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Posted October 4, 2006 by

Windows XP: How to Enable Disk Quotas

If a hard drive is formatted with NTFS, you can limit the amount of disk space a user can utilize using Disk Quotas. Disk Quotas are based on file ownership (which means that it counts against the one who owns it). To enable Disk Quotas, follow the steps provided in this tutorial.

Posted October 3, 2006 by

XP: How to Restore the Show Desktop Icon

If the Show Desktop icon been deleted from your Quick Launch bar, it can be quickly restored by performing the steps provided in this tech-recipe.

Posted October 3, 2006 by

Windows XP: How to Roll Back a Device Driver

Sometimes, the new version of a device driver can make your system unstable. You can roll back to the previous driver using the steps provided in this tech-recipe.

Posted October 3, 2006 by

Windows XP: How to Delete a User Profile

If you have user profiles on your computer that you no longer need, you free up disk space by deleting these unused profiles. The steps in this tech-recipe allow you to do this.

Posted September 30, 2006 by

How to Enable Remote Desktop Remotely

This tutorial is for network administrators who use the Remote Desktop option for remote support. If Remote Desktop has been disabled on the remote computer, you can enable it remotely (as long as you have administrator rights on the remote computer). Read on to find out how.

Posted September 29, 2006 by

XP Pro: How To Change Your Network Password

This tech-recipe explains how a user can change his network password in Windows XP Professional.

Posted September 27, 2006 by

Windows Server 2003: Running ASP.NET (and ASP)

By default, IIS 6.0 is installed in a secure mode that prohibits active server pages (ASP) and ASP.NET. This means that only static pages can be served. To enable these features:

Posted September 25, 2006 by

XP: Resolve Incorrectly Displayed Icons

Windows stores frequently used icons in a cache in order to speed up display. If your icons are displaying incorrectly, use the steps in this tutorial to correct the problem.

Posted September 21, 2006 by

Encrypt Files in XP Using EFS

Encrypting files in XP is actually rather easy. EFS (Encrypting File System) is built into your OS. Protect your files from other users.

Posted September 21, 2006 by

XP: Using Regedit’s Favorites for Quicker Access to Registry Keys

If you have registry keys that you go to often, you can save them as Favorites to avoid scrolling through endless branches in the Keys pane. To do this, use the steps below.

Posted September 20, 2006 by

Add CMD to Right-Click Menu of My Computer

Power users typically need to drop to CMD prompt quickly. This registry hack places the command prompt in the context menu of My Computer.

Posted September 19, 2006 by

Add Disk Defragmenter to the Right-Click Menu of My Computer

Naturally, the user should be able to defragment straight from the context menu of My Computer. This registry hack will add this feature to your computer.