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How to Identify Fake iPhone Cable Versus Genuine iPhone Cable


Fake iPhone accessories may result in a damaged iOS device. Learn how to identify a genuine iPhone cable versus a fake one.

At first glance, it is hard to identify a counterfeit data cable from a genuine iPhone cable. This article guides you on how to identify an authentic and Apple-certified iPhone cable against the fake ones. You will also learn the effects of using non-certified Lightning cables.

Identify a Genuine iPhone Cable

With the influx of cheap and genuine-looking but copycat iPhone cables, it’s hard to know the original from the fake. However, there are tell-tale signs that you can use to identify a genuine iPhone cable from a fake one. The next sections outline the things you need to know to distinguish the real ones from the fakes.

Effects of Using Fake iPhone Cables

Using fake cables may cause a lot of issues with your iOS devices. Here are some of them:

• Bad material quality. Counterfeit cables are easily damaged due to the quality of materials used on them. Most of the fake data cables use materials that are of low quality to keep the prices down.

• Syncing issues. Your computer or laptop may not recognize your iPhone if you use a fake cable.

• iPhone may not recognize the cable. Your iPhone may also refuse to charge and may send off a warning that it does not support the accessory.

• Slow charging and data transfer. Counterfeit items do not conform to the standards set by Apple, so most of the fake cables may charge slowly. Also, data transfers from computer to phone may take forever to complete.

• iPhone may get damaged – this is a no brainer. Products that are of low quality may eventually cause electrical and software problems on your device. Tests also confirm the risk of using fake iPhone chargers. Risk ranges from a simple malfunction to as serious as fire and electrocution.

How to Identify an Original iPhone Cable

To the uninitiated, spotting a fake iPhone cable from a genuine one can be hard, but checking on the items below will help you identify an original iPhone cable from a fake one:

1. Genuine iPhone cables have the MFi badge on their packaging.

2. Original Apple Lightning USB cable has serial numbers on them.

3. Original iPhone cable and certified ones have well-made Lightning-connector ends.

4. Apple boot for genuine Apple cables is consistent at 7.7mm x 12 mm.

5. Apple boot for genuine Apple cables has gray/metallic faceplate inserts.

6. Certified cables have equally-spaced interlocks on their USB shells.

7. Original cables have gold platings on the USB contacts.

8. Genuine iPhone cables have a smooth USB surface finish on them.

9. Original data cables have a uniform USB connection insulator surface.

About Apple-Certified iPhone Cables

Apple-certified iPhone cables are accessories made by third-party manufacturers but have Apple’s approval in terms of usability and quality. Certified accessories have the “made for iPhone” MFi logo on the packaging. MFi accessories are safe and conform to Apple’s highest standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Apple-Certified iPhone cables as good as the original iPhone cables?
A: Apple-certified but non-Apple iPhone cables are iPhone cables that are made by other manufacturers but have the specifications and quality required by Apple. These types of wires are considered safe for your iPhone.

Q: What is the difference between an original iPhone cable against certified iPhone cables?
A: The only difference between an original iPhone cable and MFi cables are the manufacturers. The quality and functionality should be of the same levels.

Ensuring that you are using the right cable can save you from future headaches. Learning how to distinguish a genuine cable from a fake cable could spell the difference between having a charged iPhone and a damaged iPhone. Have you used a counterfeit iPhone cable? How was your experience? Was it good? Or was it bad? Tell us all about it in the comments section.

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