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How Do I Force the “Ask for Permission” Alert to Display When Developing an iOS App?

If your app uses iOS features such location, photo, microphone, etc., it is required that you implement methods to request for permission from the user before your app can actually work. Depending on how the user decides, your app will have to change accordingly. To ensure that the changes work properly, you will have to test your code several times. The problem is that iOS remembers your app’s permission setting even after you delete the app. This makes testing the app troublesome since the request permission window never appears again. Luckily, there is a way to reset this setting on the device you use for testing. Read on to find out how.

Warning: This method will reset the setting not just for your app, but also for all the apps on your phone. This tutorial has been tested on iOS 8.3.

1. On the iPhone you use for testing, go to Settings.IMG_0174

2. Select General in the Settings screen.IMG_0175

3. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list, and choose Reset.IMG_0176

4. Among all the reset options, the one that will trick iOS into displaying your app’s permission alert again is the last one: Reset Location & Privacy. Select it to continue.

Please note that by resetting the location and privacy settings, all the apps installed on your phone will also ask for permission again. There is no way to reset this setting for one app only. To avoid configuring the permission alert for your daily apps again and again, finish your code before using any of them since you will probably reset this setting more than one time during your debugging session.


5. Before you can reset the chosen setting, you may be asked for your passcode. After that, there will be an alert at the bottom of the screen. Tap Reset Settings to process.IMG_0178
6. Whenever you want to see the permission window, repeat the steps above. It could be a huge pain to repeat these steps several times when coding, but it is the only way to force that alert to display.

Lê Hoàng
Lê Hoàng
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