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Yahoo: SMS Search Yahoo from Your Cellular Phone

Do you have your cell phone and need directions to a location? Are you on your mobile phone and trying to cheat at trivia? Yahoo’s SMS Search can help.

    Text message your search queries to 92466 (spells out yahoo). AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon might also currently work.

    Local Search
    type or name of business + zipcode
    example: 20515 bank -> banks in Washington, DC

    Examples for weather in Washington, DC:

      w 20515
      Weather 20515
      Weather Washington DC
      W Washington DC

    Example of definition for love:

      Define love
      D love
      Definition love

    Stock Quotes-
    Example of stock quotes on microsoft:

      Quote MSFT
      Q MSFT
      Stock MSFT

    Find WiFi Spots-
    Example of wifi in Washington, DC

      Wifi Washington, DC
      Wifi 20515

    Find Zip Code-
    Example of zip code in Washington, DC

      Zip Code Washington, DC

    Find Area Codes-
    Example of Washington, DC area codes

      Area Code 202
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David Kirk
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