheless, don’t worry, we are sure it won’t take too long for Spotify to present us with a new an equally inventive tool.

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