How to Tweak and Customize Windows 7 Starter Edition

   Posted June 15, 2010 by David Kirk in Windows 7

Where are the personalization options in Windows 7 Starter? They are all locked away or hidden to prevent customization and personalization. Even changing the background image is locked down! This quick guide will get any user started in customizing Windows 7’s Starter version

Changing the Background in Windows 7 Starter:

Download Starter Background Changer and install. It is in French so you’ll need to know the following terms to get it installed:

“Suivant” = “Next”
“Demarrer” = “Start”.

When you see any of these terms, click them. After it’s installed, you will be able to right-click on your desktop and select Personalize to change your wallpaper.

Change your Theme:

If you want to personalize beyond changing just the background image, you can completely change the Windows 7 Starter theme by installing Stardock MyColors These guys have been hacking the windows look for years now, and the Stardocks software has always been a customization favorite. After installing you can download and install a ton of different themes from their web site.

Change Screen Saver:

1. In the start menu search, type change screen saver
2. Select the Change Screen Saver option
2. The screen saver dialog box will open.

Change Mouse Pointer:

1. In the start menu search, type change mouse point
2. Select Change how the mouse pointer looks
3. Pick your mouse pointer themes and cursors.

Change System Sounds:

1. In the start menu search, type change system sounds
2. Select Change system sounds
3. Select your sound scheme or change sounds for individual events.

Other Tweaks::

Put Recycle Bin Icon on Taskbar
Change/Hack Library Icon
Library of Windows 7 Tweaks

Anything else?


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  • Blueknight_062003

    stardock my colors is corrupted when i downloaded it….i try downloading again but same problem occurs….

    • hadraniel

      same with you i cant dlowd…other link plzzzzz…..i want to chage my themes..

      • hadraniel

        whooos help me…..borr

  • King-joker

    it worked great

  • Armor Lock Spammer

    How do you change the color of the taskbar on Windows 7 Starter?

  • Peishan Goh

    u can do that with TuneUp.

  • HighSpeed

    It works great in WIn7 Starter

  • Ottservice

    Ok guys I have a Aspire one Netbook and i Cant change the screen saver. I just found out how to do it guys. Go to your Computer /C/Windows/system32 and find that stupped Acer.scr file. Del that mother and find the other .scr fils and what ever one you want, replace the name with the one you delted(ex bubbles.scr Now is Acer.scr )your makeing the computer think it is the other screensaver. Man im so glad i found this out hope it works for you guys….

  • cheiron

    To change the color of the aero-basic-theme in windows 7starter or to chance the desktop or logonscreen without permanent third-party-tool activation or installation you can download a win7customize-package here:

    Tutorial in german inside, perhaps it have to translate. With this mini-tools an some cmd-orders you customize windows 7 starter permanently and then you can delete the tools.

  • CathyBabe

    OMG! I love this application! I’ve been working on this theme changing for my windows 7 starter for days now, tried installing many apps such as Uxstyle and ended up failed and sad but now… I just did this for 5mins and I am so happy that it worked! I love the people who got this idea… Thank you thank you. Mwah mwah guys!

  • Zoforos

    Wonderful utility! It changes the backround so easy!!! thank you for this great info and thank to the creator of the utility!

  • Timmy

    How do we make the window BGs aero/transparent?

  • Jrjenniferrod

    This is sure great!!!!!!! Banzai!!!!! (^o^)

  • leigh

    where can i download stardock?its not available anymore