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Callmanager Express transfer direct to Unity express voicemail

Transfer a caller on a Cisco CME (CallManager Express) to a voicemail box on a CUE (Cisco Unity Express) system.

This information comes from this Cisco documentation.

I’m going to assume here that CME and CUE are running, unanswered calls go to voicemail normally, etc.

You’ll need to create a dummy DN (Directory Number)

ephone-dn 99
number 8....
call-forward all 1000

This configures the system for an 8 prefix, and to send everything to the VM pilot number, in this case, 1000.

Connect to CUE’s CLI (Command line interface). Go ahead and capture this text with your favorite terminal emulator, and look for some lines like:

username johnsmith phonenumber "1111"
username janesmith phonenumber "1112"

and so on. We need to give these users an E.164 number.

Go into config mode:

config t

Then configure the users:

username johnsmith phonenumberE164 "81111"
username janesmith phonenumberE164 "81112"

Don’t forget to write mem!

A quick way to change these users is to copy all the “username…” lines into your favorite text editor, then replace

phonenumber "


phonenumberE164 "8

Now, when you transfer a call to 81112, the caller will go directly to janesmith’s voicemail.



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