Firefox 3: Restore Home Button Back to the Navigation Toolbar

Posted March 17, 2008 by Rob Rogers in Mozilla Firefox

By default, Firefox 3 places the Home button on the Bookmarks Toolbar. If you don’t use the Bookmarks toolbar or if you just want the Home button to be back where it used to be, you can easily move it to the Navigation Toolbar by following these steps:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox 3. Your Home button will be located on the Bookmarks Toolbar.

2. Right-click the Navigation Toolbar and select Customize from the resulting menu.

3. With the Customize Toolbar window open, go to your Bookmark Toolbar and left-click and hold the Home button and drag it to the desired location on the Navigation Toolbar. Release the left-click.

4. Click the Done button in the Customize Toolbar window.

5. The Home button will now be located on your Navigation Toolbar.



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  • ralphie

    thank you! Home is now on my navigational bar.

  • Chris

    Cool! Thanks

  • Patrick

    How about the home button on your keyboard that one doesnt work either. Therefor i still use firefox 2, anyone can fix that?

  • Iceskater144

    my file edit tools view history and bookmarks tabs have vanished how do i get them back

  • Mmwclute

    I accidentally removed my toolbar from my firefox is there a way I can restore it?

  • Teddi867us

    I lost my Back Button and the rest of tool bar…View, Files, Favorites, Tools, Bookmarks, The whole thing is gone…How can I get it back…

  • Manoj

    Thanks a lot……