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   Posted November 12, 2010 by David Kirk in Technology reviews

Multiple methods for getting Netflix to your TV now exists. With the Netflix application now available for the Wii, many people are wondering if that’s a good option. Here is my take on the video quality of Netflix on the Wii.

Netflix is now available for the Apple TV, Xbox 360, PS3, and various other devices. While all of these are convenient for getting Netflix to your home entertainment system, how does the Wii video quality compare?

I tested Netflix on Wii using component cables to provide the best possible video quality from the Wii.

The video quality on the Wii maxes out at standard definition 480i/480p. All other devices are capable of HD quality 720 resolution and above.

Much of Netflix’s instant streaming library is in standard definition. For those movies and shows, I found the Wii’s quality to be very similar to the higher definition devices. However, with high-definition content, the differences are more pronounced. Colors were not as rich and the details were not as sharp on the Wii as on HD-capable devices.

The comparison shows the difference in the Apple TV and the Wii. This is from the exact same spot in the same movie.

Netflix for the Wii is very convenient and polished. As a lot of Netflix’s current “Watch Instantly” catalog is in standard definition, this is a great option for many people. However, if you desire HD video quality, you will have to choose another Netflix viewing method.


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  • http://blogs.tech-recipes.com/jimmyselix jimmyselix

    nice showing of detail/resolution between the two! that is always a hard one to portray in screenshots. the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions seem to stream around 720p – 1080p but is hard to really tell resolution since the devices output 1080p to my HDTV.

    however quality vs the Wii’s Netflix is very noticeable!

  • Bill

    Is it possible to view 1080p by using a laptop with an HDMI cable connected to the FullHD TV? How much of the programming is in 1080p?

  • David Kirk

    @Bill – It is possible to view the 1080p netflix content on your TV by going HDMI from your computer to your TV if you TV is 1080p compatible. An easier option for many users to use a Roku box or the latest Apple TV. Netflix doesn’t have a ton of 1080p content yet, but the library is growing quickly.