PowerPoint 2010: How To Convert a Presentation to Video (WMV format)

Circumstances may arise that require you to convert your presentation to video for posting to the web, viewing on portable devices such as the Zune, or making it so that the user doesn’t need PowerPoint to watch the presentation.

1. Open the desired PowerPoint 2010 presentation.

2. Go to the Ribbon, click File and select Share.

3. Under the File Types section, select Create a Video.

4. In the far right pane, select the quality of video that you wish to create.

5. In the far right pane, select the whether you want to use Recorded Timings and Narrations.

6. Finally, select the number of seconds to spend on each slide and click the Create Video button.

7. The Save As window will appear. Browse to the location that the video file is to be saved to. Input a name for the file and click the Save button.


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  • Trying it now with a 12 slide presentation. It is taking an excessively long time to render the WMV. It has been working 30 minutes or more and is about 20% done at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if the WMV is unusable when it is done. Great idea, but I am less than wowed by my first experience.

  • Anonymous

    I have video files in *.mov format. I can convert to *.WMV format. Will powerpoint 2010 show my videos if converted?

  • fwv

    is this feuture of ppt2010 also available in 2007ppt??

  • Agness

    on ppt 2007 there is no selection “Share” at the “file” menu. What do I do?

    • Anonymous

      This is only available in 2010. There are a zillion paid software packages to do this… although I haven’t been impressed with the results.

  • Vanon

    What happens when you have recorded timings and each slide is a different length before flicking to the next screen (and includes music so timing has to be perfect). I can’t have every slide at a certain length!!

    • Jay

      There is a selection to USE the assigned timings. See ‘greyed out’ selection #3 under step 5.

  • Samiam

    2010 saves the file as WMV flawlessly, I saved at ppt with hundreds of animation events, _and_ an audio track, it saved them all fine with the WMV.

  • Guest

    for me, if I do this with any of our presentations, ppt just hangs with the hour glass, and never writes the file.  The prentations were originally 2007, and I converted them to 2010 first as ppt suggests.  Anyone else had this problem?

  • My file is about an hour long. it was created in pp 2007 then converted to 2010. I will not save in windows media file with out losing the audio. How can I save it and still keep the audio?

  • Mike

    I don’t know about 2007 but my presentation is about 35 minutes with varied length slides, audio, videos and animations. Created in 2003, converted to 2010. Still struggling to get it to be perfect as a wmv. Audio needed to be deleted and embedded/re-inserted and then the timings needed to be changed on slides where the audio was confined to one slide. I’m having problems with animations on some slides. This is frustrating because many slides that converted correctly are the same configuration as some that will not convert. This is my 5th attempt which takes about 3 hours to complete the save. Not sure if this helps, just thought I would comment.

  • Ronald

    I have made a one dia presentation with 4 animated text lines and a sound file(mp3) that starts when the dia comes up, when I play the file within Powerpoint It works fine, but when I create a wmv file the sound starts after the animations. The audio option is set to automatic. I tride several audio option but still the sound starts after the animations. Does anyone knows the solution for this problem?

  • BigT

    I have a 25 slide presentation created in 2010 with an embedded audio file for almost every slide, and every time I try to save it as a .wmv it “cooks” for about 6 minutes and then crashes! This sucks. I really need this in video format.

  • Brian

    Mine did not work either. I have 40 slides with automation and timings. The total presentation is about 7 minutes. The presentation works perfectly when played as a slide show but when it is saved as a wmv or mp4, the audio is choppy. I’ve tried messing with a bunch of settings but no change.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jay

    I have a trial version of Office 2010, PowerPoint, and do not find the ‘share’ option after opening the Optimized pptx, and clicking ‘file’. I have made a video using the ‘save as’ to a Windows video (WMV), but the timings on the audio (music), were not preserved, and play their full length running concurrently. Any suggestions?

  • Jay

    I did find the “share button” it reads “share and send”. However I am persistently getting a message that PowerPoint has found an error that it cannot correct and I should save, BUT it doesn’t let me save at all to ANY format. I have examined every slide of 145 for duplicate or incorrect media in the ‘select pane’, and found nothing wrong. So, I have to “save” wit no edits or changes. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Jay

    I asked this yesterday, but do not see it posted. PPT is giving me a message that it has “found an error that it cannot correct” and that I should save the work and try again. Then it tells me that it is in Read Only, and to save-as, but won’t, and just keeps repeating one message or the other.

    I have searched the selection pane on each slide for incorrect media, and cannot find this supposed ‘error’, including duplicate entries, etc.

    What can I do to ‘correct’ the alleged error and be able to do the save as a video?

    • Jay

      > Thanks and sorry, I now see my message of yesterday posted, and hope to get a definitive answer.

  • Jay

    Please, How do I effectively delete/remove a duplicate media notation that I find in the Selection Pane so that I don’t get the “PowerPoint has found an error it cannot correct…” message AGAIN?

    • David Kirk

      Hey, Jay. I tagged the crew on FB to see if they can help. What is the selection pane? Do you think it is one slide is that is causing the error? It seems you have a couple of different issues going on…

      • Jay Clark

        > Thanks Dr Dirk, In PPT 2010 there is a “Selection pane” that can be opened on the right column, (similar to the Animation pane), by clicking it in the upper right of the top, task bar, that shows all the contents of a slide. I have found 3 of my slides that have duplicate media entries and suspect that this is causing the
        ” PowerPoint has found an error that it cannot correct.. ” when I try to save, or ‘save-as’.
        I have since been reminded by Geetesh to use my keyboard ‘delete’ button, NOT the one on the mouse, which didn’t bring up any menu when items were highlighted.

        Hopefully this will allow me to save changes to a video format …. after so many user ‘unfriendly’ procedures in PPT 2010. If PPT can identify the ‘error’ that it can’t correct, why won’t it tell US where to look???

  • Qumer Mahmood

    I have inserted an Audio in my presentation and set it to play with all slides. It works properly but when the presentation is converted to a Video file. the Audio is not added. why is this?

    help me.

    • Jay

      My problem is that the edit/stop points that were established in pptx by slide “x” are no longer acknowledged and the audio (song) plays all the way through, overlapping the next audio cue.

  • kemang

    i ve succeeded in converting ppt to .wmv . Problem is why we have the filename of the wmv on the first appearance of the movie.

    need urgent respond. plz