Wii U: Pair or Sync Wii Remotes

   Posted November 27, 2012 by Jimmy Selix in Wii U

Pairing the remotes with the Wii has been greatly simplified. This same sync process can be used for the Wii Remote and Wii GamePad Pro. The Wii U also allows you to use your previous Wii Remotes with the system.

With the Wii U, you can pair Wii Remotes or GamePad Pro controllers from any screen or actually within in a game.

1.On the GamePad, hit the Home button to bring up the Wii Home Menu.

2.Tap on the Controller Settings button.

3.Select the Pair option under the “Wii Remote/Other Controllers” area.

4.On the Wii Remote you want to pair, hit the red sync button under the battery cover.

5.Once you do, you’ll hear a sound effect. The GamePad screen will show the Wii Remote as paired.

6.Repeat the process for any other Wii Remotes you need to pair to your new Wii U.


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  • John

    Thank you you made it easy

  • adam

    i did that but they just keep searching and never fin d my wii u

    but they are pro u gamepad controllers

  • Wayne Roche

    It works with one controller. The problem is it chooses 1 the same as the Wu controller. I another words 2 people cannot play. Supposedly you can get this to work in virtual mode, but that’s only on the older games. My 2nd Pro controller all the leds are lit. Of course you cant power it off. I even walked out of my apartment building and it was still on.

  • Is it possible to keep it synced between sessions?