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How To Send Posts as Direct Messages on Instagram

Have you experienced the urge to inform someone about the post you see on Instagram but it’s too difficult to describe by words what the whole post is all about? Calm yourself because Instagram got you a solution. Using the Instagram Direct, you can now send exactly the whole post you want to share. This is without having to mention the person in the comment box of the post. Follow the instructions in this article to know how to send posts as direct messages on Instagram.

How To Send Posts as Direct Messages on Instagram

To send a post from a feed as a direct message on Instagram, do these:

1. Open your Instagram app on your Home screen.Instagram App icon
2. Under every post are three icons. They’re located exactly on the bottom left side. The heart icon refers to Likes. Then comes the speech bubble which pertains to comments. The paper airplane icon uses to send the post as a message. Tap paper airplane icon to share the post on the Instagram Direct message.Instagram Direct Message icon from post
3. Choose a recipient. You can select from suggestions or search username in the search box. Tap the person’s account to mark it with a check.Instagram Direct Message icon from post Choose Recipient
4. If you have something to say about the post, you can put a message before sending it.Instagram Direct Message icon from post Write a message
5. Tap the blue Send button below the message box to send the message. You are done.Instagram Direct Message icon from post Send button

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Up to how many people can I send a post?
A: You can select more than one receiver at a time. You can send it up to 15 people. If it’s not enough, you can send it to a group chat. If you don’t have a group chat yet, you can create one. Take a look back at the third step. Instead of choosing under the list, you can tap the New Group on the upper right corner of the menu box. Then put the name of the group. After that, you can start to select the members. You can search them or look at your suggested list. Upon creating the group, you can now send the post.

Q: Can I send a post to someone I don’t follow or not following me?
A: The Instagram Direct allows you to send a private message to a person who is not following you, regardless if you follow him too. However, Instagram will first need the account owner’s approval before he can receive or view your message. If you already have a previously approved message from that user, all your succeeding messages will automatically go to the message thread.

Q: Will the owner of the post know if I shared the post to someone else?
A: When you used the comment box to mention a friend in a post, the uploader will know about it but when you send the post using the direct message, Instagram will not notify the owner. No matter how many people received the message, the uploader will never know that you share his post with them.

Q: I sent a post that I saw on my news feed to someone but he informs me that he cannot see the post. What might be the problem? How can he view the post?
A: If this scenario happens, remember the Instagram account privacy rules. A public account can be viewed and automatically accepts followers without its permission. While a private account cannot be easily seen unless your request to follow him was approved. It also applies when you send a private account’s post as a message. Your friend will only see the post if he follows the post uploader.

You just learned how to send posts as direct messages on Instagram. We hoped that this article helped you have a better overall Instagram experience. If you have questions about any of the information above, let us know in the comments.

Leomar Umpad
Leomar Umpad
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