Outlook 2007: Delete Old Appointments to Reduce the Size of Your Mailbox

Posted April 16, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Outlook

Appointments (particularly those with attachments) can slowly add up over time. If you work for an organization that limits mailbox size, available space is always a critical item. Instead of having to search through your calendar month by month, you can simply pull up a list of all appointments and then choose those that you no longer need and delete them.

1. Open the Outlook Calendar.

2. Click View.

3. Mouseover Current View, and select All Appointments.

4. Select and delete the desired appointments.

5. Go to your Deleted Items and permanently delete the items from your mailbox.


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  • Smitha

    This was helpful. Thanks

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    Useful, thank you!

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    very useful tip. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    what if the appointment is a std weekly mtg? How do you just delete the expired ones, and not the future ones?

  • Raja

    very useful tip

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    Thanks It was really helpful

  • Anonymous

    or Shift+Delete to permanently delete them instantly

  • Sjk

    thanks … it helped a lot.

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  • JWW Computing

    This was Great _ I reduced my Mailbox Size Considerably

  • john smith

    superbly simple. thanks for the tip

  • Bob G

    Very nice … gets me a lot of headroom when IT complains about the size of my Outlook app. Thanks and cheers !

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    Very useful, thanks!

  • Jennifer C

    This is not an options in “Current View” for me. Why?

  • Dadan H

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    Very Helpful.
    Thank you very much !

  • Lyn

    Canyou tell me how to delete older entries please
    some are 129 weeks old and all the traditional methods of removing them fail.
    I think it happened when we updated our system or version of Office that we are now using.

  • Owais

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  • Yuvraj Desai

    thanks…. it working

  • Ernst Grahame

    This suggestion was fantastic – Ultimate – and was exactly what I was looking for. I deleted over 20,000 Calendar entries. My computer now ‘moves’ like lightening.

    Thank you so very much

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