PS4: How to find MAC Address of WiFi or Ethernet

   Posted November 15, 2013 by Jimmy Selix in PS4


The Sony PS4 offers both a WiFi option and a wired ethernet port.  Some gamers like to have a very secure network and in turn may use MAC address filtering as an extra layer of security.  In order to add the MAC address of the PS4’s WiFi or ethernet ports to our router, we will need find out how to access where that information is stored on our PS4.

In many network configurations, you will need to know the MAC address of our console. Follow these steps through the XMB on the PS4 to find this value.

1. On the XMB, arrow up to the very top until we see the XMB Menus.


2. Scroll over to the right to Settings

3. Go down to Network


4. Then down to View Connection Status


5. From this area, we can get the WiFi and Ethernet MAC Address.


If your network uses MAC address filtering, you will want to add this address to your router’s whitelist of MAC addresses.


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  • Adam

    Hi I’m just wondering to anyone out there, I live in University accommodation and we are required to submit a MAC address if we want to connect our devices. However we are only allowed 2 devices registered so I have my 360 and Laptop connected. However I was wondering if it was possible to change the MAC address on the PS4 so that it is the same as my 360’s so I can still connect to the internet. Is this at all possible? Also is it even possible to have two devices successfully using and connecting using the same MAC address but obviously only one device is turned on at the same time. Can anyone help?

    • yep

      > You can’t have two devices online with the same ip address.

      If you connect your registered XBOX and go to the network settings, you should see what ip address it is assigned, subnet mask, gateway, etc.

      You could try recording this information and statically assigning your ps4 with that information.

  • Cloud

    Hi, I live in a hotel where in order to connect to the internet, I usually open internet explorer where a hotel agreement page comes up for me to enter my room number and name every 24 hours… How can i connect my ps4? with the ps3 it was simple because i could just open the internet browser and do it the same way, however, the ps4 does not allow me to open the internet browser without first signing in to the PSN which is obviously impossible since i have yet to connect… PLEASE HELP!!!! ive looked everywhere, no one on the internet seems to have addressed this issue yet

    • Tony

      > Untick the option to automatically connect to PSN when you turn on the PS4, see if that does it.

    • Robert

      I have the same problem have you found a solution? >

      • kich

        If ur leaving in a hotel u can call the helpdesk for the internet and let them manually authenticate ur device just provide the IP Address or the MAC address.>

      • Chance

        > hey did you guys find out about the hotel problem yet?..I’m having the same issue