Office 2010: How to Change Color Scheme

Tweaking the Microsoft Office applications is a nice distraction from the dreary routine of office life. These steps should work in any of the Office programs including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook.

Changing the color scheme for one office application will change the color scheme for all of the office applications.

1. Open one of the Office Applications
2. Click the File Menu
3. Select Options

changing office color scheme - select file and options

4. Select the General tab
5. Select the color from the Color Scheme drop down box.

changing office color scheme - select general and then colors

6. Press OK to complete the process.


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The Conversation

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  • Amit

    Is there a way, a script through which I can add more colors to the Scheme?

    • Anonymous

      Not that I’ve figured out yet. If I find it, I’ll post it here.

  • Isabella_oteam

    Thanks for providing this fun tip on changing the color theme in Office 2010! Office 2010 is now available for purchase and has many great new features and updates.

    Check out more features of the latest version of Office here:

    MSFT Office Outreach Team

    • Bettypage

      really lousy program. only 3 color schemes. I’m color blind and need to change the colors. Thanks to microsoft an their short sighted development, I’m switching to open office or some other office suite.

  • loose diamond

    Thanks for this informative post. tamuning

  • Hassugee

    my general scheme option dos,t show different colors option. it says
    color scheme 2 (post beta)
    color scheme 3 (post beta)

  • Nebulous1

    So how can one get Office 2010 applications to comply with the Windows color schemes? I often have two Office applications open side-by-side, and can’t tell which one is active because the color differences are too subtle. Furthermore, the “active” colors are inexplicably different between Office applications, such as Excel 2010 and Office 2010. I thought a basic part of application accessibility was complying with the operating system’s color schemes.

    • Dan

      > Office ignores system colors and makes window interface inconsistent and harder to use. Can’t easily tell if its window is active or not. I can’t believe MSFT chose to break their own consistency. Office now looks like some applet from a Chinses startup. It’s a change for change’s sake and a step back.

  • nknuc

    If I had any option I would dump Office 2010. Microsoft apparently does not care about the millions who ALREADY know how to use Office and is forcing EVERYONE to learn a new interface. I’ve been using office 2010 for about two years now and I often find myself saying, “Where did they hide X?”
    I like XP because I could make it look like 2000 and NT4 (clean, simple, clear.) Vista has pretty well screwed that up. Office 2010 makes even XP less usable. And Windows 7 will be a real time waster as I try to figure out how to do things that I’ve done for YEARS. I’m sick of being forced to give up a very productive tool for a new version that takes time to learn, is slower and not needed.

  • Big Daddy

    Stop whining about all the interface problems, I mean, really, Get a real job instaed of watching daytime television complaining about microsoft. They don’t care what you do, nor do any of us. your hardship is YOUR problem. We don’t wish to be informed.

    • Ethel Aardvaark

      Big Daddy, Stop being an arse. People with visual impairment need to be able to control these things, indeed MS has a legal responsibility to support visual impaired users but they do virtually nothing.

      If you cannot understand this maybe you need to get out a bit more and meet people who are not you.

  • Mary Thayer

    This is very frustrating. Since you can not set the color scheme differently for each program. I like to have Word and Excel differ from Email.