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How to block a website


Every now and then every single one of us decided to take a short brake from work and started browsing our favorite pass-time website. The problem arises once that short brake turns to hours and hours of watched videos, liked statuses or upvotes. Once we get back to reality and continue working nothing is the […]

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How to download Office 2019 Consumer Preview


For 3 decades Microsoft provides us with tools that boos our productivity. In the late 80s Microsoft provided users with Word, Excel and PowerPoint each as a standalone installation. Several years later they released the Office Suite which contained all 3 applications in one installation package.

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How to monitor CPU temperature


The CPU or Central Processing Unit is the little piece of hardware that makes everything work. Think of it as the brain to your computer. When you power on your computer or laptop the CPU starts working and doesn’t stop until turn it off.

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How to Find Your Wi-Fi Password on Your Computer

Find your WiFi Password

Forgetting one’s Wi-Fi password is never an uncommon thing. With the amount of data stored and being processed by our brains every second, some data can get discarded especially if you do not use it all the time – like your Wi-Fi password. Don’t worry. We got you covered. This article will discuss how to […]

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Find the IMEI on Any Phone – Android, iOS, and Non-Smart Phones


IMEI is your phone’s unique ID. Learn how to find the IMEI of any mobile device through this article.

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How to Reset BIOS

How to Reset Computer BIOS

A computer’s BIOS is used to initialize and start a computer system. An acronym for Basic Input/Output System, BIOS also provides runtime services for a computer’s apps and programs aside from triggering hardware startup during the booting process. If you ever run into some issues with your computers or have hardware compatibility issues, resetting your […]

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How to Unmount a Drive

How to to Safely Remove USb

USB and external hard drives need to be safely removed before you can pull them from the USB ports. Sure, you may have had experiences of plugging in and out your USB drivers without any issues, but it’s only a matter of time before you run into problems. Removing external storage drives without the proper […]

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How To Stop Apps Running in the Background in Windows 10

iPhone Settings Privacy

Apps running in the background on Windows 10 is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, there are critical apps that need to be running in the background. Also, depending on your requirement, you may need some apps to be running in the background without you actively monitoring them. However, some apps are plain annoying […]

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How to get Gadgets on Windows 10


In late 2006, many years after the release of Windows XP, Microsoft released the long-anticipated Windows Vista. It was a new and shiny version of the most commonly used operating system and even though it seemed like its XP with a visual overhaul it brought some features that users really liked. One of those are […]

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How to Set a Default Location for Windows

Set Default Location for Windows

Some apps on your Windows 10 make use of location services to serve you fully. Your computer should automatically detect your location and tailor results and suggestions based on your current location. If for some reasons your computer can’t detect your location, you can set a default location for Windows to get customized results and […]

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How to do a shutdown on your computer


Anyone reading this topic will definitely think “Why would anyone write a tutorial on this?”. This would have been a valid question if we were still living in the Windows 7 era where we were able to do a shutdown on our computers completely.

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How to encrypt your drive with BitLocker


Lately we have been talking a lot about security and encryption, mostly because we live in “dangerous” times where your digital files are vulnerable regardless if it from someone remove or someone that has physical access to your computer. Today’s topic covers a way in which you can protect your data from people that have […]

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