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How to Free up WhatsApp Storage Space with Storage Manager (Updated)

Clearing space in your device is vital, but can be tedious at times. In fact, you’d be surprised to know how much junk files are eating space in your device. When it comes to WhatsApp, media files-GIFs, audios, documents, images,etc.-are stored in your device’s media library, where you can see them every time. This is unlike media files from other apps, which are neatly tucked away in some faraway folder in your device. Want to clear all the WhatsApp clutter instantly? Keep on reading to find out how to free up WhatsApp storage space with storage manager (updated) without deleting important chats.

Freeing up WhatsApp Storage Space with Storage Manager (Updated)

WhatsApp has introduced this new feature to get rid of all the WhatsApp media hogging up your device’s storage space. All you need to do to start using this feature is to get yourself enrolled in the WhatsApp beta testing service.

Furthermore, it would be best-although, not necessary-to back up your WhatsApp chat(s) before using WhatsApp beta or before going back to regular WhatsApp from the beta version.

All you have to do is:

1. Update WhatsApp to the latest version from Play Store.

2. Install WhatsApp beta test service.

3. Launch WhatsApp.

4. Tap on triple-dot icon on top right > Settings > Storage and data usage> Manage storage.

At this point, if a storage bar appears on the screen, it means you’re using the new interface of WhatsApp beta’s storage manager. Otherwise, it means WhatsApp hasn’t yet enabled this feature on your beta account. If this is the case, just give it a few moments. Then come back to WhatsApp again.

Below the storage bar, lists appearing on-screen represent messages, images, and all sorts of media files as well as how much space each category is consuming on your device.

5. Tap on any media file category (e.g. images) you want to clean. sections, and you’ll get a list of all the applicable files.

6. Hit filter icon to sort images that show up next according to the largest/oldest/newest

7. To select favorites (to not delete), long-press individual files OR turn Select all toggle on then choose favorites.

8. Use the trash icon to delete selected file(s).

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. New WhatsApp media is still showing in my device’s storage manager. Why?

You probably have the auto-download feature still turned on in your WhatsApp. To turn it off, go to: WhatsApp settings > Data and storage usage > Media auto-download. Turn toggles off for desired media items you don’t want to get downloaded in the background. Tap OK.

2. Can I restore deleted media from the WhatsApp storage manager?

Unfortunately, no. This is a one-way road, no do-overs. So, since you only get one shot at this, make sure to check your device’s media app and make a sort of mental note for which items to delete. Also, don’t forget to check the app for any media content copies you might have sent in WhatsApp. Copies of media files that have been deleted might also be taking up space.

And that’s all you need to do to free up WhatsApp storage space with storage manager (updated)!

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