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iOS 7: Disable Translucent Background Effect

The new flat design in iOS 7 is a welcome change, but for many users, the style is not suitable for their tastes. Beside revamping the interface for all system apps, many interfaces like Control and Notification Center now have a translucent background which exposes the color of the content behind them.

Like the flat icon design, the translucent background is also one of the most controversial changes in iOS 7. Because the translucent background’s color depends on the Home screen’s background and the icons beneath it, it may make the whole interface very inconsistent and distract the users from the main content.

If you do not like it, follow the steps in this tutorial to disable it and change the background to a solid color.

1. Tap on the Settings icon.

iOS 7 Settings

2. When the Settings section is loaded, continue by choosing the General section near the top of the screen.

iOS 7 General Settings

3.  Next, scroll down the page and choose the Accessibility option.

iOS 7 Accessibility Settings

4. In the Accessibility page, under the Vision section, find the Increase Contrast option. Tap on it to change the setting.

iOS 7 Increase Contrast Turn Off Translucent Effect

Move the slider to the right side to turn it on.

iOS 7 Increase Contrast turn off translucent effect

5. By turning the Increase Contrast option on, the background of the Assistive Touch, Unlock page, Control Center, and Notification Center will be switched to a solid color instead of the translucent background. Below are the before and after pictures of these features.


Assistive Touch Default Style

iOS 7 Assistive Touch with translucent background

Assistive Touch with Increase Contrast option

iOS 7 Assistive Touch without translucent background

Control Center Default Style

iOS 7 Control Center with translucent background

Assistive Touch with Increase Contrast option

iOS 7 Control Center without translucent background


Notification Center Default Style

iOS 7 notification center with translucent background


Notification Center with Increase Contrast option

iOS 7 notification center without translucent background

Lê Hoàng
Lê Hoàng
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