How Do I Factory Reset or Wipe My Windows Phone 8?

   Posted January 18, 2013 by Lê Hoàng in Windows Phone

A factory reset will restore your Windows 8 Phone back to its original state and is frequently used as a last resort troubleshooting procedure.

The Windows Phone 8 OS is very stable. However, like iOS and Android, a Windows 8 Phone device can develop errors that cause it to become unstable with frequent lock-ups or random reboots. Doing a factory reset will usually solve the problem. However, the process will erase all of your personal contents and should be considered a last option in the debugging pathway.

Want to sell your Nokia Lumia 920 or HTC WP8X? This process is an essential method of wiping your phone of private data prior to selling or returning your Windows Phone 8 device.

1. Access the Settings option from the live tile or from the app list.

windows phone 8 settings

2. In the Settings page, scroll down to the bottom and choose about.

about windows phone 8

3. In the about page, there will be a reset your phone button at the bottom of the page. Click on this button to continue.

reset windows phone 8

4. Choose Yes when you see the warning message. Please note that after the process is completed, all your personal content will disappear. Please do a backup before doing this. Purchased apps and media can be downloaded again from the Store.

reset warning windows phone 8

5. Wait for the phone to boot up and start the configuration process.

If a reset does not fix the problem, it is unlikely that you will be able to fix it. You should take the device to the store for further assistance.


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  • Phillip

    Should be done as a first step, not a last. I’m going back to Motorola Android.
    Recent Phone List
    Droid Razr – Excellent
    DNA – kept losing connectivity
    Iphone 5 – Meh, if you like Apple, too small.
    New Nokia Windows – Anti-Intuitive, Jacked Up Apps, Pain in the neck.
    Tonights new phone – Droid Razr Maxx HD.

    Some people thinks its cool that I try out all this new hardware, I think it’s painful.

    • Nargg

      > @ Phillip, Anti-intuitive? Wow, what planet are you from. Android is far less intuitive than Windows Phone is any day. Good luck with Android, hope the viruses it will get won’t steal too much of your personal info…