Outlook 2007: How To Use Voting Buttons in a Message

Posted April 10, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Outlook

You can use the Voting Buttons to get responses from a group of colleagues to see what the majority of them are leaning towards. This comes in handy when getting feedback for a meeting date and location or for figuring out where everyone is going to meet after work. Outlook tallies the votes for you so that they can easily be assessed.

To Insert Voting Buttons into your Message:

1. Create your New Message.

2. Select the Options tab.

3. Select Use Voting Buttons.

4. Choose the voting buttons you wish to use from the four options provided (Approve; Reject, Yes; No, Yes; No; Maybe, or Custom).

5. Make sure your message is the way you want it, including the question or statement that is to be voted on. Make sure you have included the proper recipients for the email message.

6. Click Send.

The recipients of your message will notice a highlighted line of text (vote by clicking Vote in the Respond group above) showing up above the From line in the email. By clicking Vote, they will be shown the voting options to select from. After they select the desired voting option, a confirmation prompt will appear showing their selection and giving them the choice of sending the response or editing the response before sending.

Getting a Tally of the Votes:

You will receive the replies to your message with the selected voting option in the subject line. You could tally the votes yourself, however if you sent the message out to a large number of recipients, this could be rather time consuming. A better method is to let Outlook tally the votes for you.

1. Go to your Sent Items.

2. Open the message that had the voting buttons.

3. Go to the Ribbon.

4. In the Show section, select Tracking.

You will see the reply totals followed by a list of the individual votes.


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  • Rajgoaj


  • notesuser

    Not that useful. Can’t be used to capture sign off as it the response does not include the original email.

  • Nauman Ansari

    I’ve sent out an email with voting option this morning at 11:13 am and got 3 response (by outlook) at 11:38 am. When i viewed the voting response the name appeared for all users but response field display nothing.

  • Anonymous

    What is going on thta not all the voting is tracking? is it because I moved the orignal request email?

    • Oatdoy

      Same situation as mine. I move the original email to another folder, and the tracking stops functioning šŸ™

      • Anonymous

        Yes, the original message should stay in the Sent Items folder for you to continue viewing the tracking list

  • Guest

    What is the Ribbon? I clicked on everything in the message and nothing has a “show” or “tracking” option.

    • nik

      When you open the mail from Sent Item, you will see a tracking option.

  • Pam

    I’ve found that Rules that move emails to folders also interfere with the tracking function. Make sure no rules will apply to the replies to get the best results.

  • Arild

    The function assumes that the recipient has not minimized the Ribbon. For those who have minimized the Ribbon (e. g. myself), the comment “Vote by clicking Vote in the Respond group above” is confusing. (No Respond group is visible.)
    My suggestion (for the next version) is that the voting alternatives are automatically shown somewhere.

  • Timpark62

    If you move it back to sent will it start tracking again?

    • Mark Dupuy

      I ran into this same problem and moved the message back to the SENT ITEMS folder. It appears to be tracking messages again. However, I do have some names showing in the tracking list that have NOT responded and they show a blank in the Response column. What is up with that?

  • annoyed

    The voting buttons should appear in the body of the text. So the receipent can view the buttons easily and vote.

  • Rgonzalez8691

    Is there a way of having the email track again once it stopped due to moving it out of the sent folder?

  • James

    Can only one statement (question) be voted on per e-mail? I would have think that one should be able to includeĀ the voting buttons in an e-mail message for multiple questions to be voted on, eg. which of the following three optionsĀ do you agree with?

  • Guest

    Message Options window opens only when I select Custom; Message Options window does not open when I select Yes;No, Approve; Reject, etc.

  • Lady-r7

    So you can only ask one question at a time? What if you have multiple questions and want users to select yes or no for each question?

    • J Hillier

      You can list multiple options. When you select the “Use Voting Buttons” form teh ribbon, click on “Custom”. This will open a window allowing you to customize the options. In the Voting Options bar, type your list of selectable items to vote on, seperated by a semi-colon. This will provide a list for the recipients to choose from.

      • maur

        this was soooooooooo helpful and yes it does works. Thanks

  • Dorlondon

    Can you reply to those respondants that answered yes and not those that answered no?

  • Capt. Fairweather

    One thing not mentioned anywhere that I found is that you have to open the message replys before the votes will show up in the tracking list. So for any missing votes check to make sure you opened their message

  • Shenderson

    Is there a way in insert multiple questions and have voting buttons for each one>

  • Jane

    There’s always someone who doesn’t use the voting button or communicates verbally so his/her reply doesn’t appear in the tracking. Can sender enter it somehow?

  • Suzy

    Voting buttons don’t seem to work if the recipient does not use Outlook 2007. All the recipients I sent to said that they could not see any voting buttons. If this is the case, then Outlook should tell you this when you are setting up the voting buttons. Please let me know if I am wrong!

  • Nimesh

    is ti required trust relation if i want to setup for between two forest

  • QAPaul

    Does anyone know of a way to make the voting anonymous, ie. responses are received but the name of the responder is not shown?

  • Deb Switkowski

    Voting buttons are a very valuable tool, but also very temperamental. I sent a message to 23 people with a simple vote and so far out of 11 responses, only 2 are being tracked (one of which is mine). For this tool to be effective, there really needs to be a way to highlight all related messages and then perform an update. I opened each message and tracking did not work. I had however moved to another folder, then moved back to Sent Items, but apparently the link was broken the moment I moved it. One last point. There were replies that did not show up even with the file still in the Sent, maybe due to different versions of Outlook?

  • Delys

    If I don’t get a response, and the invitee has already deleted my invitiation, but has told me on the phone No, is there a way I can record this on my tracking?

  • Liz

    Only some people are getting the voting buttons and others say they are missing altogether, anyone know why?

  • Cindy

    I use the voting options every day (school, daily attendance). I use the custom buttons to make the choices Verified or Changes Below. Is there a way to say these custom options so I don’t have to recreate them every day?

    By the way, the voting buttons work fine – I have no problems at all using this option.

    Thank you

  • Puneet

    How we can download the voting response in ms-excel?

  • Mike

    When using teh voting buttons, the replies go to the Deleted folder instead of my Inbox. How do I correct this?

  • Vik

    Very Helpful

  • Dhivya

    Useful Info…!

  • Tom Phillips

    Function isn’t useful when you want recipients to choose (vote) for option A or option B

  • DJon

    Worked GREAT for me. Thanks.