Outlook 2007: Enable Blind Carbon Copy (BCC)

If you are sending an email out to a few people or a mailing list, you probably are wanting to hide the list of addresses from each recipient. You do this by using the blind carbon copy field in the message you are creating. Outlook has this field hidden by default, to unhide the field, follow these steps:

1. From the Outlook toolbar, click New and select Mail Message.

2. A new message window will appear.

3. Go to the Ribbon and select the Options tab.

4. In the Fields section, select Show Bcc.

5. The Bcc field will appear. Place the address(es) you wish to send a blind carbon copy.


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    thanks, brilliant; even microsoft cant work this out, only got the 2003 version as ive got the 2007 thumbs up for me.

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    Please also have a scree shot’s related to this. It is very useful if we have all the screen shot’s along with the description. I am not able to check this option in 2007

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    Sweet, that worked. Really wonder why they EVER removed it, but hey, it’s MS right?

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    Yes great post. Users can enable Bcc in Outlook using Enable BCC program too.

    • Karen

      > I noticed in your comment section that you can enable BCC in the outlook program. I upgraded to Outlook’s latest version. I can’t believe that BCC is not automatically on the messages.
      Can you share with me the secret without doing it on every e-mail as sometimes I send to myself on important messages.
      Thank you,

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    how to enable it by default?

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  • BCC

    Yeah, but be careful using this feature!!! In older versions of Outlook, those who were BCC’d would be notified as such. THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE in 2007!! This means that if you are copying someone that you are trying to keep abreast of a situation, but don’t want others on the TO & CC list to know the individual has been copied, you now need to tell them that they are being BCC’d. If not, they’ll think they were on the original TO list. NOT PRETTY!!!

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    how to send mail to group(100 receipients) each receipients should see the from address and only particular receipient.

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    If I sent an email with bcc names, how to print out a copy also listing the bcc names?

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    Can you enable the BCC when you open a meeting request? I am trying to add this field to my New Meeting Request box.

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    On the money! Thank you, Rob.

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    hi I want to put this on so i don’t have to do it every time bbc . I know I can do this every time i do a email but there has to be a way to keep it so I dom’t have to do it every time

  • Steve

    In a new message, click ‘Options’ then ‘Show Bcc’. a Bcc line will now appear below cc line in all new messages.

  • joan williams

    Perfect…just what I needed. No pain.

  • Thank you, great information as I am board member for a high school sports team and the distrbution lists get to be long. Did not understand how BCC can help manage this.

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    Basic one, but awarness less, Simply explained – Thanks

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  • Trevor

    I have searched high and low for the FIELDS in the OPTION area to no avail. Something appears to be missing in my copy of Outlook 2007. Can someone tell me where to find it – and please don’t say its on the ribbon because it’s NOT.

    The Option group in the ribbon when expanded includes – Message settings, Voting and Tracking Options, Delivery Options, Contacts, Category.

    There is nothing in the Tools/Options menu of outlook to enable this option to be added to the ribbon and yet I can recall setting up this option as a default for another machine in the office but blowed if I can find it on any window within Outlook on this machine.

    Most others are using XP(SP3) but this one is using Win7 as the OS.

  • Boni

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  • nobody

    Why isn’t the BCC field enabled by default? The people making these decisions at Microsoft are idiots and have no clue what users need or how business runs. Also, the options for informing persons of appointments without making it look like you are inviting them is still missing. If you have a doctors appointment or something not related to work you simply want to ensure your boss or peers are tracking for status purposes you can’t do it without making it look like you are inviting them, or requiring them as a resource. Stupidity.

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    I can’t Fixed Bcc outlook address. how can i ?

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