SMS through E-Mail: Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile

   Posted July 4, 2005 by David Kirk in Instant messaging

Sending SMS through email is very easy. The key is knowing the correct email format to use. Using this information you can send text messages to the major mobile providers.

Sending text messages through email is free for the sender. The receiver will pay his or her normal messaging charge. Often I use these email to SMS techniques to send alerts from my servers to my mobile devices if something goes wrong.

I try to double check and update these frequently. Several mobile providers have recently combined. Nextel is now part of Sprint, and Cingular has been purchased by AT&T. As the services fold into one another, the email addresses will eventually combine.

Here are the email addresses for the 6 most popular cellular phone carriers:

Virgin Mobile:

where phonenumber = your 10 digit phone number

SMS through email for US Cellular, SunCom, Powertel, AT&T, Metro PCS and Alltel are available here.

These email addresses will work from any typical email client. Subject lines are often truncated or completely ignored. Remember that true SMS messages will be limited to 160 characters.

As updates and questions have occurred over the year, people have discussed issues in the comments below.


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  • Anonymous

    email me back(reply)

  • kenzie

    I thought verizon was

    • Adam

      That “pix” within the address, to me, makes it as if that’s the “multimedia” address to be used, if one is sending images/media embedded e-mails ๐Ÿ™‚

    • nitty
      • Correction Manager

        Actually, is correct, Nitty. However, that email address, as Adam stated, is for multimedia (pics, sounds, videos). I’ve never used the one, but I assume that’s for plain text messages and not multimedia. Both of you are correct, but Nitty was half wrong.

        • Chad Henry

          I tried both of them, they are work from EMAIL to SMS but they DO NOT work from SMS to EMAIL, only vzwpix worked…..

          • jojo


        • Lt_slash69

          ive been trying to send a jpeg to my verizon phone via yahoo mail using ive done it successfully hundreds of times but ive tried 4 times today and ive tried sending it to a friend with the same carrier and its not coming thru. whats up? they must be going somewhere because im not getting the failed delivery notification

    • dr

      > What is the address for “Straight Talk”????

  • EatMyCock


  • Daniel

    Anybody know the one for qwest?

    • SydLexia
    • LUKE

      > how do i do these text messaging from my computer? HELLO? somebody plz help

      • RalphF

        > Send it just like an email: For verizon, that would be

        • Nicki

          > Do you know how to set this up in outlook?

  • Carla

    What about 5 Star? anyone know?

    • SydLexia

      5 Star what? 5star comics? fivestar.huh? 5starDOTwtf? pibe_star?

      • Caravan awning dude

        Well I dont understand neither

        • linda

          > i cant do send them i always get a message threr is an error so your msg wasnt sent

        • james

          I also like this

    • deepwater

      > att is phone number

    • dnet65

      > A quick way to check is send a text message to your email. It will have the Reply to address that you can text back to.
      Lot of providers piggy back on other carriers. They could be using At&t or Verizon etc…

  • Adam

    I’ve tried sending pix through e-mail (as attachments, not embedded HTML code though) using those addresses without any luck.

    My friend said he couldn’t see any pic, unless he just didn’t know how to “open” it….? Not too sure ๐Ÿ˜›

    • captain


  • Alan this is for USCellular phones

  • kevin

    CINGULAR is now AT&T and its

  • DR

    how do i send a picture 2 my freind’s cell phone through my email. she has sprint

  • anomous

    this is sick, thanks

  • me

    how do u send pictures from emial to cell phones?

  • dean

    can anu one tell me how to find email for t-mobile for macedonia.please

    • cythia

      > try chose any network u wont to send it to if u r not getting it give me a call so that i can explain better…my number is +2348064164081 thank u

  • skyisgodlike
  • Kady

    Anyone know how to email pictures to your VIRGIN MOBILE phone? thanks

  • Gavin Roskamp

    Hey if you know how to send picture messages to your phone (US Cellular is and your phone is portrait (like 240×320) then all you have to do is google image search for iPhone wallpapers and you can send them straight to your phone. They will fill the whole screen and look wonderful on it!

    P.S. The LG Rumor (UX 260 on US Cellular) is a portrait mode phone, just google image search the LG Rumor and look for a picture with the keyboard closed. The correct screen shape for the pictures listed above is the shape of that screen. If you have a screen that is wider than tall, it is most likely 320×240. look for computer wallpapers for that kind.

  • Help

    I can’t send a picture to a sprint palm centro anyone know the address

  • anonymous

    does it have to be a ten digit number for metro?

    • Smarter Than You

      No. The MetroPCS system is smarter than you. It can read your mind and send your email to the correct phone. Out of all the area codes, it knows the right one.

      • anonymous

        lol, thats funny!!! its a smart phone for a reason!!!

        • Anonymous

          idk if you’re aware of it or not, but Smarter Than You was being sarcastic…

          • A

            I think that’s why they laughed.
            WHO’S THE SLOW ONE NOW??

          • Betty


          • Beata

            oops i forgot.
            this is for Anonymous 1994

        • anonymous

          i have a SmartPhone…

      • Napoleon Schock

        ha ha ha ,these people are the reason they put directions on the back of shampoo bottles. wet hair , apply soap, lather , rinse and repeat.

        • Cindy

          LMAOOOO!!! I nearly choked on my breakfast reading this!!

        • Anonymous

          omg u guys r great!!!

        • Laughing At You

          AHAH! busted up laughingggg at the truth in this comment. ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Sacorawoods

          and the reason they are going to put directions on TP

          • Freeshit

            apply to hand, spread cheek, wipe. repeat until desired result is achieved or blood is drawn.

        • TooFarGone

          There’s directions on shampoo?

        • Travis

          No… Those are the people who die in the shower because of the directions… They don’t realize that repeat is limited to the first time.

      • Now now children….

        It is people lke you that get forums moderated for abuse. Turn off your “ego” setting, turn on “mature”, and act like maybe you are standing in front of this 6’10” giant with a temper.

        • Telanis

          I’d prefer it if we just turned off stupid people’s internet access.

        • SimplyAJ

          Come on! Where is your sense of humor. It is people like you that make this world a dull place to live! Ever heard the expression, “Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much”. I agree you can go to far sometimes with jokes, but in my opinon, and this is just mine, not sure how others feel, this forum has not gone to far.

          P.S. Are you one that has to read your shampoo bottle?

        • Nigrologist

          your height doesn’t scare me.. but.. whatever I got from yermom does…

    • 123

      Yes its the normal phone…for example:

  • User

    Are there any drawbacks to using this method as opposed to a SMS Gateway provider? I would write a script that mailed many users pulled from a database, but want to be sure I would not run into complications. Thanks in advance!

  • Quiana

    Boost Mobile

    Sending pics to a sprint picture phone from a computer/email:

    Hope this helps!

  • Jimmy

    How will the “from” field diplay on the phone? Is there a way to change that?

  • Allie

    cingular changed to at&t what is their new email text, is it for text and for multimedia?

  • Dan

    I looked but didn’t find anyone that has endured the sync problem with their Palm Centro and their Vista 64 bit. any help here besides buying a bluetooth to facilitate?

  • Seifer

    Nice one! ๐Ÿ˜€
    it helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  • WillyDavidK

    0333 probably is the destination phone number. think about those game shows you see when they ask you to vote they’ll say “send a text with your vote to 5574” or something. It’s just short number specifically for texting. Try just replacing it with a standard 10-digit and see what you get ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kira

    What kind of website can you go to to log onto this email?
    I can’t find it =P

  • anonymous caller

    Anyone know what’s up with the new Hotmail, I can’t send a reply txt email to her T-mobile in Germany from the USA anymore like I’ve done for years, when she sends me an email with a v/m. I could do it no probs before Hotmail changed, now it doesn’t recognize the addy alla sudden. Don’t ya love it when ppl try to make things better & just screw everything up?
    Hey ppl, Old Chinese proverb says: “if it works, don’t fix it”! This really sux! anyone else having this prob, or know what’s up? thanks.

  • Brandon Martinez

    Alltel is

  • Andrea

    I Cant get it to my cell phn i want to send pics because my ex broke my camra in a fight

  • Jimmy

    Some of this is like way outdated… sorry i understand this was a while back but… there are some updates… also thanks to the comments for filling in on how that stuff work.


    how to send sms from pc to a mobilephone in bahrain

  • Tim

    Cingular is now AT&T (has been for some time). AT&T is

  • Omar

    Hi I tryed to send a pic message to an alltel number but they only get the text not the pic. So is there another way other then

  • Diana

    However, when you reply to the email via SMS text doees it cost money?

    • catcatt

      yes it costs per message when you reply; unless you already have the unlimited text or 200 text plan, then it’s included, depending on your plan. so since i have unlim text, i can reply to the emails without worry.

  • zaq

    how do u send an sms to cellcom

  • ha

    at&t has changed no (number)

  • nitty

    im having a problem sending my friend text messages and she has at&t. i have two other friends that have at&t too and it works fine for them but they have a 414 area code number. and my friend that isnt getting my text messages has a 262 area code number. i tried the and but she still isnt recieving them i juss get them sent bak to me..someone help me plz

  • Anonymous

    To do email to AT&T customers now it is:

  • Seifer

    Tried the Verizon one and it works! ๐Ÿ˜› thanks

  • Lee Padron

    When using OUTLOOK, select SEND AS PLAIN TEXT as INTERNET FORMAT. Otherwise, message will not send correctly.

    • annomyous

      I use Outlook and mine is set up as HTML. Two people received my text from email today on AT&T. Maybe it depends on the cellular network? Or how the cell phone is set up?

  • Peter

    what is the email thing for tellus
    or koodo

  • Karina Beltramo

    soo this should work for an iphone 3G? right?
    it sucks i got unlimited texting, u’d think this phone has everything but it doesnt have SMS picture mail

  • paul

    nice. this is helpful

  • Ashley

    I love you whoever did thid[;

  • bhavini
  • someone

    how do you send pics from email to sprint phone

  • whoaa<3

    when i tried to send a pic from the computer to my fone (verizon) it didn’t work.
    i used so ya.
    help anyone?

    • Daniel

      if you want to send a picture to a verizon phone, use

  • whoaa<3

    hey uh i tried sending a pic thru and it didn’t work so waddup??

  • andrew

    for verizon…

  • stev-o

    i just want to to send a txt to a verizin phone..whats the little code joint

  • J-Marc

    Is there one for Viaero Wireless?

    • Yycraig

      Viaero Wireless: (10-digit mobile # @ or (

  • Ayer

    This post is awesome. Shouldn’t I be getting this info from t-Mobile?


    • mickey1928

      And ruin all the fun?

  • Kymberlee

    new cingular wireless?

    how do i send email?

  • caty

    Does anyone know the format for us cellular?

  • Mikala

    Is That Right?

  • CeCe

    This post was so helpful. I didnt think you could send emails to virgin Mobile phones. Thanks

  • lol

    *cell#* is verizon

  • Daddio

    Heres a couple more to add to your list
    Boost Mobile:

  • maria

    thanx it was extremely helpful.
    superr kewl.

    • Vaan

      what about Helio??

  • Mary

    Okay, so does it have to be the ten digits??

  • miranda

    tell me if you get this

  • Sonia
  • Anonymous

    10 digit phone

  • We

    I could not text at the website with an ipod so I used email as a work’s been 10 minutes I wonder if it worked.

  • max
    is at&t’s

  • Na.Kumba Creer

    Can we get a 2009 update on all services???

  • anthony

    complete email2sms 2009 list available here

  • Etoile
  • Lavaeagle

    Cingular needs to change to:


    • Scott

      Is this service available worldwide? Can any person from any part of the world use this service?

  • lila

    ahhh…what if your with Rogers? lol help plz

  • 123

    Im trying to send an email to a friend’z fone but idk their carrier…can someone help?

    • annomyous

      try and do a reverse phone number look up. Ir it is a cell, it probably will not tell you who it is, but it should show their carrier. If they have changed carriers and taken their number with them, there is a possiblity the carrier has changed. GL!

  • Lolo

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  • Prometheus
  • hennig

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    ch. hennig oder
    martien-rizenburger-str. 28a

  • Hooyoda

    can you also send pics this way

    • David

      yep, i do it all the time! you can also send pics to your email from your phone via picture message. thats how i found out that my phone had an “email address”

  • David

    i wish i found this website alot sooner. i would’ve saved alot of ppl some trouble! lol

  • Anonymous

    how to send an email 2 a cricket phone

  • Naked Shaver

    Cingular is now AT&T so what is that format

    • Naked Shaver doesn’t work

  • Anonymous

    How do I TURN A REGULAR E-MAIL INTO SMS? Thanks!!!

  • theresa

    AT&T ppl. is
    your 10 digit phone

  • Anonymous

    I treid to send a txt for t-mobile, but it did not work ๐Ÿ™ what should i do?

    • Anonymous13

      > put a “1” in front as in
      I have to do this this to email my phone.
      To prove this send yourself an email from your phone to see what email address it comes from, that’s what I did.

  • Mark

    Great help with the links for each cell phone provider! I am with Verizon. I have a friend with sprint and was trying to text him from my email. I needed the so I could hit him up. Right there quick and easy. Glad google crawled this site!

  • Anonymous

    what about the phone email for att?

  • Bohdan Tsios

    Lublu tebe x

  • x

    Hi !
    Do u have solution for UAE?


  • annomyous

    2009 AT&T and old Cingular customers use:
    BUT, if you do use the above it made it over today. Not sure how long they will continue the forward.

  • Etienne

    where are u.u promested

  • carl

    att is

    to do things like sending pictures there is for verizon

    • Dan Clark

      This is also good for longer e-mails.

  • brat16

    lol thats so true anyways i have been trying to text a friends cell phone but can’t find any site that will let me do you know what i can do ??

    • Anonymous

      Yahoo messenger will let you do it.

      • Name

        AIM too

      • Betsy

        How do you block a SMS from computer to mobile? Like from a yahoo email? Any ideas would be awesome =)

      • Ericv1984

        MSN too.

    • devin(:

      but ntelos doesnt support any of those sites. so you would have to go to and in the top right corner there will be a link saying send a txt. click, enter number, enter captcha=sent message (: but thats only if they have ntelos

      • Name

        Yes it does, I send text from my email to a ntelos phone….. but I can’t find the address for pictures!!! if I send it to the same “” it don’t work…. does anyone know how to send pic message from pc to a ntelos phone?

  • brat16

    does anyone know how to send text messages to cell phones from the computer

    • An805Guy

      Are you serious? That’s what the original article and all these comments have been about. Did you read any of it before posting your question?

  • Jill

    how can i email a pic from the computer to my sprint phone

  • Uknown


  • hasan

    hello dear

  • Carlos

    Team, I have a T-mobile account and I have to lead my 10-digit phone number with a ‘1’.

  • amira

    how do i do it with a german adressi.e t-mobile europe?

  • An805Guy

    Why doesn’t anyone read the previous posts before asking the same questions that have been asked and answered over, and over, and over…..

  • bree


  • scott

    but in most cases you don’t know what carrier they have… then whatt?

  • Jay

    Not as easy as you think, most of them require that internet is not blocked. I block the internet so my kids can’t give me an unexpected bill. Though, I would love this option and it is free with the unlimited text plan (still requires data is not blocked).

  • nikkipikki

    ok im prob the most stupid person, but i cant figure out how to send a text from my email to a phone? I tried the phone number with the cell phone company thing at the end? what am i doing wrong?

  • Affordable SEO Services

    Is this service available worldwide? Can any person from any part of the world use this service?

  • Anonymous

    so for the mymetropcs do you just put in the 10 digit number or a 7 digit and let it find the area code

  • Gary

    I would LOVE it if ANYONE could tell me how you send messages from e-mail to i-wireless phones…. NO ONE seems to know but if someone does please tell me. thanks

    • Desk Jockey Mike

      SMS to i-wireless (Kroger) phones: {10digitnbr} 160 characters, including Subject line if any)I realize this is a really late reply, but I just found this (while actually looking for something else) and don’t see any post for i-wireless service. Gary and Hilaire might not get back here to see it, but maybe it will help someone else.– Michael

  • Ron Young

    I have a question. Can text messages be sent to all cell phones inclunding the trac phone?
    Tank you.

    • traindriver

      Tracfone uses mutiple carriers. If tou can use a reverse lookup to see who your carrier actually is the you can use the carrier domain with your number.

  • bree

    yo let me know if u get this, its bree

  • Cat

    for cricket phones it is

  • Mom

    Hi Jacob…testing….

  • Ivan

    You missed VirginMobile

  • ???

    all ways making joke out of everything

  • David Tupponce

    Here’s another addition for the SMS through E-mail List

  • HDTV Best Deals

    Is this service available worldwide? Can any person from any part of the world use this service?

  • TR1NO

    YES I DO

    • Name address it to that. any attachments and the email body are sent as attachments and the subject is the text in the text message

  • guyb

    is it free

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    How do u send MMS with email to virgin mobile

  • mario

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  • Me
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    very good nice

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    What do you need that for?

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    very cool I have been trying to figure out what my email address for my phone is, thanks.

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    okay….what kind of idiot question was that ?!

  • Conrad

    How do u send SMS from email to o2 (UK) ??? please answer

  • Conrad

    do u have any code??? number@something or what? please tell

  • Megan

    is tht the real spirt email???

    • gina

      Yes that is how it shows up….Its driving me crazy cuz sprint doesnt even know how this person is able to send messages and picture mail without revealing their number. Sprints only solution was to change my number But I want to know if I cud find out who is sending them…..Arrghhhh There has to b a way !!! Im almost positive that it is a fake name…they are sending me picture mail and messages thru sprint picture mail. The from email is and

  • Megan

    is this the real email for sprint??

    • Ericv1984


  • Gina

    Ive been receiving anonymous Pics & Texts sent to my phone with just a first and last name with without the phone number. Ive contacted sprint and they do not know how this is being done. Does anyone know how to send pics and messages thru sprint PCS without ur number showing up?? And or how to find out the number thats attached to that anonymous sprint email address.???????

  • Anonymous

    I live in Zimbabwe and have a UK O2 cell on roaming here, so from looking through the comments have been able to e-mail and sms to my girlfriend in New York on Verizon. However we can’t find any information for her to e-mail and sms to O2 UK. Does anyone know of the right format needed? Sending her an sms at present costs her $0.20 each time which is getting crazy!!! Thanks.

  • jocelyn

    is there one for criket????

  • Anonymous

    if u have yahoo email, just click on “new”..sign into chat..type in the phone# type in ur message at the bottom..hit send…try sending one to urself.

  • Greg

    You cannot attach pictures to an email you are sending to a sprint phone using the email address given in this article. Sprint says to send pictures you should use “”. pm stands for picture mail.

  • Name
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if Sprint,Nextel, AT&T still working?
    Today I send a sms to my friends on Sprint,Nextel and to my on AT&T and don`t received.

    • Anonymous

      Personally, I have, on many occasions, suffered very long delays sending messages to other carriers. I have been with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. 99.9% of the time, the messages get through without a hitch. But there are some that either have long delays(several hours), or don’t go through at all. It seems that some carriers conflict with each other sometimes. I have seen it where AT&T sends to Sprint just fine, but takes 3 hours for a message to get through to T-Mobile. I don’t think there is anything, other than getting everyone you know and even those you don’t know to switch over to the network you are using. Like I said, though, in my experience, 99.9% of all messages get through all the time. Just every once in a while there is a spell where other networks have a delay, or total black out. Sending a message on the same network as mine, there has never been a problem.

  • Anonymous

    Does O2 do this?

  • Hilaire

    how about a iwireless cell phone? I know there owned by t mobil i think

    • Desk Jockey Mike

      As replied to Gary’s post 2 months older than Hilaire’s,
      SMS to i-wireless (Kroger) phones: {10digitnbr}
      (160 characters maximum, including Subject line if any)
      Send as Text only; messages with HTML/Rich text formatting get rejected.

      My phone and service plan do not support pictures and other media so I haven’t looked for info on sending anything other than text. Sorry took me so long to find this.
      — Michael

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what adress to type for fido?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    For Cricket it is:

  • Anonymous

    what about cricket

    • Anonymous

      OMG Really? Look right above your question!! So much for reading the posts before posting your own question.. WOW…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the info, it has been quite helpful.

  • Anonymous

    Try sending an email to your phone using, That would be my best bet… Otherwise, try calling customer service and asking them what the proper format it, or for that matter, what your phone’s email address is.

  • O.M

    How can I send some one an e-mail from y personal e-mail account to their cell phone. I need to send a picture to a someone to their phone.

  • Anonymous

    Yes this is very helpful information for those who don’t have cellphones and those who have cellphones but don’t have computers.

  • iTech95

    what about lebara?

  • Anonymous

    I saves both time and money!

  • Anonymous


  • Jackie

    I tried the one for verizon and can not get it to work. Can someone who has verizon tell me exactly how to??

  • Anonymous

    Guys please help me I need send SMS to Kuwait (zain) if anyone can help me or know in which email I can send SMS via my email please feel free to send mean email to Please help me as soon as possible

  • Anonymous

    Is it possible to text a number in afganistan
    the service is Roshan?

  • vee

    no no no this is not working i am entering and trying to send a photo from my computer to my virgin mobile cell phone but it is only appearing in the text message inbox folder with no photo. maybe you have to enter something else for a photo? does any one know the actual answer to this question, by experience? please

    • AEK

      it’s for sms not mms. you can’t send a photo over sms.

  • Anonymous

    Wtf is the email for an iphone? I cant find it anywhere.

  • Anonymous . Yall wrong for not putting boost on that list

  • Annonammus

    Does it have to be a ten digit number for Alltel Wireless?

  • Confused Big Time

    Okay…I send, they recieve, but cannot respond.
    T-Mobile responds that they are not approved.
    Any tweak needed on the return address????

  • Anonymous

    does any one no how to send picture messages to an altel cell phone???

  • Jim

    Is there an address for sending text to a Jitterbug phone?

  • Jim

    Does anyone know what the address is for Jitterbug J?

  • meeka

    why dont you put boost moblie on it

  • Anonymous

    How can i get Alert Msg on my mobile,if any new mail arrive in my mail inbox

  • Name

    To send media to a Verizon phone use the following email address:

    (replace the words “yourcellnumber” with your actual cell phone number,

  • Steve

    Cingular is now AT&T:

  • from here to pluto

    ok. I need to know if someone has sprint service…and they change there number to a different number but still on sprint.. could they still recieve pictures or text messages to the old number from a pc?

  • Name

    Does anyone keep getting calls from T-Mobile trying to collect money from 10-11 years ago for an account that never existed. What a joke. What a pain in the you know what. I caution anyone wanting to hook up with T-Mobile.

    • Aaaa


  • Sweta

    I have a blackberry and I send the email from gmail to my phone but it does not work….y not

  • Anonymous

  • Helper
  • Helper
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    thanks for the list info on how to send e-mail to a cell phone. would like to see cricket on that list too though.

  • Anonymous

    How can I send a text message to a cellular south cellphone from my email account?

  • Anonymous

    WHAT BOUT TRACFONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    does it work on sprint prepaid phones???

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    Thanx for the advice.

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    This website rocks! Thank you for the information.

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    anyone know the one for Total Call??? My dad wants a ringtone but i cant find the address for it

  • Anonymous

    the boost mobile one dont someone please help me have been onthe computers for 8 and a half hours and i jst want to send my mama a picture of me

  • svr

    i have the number but the dumb ass(afraid of ridicule) won’t tell me want service they are on.
    so i randomly txt all carriers and i don’t know if i succeeded. —wish there was an easier way.

  • slvr

    whats a good broadband carrier–
    modem needs to be under $100
    services need to be under $50
    network coverage and signal strength —need to be good but best if excellent

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    I want to keep an option to my website as user can send message to any mobile of whole over the world.pls, help me any one with php code details.


    Sms email is a nice feature through cell phones. People should lookup this information on their next cell phone purchase.

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    How do you send a text from a cricket phone to an email address

  • Anonymous for picture messaging to ATT phone. for picture messaging to Verizon phone.

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    Does anyone know how to send an SMS message to a Jitterbug phone? I can not find any adress for this company. There are some websites that I can send a test to and I will get it. I need to be able to have SkyWarn send messages to my Jitterbug phone.

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    This has been a life saver for me, I encourage all who have any issues using their phone to send text messages.

    Sgt Matthew H Tartaglia

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    text “” picture “” if I remember good

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    what it for te iphone3gs or at&t

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    what is this?? ‘’

  • Duda

    Didn’t work for me.

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    i am using this to cell one million digits of pi to my brother who spammed my phone with messages

    • Anon

      > That won’t work….it cuts off at one text’s worth of digits. that’s like a hundred.

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    from where i can get all information about all carriers in world

  • Anonymous

    Tek Chand Attri

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    i am getting mesessag es on my cell phonege i want to know the senders mobile number and location i receive the sms with a sender number 5303013 and message centre number 919854099060

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    Thanks a lot – the data was not available on Virgin Mobiles website and this helped me a lot!

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    how do i send a text messsage if i only know the persons email?

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    Email for Vodafone?


    How can i sent a text message with an email address only?
    I use to do it a month ago & i forgot to how to do it.

  • Anonymous

    you should also add metro pcs as a lot of people are switching to it. The format is: example:

  • Anonymous

    Does this work for Airtel, Vodafone, Idea cellular in India?

    • sticker printing

      I have tried it.
      It really do work for all cellular network supported throughout the country.

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    lech kolejorz

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    OK if someone sent me a sms massage from a computer to my Verizon cell phone How do I know by the bill if that is where it coming from,? does it show as a tex, or a call,? how does it show on bill.?.If its on the bill? what do I look for, Verizon:
    Do I have to pay for someone to send me sms if I don’t have the web on phone, I need to know the cost to my phone how do I stop getting it…

  • Shannon

    hey i need SAMSUNG HELP PLEASE

    • Anonymous

      Last I checked, Samsung doesn’t have their own cell phone service. Who is the cell phone service contract through?

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    does the verizon address really work from this site? and if it does can the person recieve attachments?

    • Anonymous

      yeah it does work. I haven’t tried attachments though.

    • Shawn

      I just tested it with gmail, it does not seem to work, or it takes more than 10 minutes if it does. Perhaps verizon has changed their email, or blocked it all together?

      • Shawn

        scratch that, I was testing it and trying to use a filter so that only messages containing certain words get trhough, so forwarding. I guess the filters or forwarding got messed up but the actual email to your phone part works

  • Anonymous

    how do I reply to those???

  • Anonymous

    it actually comes through as an MMS, not SMS (for some of you old-school folks who have to worry about your text package).

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    how do you send a cellular south customer a text message from your email?

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    SMS throgh EMAIL format for Lebara UK Cell phones ???
    ex –>Verizon:
    I want the format for Lebara UK Cell phones
    Please reply

    • Toastycrow

      Need to know to. HOW to find out a lebara phones email, in the UK.

  • Desk Jockey Mike

    I have received SMS messages through my i-wireless service from Yahoo, NetZero, uReach, AIM (AOL), Gmail (Google) and Hotmail e-mail addresses.

    The article seemed to be about using e-mail to send text messages to cell phones, not texting from a phone on one service to a phone on another service, but after reading through these comments, I’m not sure I’m remembering correctly.

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    anyone figure out the address for Simple Mobile

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    how do i send a txt message to a cricket phone? i need the correct sms format

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    How do u send a message to a cell phone if you only
    know the persons email address?

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    5 metropcs is

    the number with area code and then u put

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    I had a sprint katana phone in 2007 and it was stolen i’m trying to see if my pics wer uploaded to internet.What can I do.

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  • Amarismonkey13

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    my sprint lg rumor touch phone is stupid. i send a message at 9:00 and my phone says i got it at 9:17 or so its a different time everytime but what do i do???????

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    Where are you ? still i am waiting for you. Are you coming today?

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    You might want to fix Virgin Mobile and change it to (phone number)

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    How do I text from Sprint to a Windows or hotmail email account?

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    Does this work if someone from another country (Europe) sends an e-mail via vtext?

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    These email domains are great!

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    I am trying to email a text message to a sprint user. I am using the 10 diget The text is not going thru. What could the problem be?

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    The number 692 Does anyone Know what service provider that is…and how I would email it……

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    very helpful thanks to who ever found this out.

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    There is AT&T’s

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    i want to send sms through email to other mobiles….how????????????

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    do u need area code?

  • Ramirezs76

    sarveshnov just find the sms of the company


    It’s the phone

    Cricket is the phone

    I am a dealer for both service providers.

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    anyone know the email address for LG Straight Talk?

  • Mafiachickens

    I have a Rumor Touch from Virgin – the emails are not working. What is the proper email? Does anyone know??

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    anyone know the email address for LG Straight Talk?

  • Admin

    OMG your so correct there at first look but then they might reamin stupid forever…

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    cricket is and for picture mail is not justย @mycricke:disqusย

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    Whats the link for straight talk? is it the same as verizon?

  • Keeno Guy

    Q: Whats the link for straight talk? is it the same as verizon?

    A: For CDMA phones on Straight Talk, i.e. non-smart phones,
    use the Verizon suffix. Ten digit

    On Straight Talk smart phones use the ATT suffix, i.e.
    Ten digit

  • kadyJ

    to send a picture to virgin mobile, you have to use

  • cash money krew is the extension for metropcs cell phones

  • a new world order

    @att.txt is extension for att cellphones

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    I sent a text email to my cell phone (tmobile.) it works but my email comes up as a text from Watanabe Florist with an 805 area code

  • l

    ok i have looked and tried every one works that i have tried BUT Alltel i have 2 diff ones 4 them i have and…., and also Boost i have and these wont work either… i have read that others have tried and it has worked… but not for me … i believe i am doin it correct since i can do it for other carriers.. but boost and alltel refuse to work….. if anyone knows any diff thing i can try then thanks … please dont re post these and say they work 4 u i know they work 4 u i want one that works for me from my comp… to a boost or an alltel .. thanks alot !!

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    can’t get sprint to work as of feb 16th using or the old one let me know what is the new one.

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    please i need your help to get any email 2 sms gateway in zain or any other network in kuwait, please help reply me to thanks

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    I can’t seem to get through to or I know they are one in the same now, does anyone know the new @?

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    Does anyone know anything about total call mobile???? I really need that text code.

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    does anyone know the email address for MTN or Airtel in Zambia? Thanks!

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    thank you!

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    Wonderful article. I hope you will assimilate some important points made in the comments into the body. I don’t think everyone has the time to read 270 comments. Things to add are not common sense but seem like they should be by techies. An important point brought up in message 6 and replies to 39 and 133, is that HTML format emails will be ignored and will not make it to the phone. This will explain why an address works for some people but not for others. Thank you! and Shared!

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    Technically, these are NOT SMS…

    These are the addresses to send e-mails as MMS. (some plans may not support MMS)

    I have been looking for the address to convert an e-mail to SMS (text-only, non-multimedia)

    So far, only one I am aware of is:

    NEXTEL (SMS) –

    ( will send as MMS)

    Any clue as to the other service providers!?

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    Can any one help me to forward mail to Airtel numbers in india.

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  • homie

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    SMS messages for cricket is (10 digit phone number) I believe?

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    When I was looking for the ideal way of sending sms from e-mail for my company, I found Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, and that’s what I’ve been using for a couple of years.

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    Thank you, worked! (Tmobile)

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    can’t seem to get the Sprint gateway to work.

    any ideas?

  • http://. brian

    can’t seem to get Sprint gateway to work.

    any ideas?

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    Virgin mobile has been updated to

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    why cant a tmobile phone reply when i send them a text via my email?

    • JP

      ANYONE KNOW?!?!??!>

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    • JP


  • JP

    how can a tmobile phone reply to my text via email???

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    Thanks – I have all those endings for the phone companies. My problem is, suddenly they are not going through – especially Verizon. I am a verizon customer and I have my phone # in all my groups so when messages are sent, I receive a copy…again, Verizon is not sending the messages and they can’t tell me why?

  • Brian Long addresses appear to no longer be valid… :/

    • Brian Long

      I mistyped my previous message – I meant no longer works. No thanks to Sprint, I finally found (thanks to Wikipedia) that works (MMS) instead.

  • Avni

    Verizon also allows picture (MMS) messages via email, which can have up to 1000 characters of text – work better than the text messages. address is

  • Naitk nandaniya


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    Straight Talk is

  • falaknaz khan

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    What about Cricket Wireless?

  • Paul Shipgood

    Hi, I’ve only just found this page. I’m wanting to send text messages using my existing cell phone number to other cell phones but from my PC. Although I know their cell phone number I’m rarely likely to know their network. I know there are various free texting services via a PC but these all seem to use a new number which my contacts wouldn’t recognise. I also know they recommend adding my name etc to the text but as there is a limit to the characters I can send this is not good. Does anyone know of a way around this? Maybe a piece of software that uses my existing number and sends the SMS direct to a cell phone number without requiring the network details. Doesn’t have to be freeware or free to send. Any help would be great. Thanks.

    • Brian

      @Paul – Google Voice will allow you to do this

    • Brian

      @Paul – Google Voice will allow you to do this

  • RalphF

    Does anyone know how to send a txt msg to a Cleveland Unlimited cellular phone number? I tried using but it didn’t go through.

  • RalphF

    How about Cleveland Unlimited ( I send to but they never get it.

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    Does it work for all countries and all mobile service provider?
    Will appreciate the help

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    I guess as of today’s date my phone is completely useless to me I cannot turn it on I feel tmobile has led me down the garden path. maybe in good faith but has tried to hard to make an impossible situation work. now i’m screwed. i’d give you my number but it would be to no avail

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    This can be used to send from any country ?

  • Jeff D

    Virgin Mobile (UK) … been trying to find the settings/address for their gateway for ages without much luck. Having tried the format you list, I’m still finding that it’s impossible to access this service. I’ve even tried contacting them direct through their CEO’s office and just get a blanket denial that they have ever offered an SMS gateway ๐Ÿ™
    Given that they operate on the T-Mobile network, is it likely that the T-Mobile gateway might be accessed ???

  • Marc Orenberg

    If you want to send SMS via email but don’t know the carrier, you can use this: