Vista: Getting Adobe Flash Player to Work

Posted February 27, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Vista

Here’s the scenario: you download the latest and greatest version of the Adobe Flash Player. After it finishes installing, you go to a site featuring Flash content and are greeted with a message notifying you that you need to install Flash Player, but didn’t you just do that? To properly update your Flash Player, you need to run the installation as Administrator. Follow these steps to properly install Adobe Flash Player:

For Vista (32 bit):

1. Open Computer.

2. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\.

3. Scroll down and open the Macromed directory.

4. Open the Flash directory.

5. Right-click FlashUtil9b.

6. Select Run as Administrator.

7. When the UAC prompt appears, select Continue.

8. Follow the Flash Player installation wizard.

For Vista (64 bit):

1. Open Computer.

2. Navigate to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\.

3. Scroll down and open the Macromed directory.

4. Open the Flash directory.

5. Right-click FlashUtil9b.

6. Select Run as Administrator.

7. When the UAC prompt appears, select Continue.

8. Follow the Flash Player installation wizard.

Once the wizard completes, Flash Player has been properly installed and will now function properly.


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  • Tamuno

    hello i keep tryin to download the flashplayer but all i keep gettin is “COPY ERROR”, “Setup cannot copy the file Download.dll.” what does that mean. so basically i can’t even download the flash player which means i can’t even follow ur steps. please help me.

  • Gerald

    Followed the instruction for Vista 64 bit and all went exactly as stated except when I restarted, I still have no Adobe Flash Player

  • Just fine

    Thanks a lot!
    Works Perfectly for me 🙂

  • mark

    Nothing happens when i click Run as administrator. What does that mean? Btw i tried it with UAC on and off

  • DeeJay

    worked a treat for me 🙂 many thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Problem with Adobe Flash Player being compatible with Window 32 Vista. Can you advise solution please.

  • Tracy

    I have done this over and over again, I have even uninstalled Adobe Flash Player and then reinstalled it. And it’s still doing the samething. I didnt have this issue yesterday. It started this lastnight. I really need some help. I’m getting really aggravated!!

    • awenda

      Tracy – check out my comments – I’ve been working on this for 4 months.

      • Rick

        Tracy, there is no fix for this issue in vista 64-bit. Your computer has two versions of internet explorer. Go to all programs and pick the ie that does not say 64 bit and you will be able to run nay video from any sight through that version of ie. Adobe, nor anyone else, currently has a flash player available that supports ie 64-bit. Hope this helps you and others… it took me about an hour to find the root and the cure.

        • Thomas

          I wonder if the same is true for other 64-bit OS’? If so, Adobe need to wake up! The world is going 64-bit, whether they like it or not. Flash will lose it’s 99.999% market share if they’re not moving to 64-bit. Personally I love Silverlight and I’m sure MS are keeping Adobe up at night with that one.. 😉

        • Jeannette

          how do you find out which internet explorer you have? I have i.e. 7 and how do i know if it is 32 bit or 64 bit?

          • Anonymous

            click start/right click computer/ don’t double click computer— right click. Select properties,and you will see 32 0r 64 bit.

        • Mharj

          Rick it worked for me..Thanks!!This is the easiest fix anyways.. 🙂

          Thanks again..

        • Joey

          Thank you so much that saved me so much time. It really works great.

          • abstrait

            It’s not working great. You’re in the 32 bit version of IE 7. Simply, go to top toolbar, select HELP, select ABOUT at bottom. If it does not say 64 Bit, then you are on 32. Succinctly put, as said above, ADOBE HAS NOT MADEA 64bit VERSION OF FLASH. IT WILL NOT RUN. As also stated above, Vista 64 ships with two versions of IE 7 just for this reason. Use the 32 bit version if you want to install Flash. They were supposed to have a fix already. The World is still waiting.

          • Megan

            What happens if it says you have 256-bit??? please HELP!!!!

          • Anonymous

            You have IE v8. If you have a Vista 64-bit operating system, you have 2 versions of IE, 32-bit and 64-bit, just like IE v7. 256bit is the cypher strength and both 32-bit and 64-bit will state this in the alt/Help screen. Under your start menu, Internet Explorer, It should show 2 seperate shortcuts, 1 being the IE64-bit. If you like Hulu and/or need FlashPlayer to work, you will need to start using IExplorer.exe that is in the “Program Files (x86)” folder (which is the 32-bit browser). There is NO POSSIBILITY of Flash Player (up to version10) working in a 64-bit browser, but the 32-bit IE works just fine for most any web content unless you are accessing a tech-site.
            Hope this helps ppl.

        • Thanks

          Thank god people are talking about this!!!! This is my first computer and didn’t even know what all this bit stuff was but your comments really helped me figure out how to run turbo tax2008.Without your comments i think i would have just given up.Thank you so much for your suggestions they have really helped.

        • kerri

          This postng is quite old but mine IE shows as 256 bit (IE 8) I am currently trying to find out what vista is on my computer but they are all the same right? are they all 64 bit? Anyway, I have flash as long as I turn off UAC but as soon as I turn it back on, I no longer have it again and I do not like to have the UAC off! Therefore, I have a fix to my problem but I’m not too happy with it. I have tried all the troubleshooting at Adobe and nothing works for me, I remember this happening once before but I forget how I fixed it. I think it was the file that you downloaded to your desktop and installed from there – it updated (or something) to your registry for Adobe. But that didnt work this time (sorry in a hurry or I’d look up this file name but I’m sure some of you know what I am talking about). I have not read all these posting but I will soon. I was posting this to see if there are anymore suggestions. But I guess I’m a little uninformed since I’m in a hurry, there might just be a solution on this posting somewhere lol.

    • abstrait

      Adobe does NOT MAKE a 64bit Version of FLASH. Use your 32 Bit version of IE 7, shipped with every Vista 64 machine. Anyone with Vista 64 that claims they are running flash, is using it via the 32 bit browser, which DOES work fine in Vista 64.

      See Adobe’s FAQ about this below:


    • Owd Ron

      Run Regcure full edition,

      I had the same problem and it fixed it, and no, I have nothing to do with Regcure

  • steve

    thanx 4 info 😉

  • L

    Tried the suggestion to get Flash Player to work but had no luck. My suggestion is if you have flash player working already-NEVER install an update. This is the second time the flash player has caused me to have to restore my computer to factory condition. SO aggravating!

    • awenda

      You have to unistall the previous player from your computer. See my comments below

  • e


    I had higher utility number, but othewise golden!


  • Rae

    It worked.

    Thanks for help.

  • Anonymous

    I have followed the insturctions above and it still does not work for me. I used to get it with no problem and about 3 months ago I could not get pics, certain attachments etc to come up at all.


    I have been working on this problem for a week, installing, uninstalling, using the registry clean up, to no avail.

    I read by chance, a suggestion for a simple setting change in IE. And it worked.

    Wish I could experiment this solution with other users before they try anything else.

    • Johnny

      What is your solution

  • kristina

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • awenda

    I tried this and it didn’t work for me. What did is:

    Go to tools, internet options – towards the bottom of the page on the left side is a box that is checked next to “enable protect mode”, uncheck and hit apply.

    Then I did exactly as discussed above – but instead of DOUBLE CLICKING FlashUtil9b I downloaded Flashutil10a. ran it as administrator. Then I turned back on my security on internet explorer – restarted my computer and got it to WORK FINALLY. You have to download the latest version This is very Important.

    • Thomas

      This one hit the spot for me too! Thanks a bunch, now I can get on with my life! 🙂

  • Bobbie


  • Linda

    This is one of the few times I have looked on the internet for an answer to a problem and actually FOUND IT! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! I now have this site saved to favorites!! Thank yous to shamanstears, and anonymous who suggested turning User Accounts off!!!!!! My hats off to you guys. You know your stuff!!!!

  • Tom Hanson

    WOW I LOVE YOU!!!!

    When using EA download manager it kept telling me that flash wasnt installed!

    Tried this and it worked!



  • ShiryouOni

    Thanks, worked like a charm.

  • Jay

    I need help. I got flash player installed, but now I have ‘permission pop-ups occurring 3 to 4 times and every time I click to a new web site. Help – it is driving me nuts! It says”Do you want to allow software such as ActiveX controls and plug ins to run?” It doesn’t mater if I choose yes or no, it keeps poping up! (I have vista 32 bit). Any help will be greatly appreciated. I followed all directions per Adobe (they were the same as listed above).

  • Paul Owen

    many thanks, I would never have worked that one out on my own.

  • jj

    thank you so much you are awesome!!!!

  • Brian

    Excellent. thank you…’d think either Vista or Adobe would give you a frigging heads up. Bad marks for both giants.

    • grrrrr

      I can’t even get past the adobe download for the flash player!!! ARGHH!!!!!!!!!! I’ve turned off the User accounts, and I’ve clicked on the Flash Player 10 as an administrator, but still nothing. i tried to go get the 9.0 version but it won’t let me. What the hell?????

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for posting this!!! This worked for me, after struggling for hours this was the olnly thing that worked. Thanks again!!

  • Linda

    Thanks so much! Never would have figured that out – can’t believe Microsoft didn’t tell everyone who got stuck, oops, I mean bought Vista that they had to do this! Unreal.

  • Dixie

    when i added adobe 1 to my vista my computer shuts down or freezes all the time
    if i uninstall adobe it works fine what can i do i need the adobe to run some programs
    i can run all the programs it just seems to shut or freeze on me after a short time.
    thank you

  • Chris

    Thank You

  • zak

    i cant even download flash it says platform notcsupported

  • Phew!!

    OMG thank you so much! I have been trying to figure this out for weeks! I have tried everything I read on every other site, to no avail. Know what worked? Turning off the User Account, restarting, following the above directions, and turning UA back on.

    Thank you to those of you smart enought to figure it out and ass it on to the rest of us

  • brad

    thank you

  • MH

    Rick, I wanna freaking KISS YOU! Thanks! You are so right. You have to use the verison of IE that supports adobe flash. I was just like Tracy, ready to pull my hair out!!! But I can’t wait to get my old dog WinXP Pro out of the shop. Vista sucks BIG TIME!

    • Tonisback

      I’m using IE 32 bit and downloading Adobe but it still won’t work. I have a 64 bit computer but I’m going through my IE 32 bit. I have Vista. Can’t get Flash working anywhere in my computer. I can’t view my photos or anything.



  • efa

    omg awenda its working……..
    thanks alot….my head gonna explode searchin 4 d solution…
    finally its end….

  • breakolami

    I’m on Vista 64, it works on IE7 (32) it doesn’t work on IE7 (64)
    I try many times but always same, each time I go on a flash site IE7 ask again for install flash player and each time install fail
    (my english is not very good, sorry)

  • idiot

    the flashutil file won’t start any installation wizard for me when i run as administrator (not when i don’t either).

  • Nina

    Thank you so much for this. It’s helped immensely!

  • grandmag

    This seemed to have been working as it said flash was installed after I performed these steps. Next I replaced the check the box to “enable protect mode” and restarted my computer. Adobe Flash Player did not install.

  • Nemo0o

    I did that and I still have the problem.

  • April

    okay….i cant find C:WindowsSystem32 or :WindowsSysWOW64.
    how do I find this??

    • Ashley

      did anyone help you. I can’t find C:WindowsSystem32 or :WindowsSysWOW64. either for the flash set up. can you help me???

  • April

    I found all of it but this
    4. Open the Flash directory.

    5. Right-click FlashUtil9b

    When i open the flash directory I have no flashUtil9b

  • Sean

    Wow this worked! New Windows Vista homepremium 64bit OS. This works, on this system!

    • Jeannette

      There are two many threads going on…Can you tell me exactly what you did? THANKS SO MUCH!

  • Dwayne

    I followed your directions to a “T” and still nothing. Websites still have the disclaimer that I need to download Adobe Flash player. I think Rick’s comments are correct. There’s just NO compatibility with Adobe and Windows Vista which makes NO freakin’ sense !

  • Jeannette

    I cannot even find the MACROMED directly in Windows/system32 NOT do i have a Macromed directory in Windows/system/WOW64. I know i have a 64 bit system running windows Vista Home Premium…but I don’t know if the VISTA is a 64 bit or a 32 bit. Can i find that out without contacting Dell? AND I can’t even get to the point where the Adobe Flash Player gets downloaded. When i hit install, the box disappears and nothing has happened. I am SO frustrated. I tried thhis with the UAC controls off ( with a restart of my computer) and nothing happened then either.l I can’t seem to get ANYWHERE. Can someone help? Is there an ALTERNATE program that will do what Flash and Shockwave can do that will work on my system? THANKS FOR ANY INSTRUCTIONS AND ANSWERS!!

  • Chuck Norris

    This worked for me (only on I.E. regular ((i guess 32 bit?)) but still does not work on I.E. 64 bit…grr…adobe!) after a while…took me a good 15 mins to figure this out.

    TY SO MUCH!!! Your step by step for my 64 bit system worked like a charm! Bravo!

  • bob78

    na se kala

  • Frustrated!

    Well, my Dell computer offers me only the option of installing AdobeUtil 10a. I follow the directions above anyway and when I restart, flash is still not working. I’ve tried the Firefox fix as well and it doesn’t work. When I get ready to install Adobe from Firefox, I get a message that says that I must close Firefox to install. Which sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

  • DC

    I attempted the above steps and it stated that it was installed successfully and when I shut my machine down and tried to run the flash player the yahoo and youtube states I do not have a flash player. Any suggestions….I have working on this for hours.


    • alleycat

      Why can’t I read any answers on this site? All I see are questions and words of praise? Like “MH” who wants to friggin kiss Ricky! Kiss Ricky for what ? There are no answers posted here to the questions. My problem is like most others.. I have a 32 bit Vista pc that I cannot get flash to load or play. I have no Util9b or a and have a Util10 file. Can someone tell me why I can’t see any answers?

  • Judit

    I had the same problem…and also my laptop with vista crashed all the time…the flash player problem was just an extra problem for me but one of the online techicians fixed it for me..but after that I needed vista to be reinstalled again and now I cannot install flash player I contacted them and said it is not their business to fix it 🙂 so I have no idea guys how to fix it but it is ridiculous!!!! HAve fun with trying that is what I am doing too..until I get old 😉

  • rick

    this for vista 32bit did not work and it installed as per your instructions. so now what?

    • LuluRules

      I had the same problem.. it took me about 3 hours to figure it out.. i was almost giving up.. remember to uninstall the ones that didn’t work.. aka latest version..
      So this is how i did it..

      Flash Player 9 for Unsupported Operating Systems its on home and support

      you just download Windows Flash Player 9 internet explorer.. reboot your computer after that and it has to work.. it worked on mine..

  • jake

    Thank you for your time to add these directions. worked great.

  • Paul M

    Worked as advertised. Except now you’ll right click on FlashUtil10a; just a newer version of flashplayer.
    Does this bypass any security stuff, etc?
    If you can fix this so easy, why is Adobe saying that they won’t have a flash driver for Windows Explorer 64 bit until maybe the end of 2009?

    • msm

      thank you

  • abstrait

    Flash will NOT WORK IN VISTA 64 as Adobe has not made a versions of Flash to run on 64bit systems. There IS no fix as of 1/29/09. Vista 64 ships with TWO versions of IE 7, one 64Bit, one 32 Bit. The 64 Bit version is identified. If still undersure what version you have, simply go to toolbar, select HELP, select ABOUT. It will say it’s 64Bit if it is.

    To view FLASH on IE, use the 32 bit version. Again, even if you are getting FLASH to work on your Vista 64 machine, it is only because you are using the 32 bit browser. IF you go to Adobe’s site, they will admit this same issue.

    • edz

      hi can you help me where i could find my 32 bit version mine is IE 7 tnx…

  • BK

    I did this exactly as you said and it worked!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  • Sergio

    Very clear instruction, thanks for the help.

  • guy

    this worked perfect for me!!!!!

  • Guest

    I believe the Vista 64 bit solution will only play Flash in the 32 bit version of IE. There are two version of IE on Vista 64, just as there are 32 bit/64 bit Photoshop apps. There is still no 64 bit Flash player for Windows so you can only see Flash on the 32 bit version of IE.

    For the Flash IDE, Firefox, Snag-it and many other programs I use on Vista 64 a
    necessary evil tweak in my experience is to force programs to run in XP SP2 compatibility mode. Aero sucks hard and is responsible for many visual bugs. Go to flash.exe icon or firefox.exe, right-click, properties, compatibility, then check the box that says “run compatibility with” and in the drop-down choose XP SP2. You’ll be glad you did. NOTE doing this will negate and turn off Aero but at least you can see your mouse and programs will work like they should.

  • Scott Pete

    If shamanstears way doesn’t work try this.

    1. Uninstall your current flash player

    2. Open Computer.

    3. C:WindowsSystem32.

    3. Double click on the Macromed Folder

    4. Open the Flash folder and click the uninstall app.

    5. After Flash is removed goto and download…Flash Player 10 (debugger versions)

    6. After it’s downloaded open it with winrar.

    7. Double click the folder – fp10_debug_archive

    8. Double click the folder – 10r12_36

    9. Double click the 5th file down called flashplayer10r12_36_win_debug.exe

    10. Let it install and everything should work.

    I hope this helps someone I was getting really pissed off because I couldn’t watch any videos.

  • Daveo

    Thank you for your direction and help. It worked!

  • Ana

    I have a problem with play .swf files, because when I plat swf the screen is white. When when I choose the program only option is the Flash Player 5.0, but I have installed Flash Player 10. How to run .swf in Flash Player 10?
    I have Vista 64bit

  • Anonymous


  • Somchai

    A million thanks from Thailand.

  • justin

    omg you own thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cristina

    Yay…it worked for me! After 2 hours trying to figure it out – been to so many sites saying what needs to be done…this one def works!

  • peg

    I read your instructions (thank you) for installing Adobe Flash for a 62 bit processor. How ever I cannot locate C:windowssystemWOW64. I am really computer stupid. Can you help.


  • Ashley

    I have tried to download flash like 20 times. The instuctions above look like they would be VERY helpfull if i could only figure out how to find C:WindowsSysWOW64

    Pretend im like 70 and explain this to me, I need stop by step instuctions!!

    SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • patrizio

    hi i’m patrizio,i had problems trying to download flash player 10.i followed your instructions and found the macromedia file inside system 32,opened it and successfully installed flash player 10.i am using windows vista home premium-thanks very much for your help!

  • sandy

    alot, your information was very useful for me

  • paul curran

    Thank you, i have searched regarding the adobe flash player problem with vista, you gave me the solution.
    Great help, you were the only one

  • Spencer

    This is 100% brlliant advice thank you so much, why dont they tell you this on the site? So easy thank you so much.

  • Suyash Malla

    I tried installing flash player as you said but still I don’t get to see the video from my laptop integrated webcam for the Gmail video chat! Please do help me solve this problem.

    I can’t find Adobe Flash Player when I search in Start in all programs I can only find Adobe Media Player.

    I am using Dell XPS M1530 with Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 (64 bit)

  • charlotte

    it doesnt work

  • c speers

    thanks a million! your instructions were clear and concise and best of all it worked! you deserve flowers and chocolate for this. thanks so much.

    • David

      Maybe a security issue with Explorer. Whenever opening Internet Explorer right click on IE icon then right click on ‘run as administrator’ . See if that works. Tried everything else suggested and couldn’t get it to wrk. now all OK!

  • Alex

    After a fortnight of trying to install flash player 10 , finally got it working, thanks very much, easy and straighforward even for anovice like me, once again many thanks ,

    • Anonymous

      It is unbelievable that VISTA has two Internet Explorers—one 32-bit and one 64-bit; and Adobe Flash Player can’t tell us about the two browsers when the message comes up that it can’t be installed on a 64-bit browser! Something so simple has probably taken millions of people tons of hours of grief trying to figure out what is wrong! THANKS A MILLION TO ALL THE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE!

  • FLASHtastic

    Thanks so much! After a day and a half of bogus ‘free’ fix websites and playing around with administrator profiles, I found a site with plain easy to follow instructions that actually work!

  • VIctoria

    I’ve been trying to fix this for a week, this was an easy fix that actually worked. Thanks very much!!!

  • loredana

    what is happend if the directory Macromed is empty?

  • Linda

    Thanks so much. It worked and the instructions were clear to the point unlike Adobe’s help instructions for failure. My sytstem is 32 bit Vista. This worked like a charm.

  • Chris

    I tried this a few times, but couldn’t find the macromed directory. Why don’t i have it?

  • Matthew

    What do i do if i dont have the Macromed file?

  • Isabel

    Thank you! Have finally been able to install flash10, will be watching all kinds of cool sites & videos so will never see sunlight again. Thanks a LOT 😉

  • kat

    it did not work.

  • jp charron

    I have done that System32 Intall but When I Press CONTINUE….THAT’S IT .

    Thanks…unless you have more suggestions. By the way someone told me I might corrupted Registries????

  • Kola

    Thank you so much, it works.

  • amy

    i dont even know how to start to fix the problem!!! i cant even understand the directions..aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh im reading everything and nothing makes sence.

  • Ramon

    Wow, you are a genious. How’d you find this out? I’ve been frustrated beyond words trying to get this in.

  • Doreen

    i have tried using the steps you wrote here, but still it cannot work, i am having a vista 32 bit and i have found a FlashUtil10b and right clicked it and select continue when a small window appeared, but nothing had happened afterwards. What can I do? thanks a lot.

  • sahr

    beautiful. god bless u. thanks a million.

  • Tim

    Thanks. It worked beautifully.

  • G

    That was very helpful thank you, was driving me nutty trying to figure out what was wrong with my brand new spanking sony vaio. thanks!

  • jim

    i was prompted to uninstall adobe flash player and reinstall it so i unistalled using adobe uninstaller then when i try to install adobe it tells me my hard disk is full im not very computer literate but looked at wot i think is my hard drive which isnt even half full, someone please help

  • Sanjoy

    Here is somethng that worked for me. I have IE7 on 32-bit Vista. After trying everything that I found on the internet I went into Tools->Manage Add-Ons->Enable or Disable Add-ons and enabled Shockwave Flash Object and it worked. You have to be on a page that has a flash object, i.e. the page that is giving you the message to install Flash Player. Hope it works for others.

    • CFS

      For those struggling with this issue I tried everything suggested here and nothing was working. When I tried Sanjoy’s suggeston of…Tools->Manage Add-Ons->Enable or Disable Add-ons and enabled Shockwave Flash Object…it worked immediately without restarting…sheesh i really hate vista but thanks to Sanjoy i can now view Utube and fancast. i could then couldn’t but this seems to work.
      Thanks Sanjoy and all.

  • Rachel

    This didn’t work for me. I know you can run the Flash Player in a 32 bit browser but when I click Start and go to All Programs, it doesn’t display the 32 bit or even the 64 bit. I never deleted the browser or anything. I don’t know what happened and I even tried the advanced search on my computer. Nothing. It’s so frustrating!!!

  • karel

    Thanks ever so much for the clear details on installing Falsh player. Wasted so much time trying to do this but your step by step guide was excellent.

  • Carly

    You are a genius! I was getting so frustrated with this. Thank you so much!!

  • Lianne

    Worked a treat for me – genius!

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    thx for the help and clear concise instructions it worked great

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    thanks a lot for your help
    u really helped

  • Jessica

    I have done everything fine but on the flash menu when i clicked on install now it said retry and i kept on clicking on it but it didnt work.

  • Barbara

    Your advice worked perfectly – I have 32 Bit VISTA. You certainly saved the day.

  • Barbara

    Your advice worked perfectly!!!!. I have Vista 32 bit. Thank you.

  • judith minniear

    I can’t get it to download. I am getting very aggravated. Please help.

  • Fishman0

    there is easy way for vista 64… turn off your User Account Control nad flash will instal without any problems… 🙂

  • Alyson Huerta

    thank you!!!!! you have NO IDEA how much of a help you’ve been ^^

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  • Allison

    Please help me… I can not download the flash player to my computer. I follow the above instructions, but when I get into the Macromed directory, there is no Flash directory so I can’t go any farther. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Anonymous

      I have Windows Vista and I’ve tried everything in the book to get Adobe Flash Player to work on my computer. I finally got it to work by following these steps:

      Open your Internet brower and select:

      1) Tools >
      2) Internet Options >
      3) Programs >
      4) Manage Add-ons >
      5) Make sure that your “Shockwave Flash Object” is set on “Enable”

      I hope this works for you too!

      • gopicks80

        When I went to manage add ons, there was no shockwave flash object?

  • Patricia

    Clear and easy to follow .. and WORKS!

    I wish you could help with the HP support desk. They don’t understand a thing I write… they only know how to cut and paste things as “solutions” that don’t work.

  • kdawg

    go to softwarepatch and they have a dl to fix problem i just fixed mine.

  • Heather

    Thank you so much!! I’m not too good at this computer stuff and this advice really helped!

  • Carol

    Thank you!!!! This was of great help.

  • dolores

    thank you!…finally!…directions i understand and worked!

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  • Dorothy Campbell

    Too complicated & too many steps!

  • Teresa

    Thank you! This was perfect.

  • Kevin

    Amazing. I just googled for such a solution and here it is. Where as when I attempt the HP or microsoft websites for such a solution, they beat around the bush (like all the time). Thanks.

  • scott

    it dosnt bring up the flash player wizard can u help please

  • scott

    it wont work help me

  • Josh

    Thats awesome mate good 1.. i dont usually write on these things but that info was gold. I’ll have a beer 4 ya. Cheers 😉

  • requel

    Thanks a lot! xxxxxx Now I can watch films on youtube and etc again! Kisses and hugs from holland

    • Anonymous

      I have a dell and think I figured out one problem. Here’s the steps I used.
      Turned off UAC
      Uninstalled every last bit of Adobe, including acrobat reader.
      ***disabled the mediaplayerconnectivity 0.9.1 extension in FF.
      restarted FF
      Reinstalled every freakin thing.

      Problem appears to be solved and I am now eliminating the mediaplayerconnectivity plugin because it’s crap and probably sent here from Dell.

  • salesman09

    We just purchased a new computer that uses Windows Vista (64 bit). We have been having problems using Abode Flash Player. I tried to follow the above directions on fixing this issue but when doing so discovered that the (FlashUtil9b) file does not exist. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    if the flash player is not wrking even when the above operations are done… then can u [pls tell wat is the next option…….

  • Anonymous

    awesome thanks

  • Anonymous


  • Arizonaindian

    Forget about Foxfire ! All I want To Do is download Adobe flash player 10 and I Can’t seem to be able to do it ?

  • Anonymous

    You have got to be kidding me right? WTF! I would love to smack the product managers and the developers (both MS and Adobe) upside the head with a frozen mackrel for this “jump through fifty hoops” BS.

  • Anonymous

    I have successfully installed Flash Player 10, but I still cannot listen to Radio Stations that utilise Flash Player……please help

  • Anonymous

    I did that & still it doesn;t work. There is no similar problem with mozzila firefox. I guess it is an explorer problem

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to all who spent their time on sharing results of their own way through Vista-Adobe problems, I experienced the same but thanks to you all it is solved 🙂

  • Anonymous

    my internet kept crashing and it said it was becuase of my flash player, so i uninstalled in and now whenever i try to reinstall it i cant. I get to the download page and click download and then the next page freezes, i cant figure it out. somebody help me, please!!

  • Shyla

    I pressed continue… and Nothing popped up.. the install wizard didnt come up of anything for the 64 bit.. what now.

  • Anonymous

    my conputer doesnt show “FlashUtil9b”. instead it shows flash util 10. how can i make it work?

  • gopicks80

    I did exactly what it said to do, except it was util10 not util9 on my computer. I even turned off the UAC and even after doing both of these things it still doesn’t work. In fact, when I try to use the flash to watch a video it automatically sent me to and told me that flash does not work with any 64bit system. So whoever wrote this cloumn on how to fix the problem didn’t know what they were talking about evidently. If they actually have any ideas on how to really make it work then I am hoping they will post them.

    • Chad Brown

      Man I have the samw thing. Any good news yet?

  • Anonymous

    this didnt work

  • Matt

    I have installed the Adobe 10 flash player. (It is on my computer as an installed program.) Of course it is not working and the problem now is that when I try to follow the instructions and go into windows, then system32, I don’t have the Macromed folder to be able to find the Adobe 10 Flash Player. I can’t seem to find the Adobe Flash Player folder at all. Please Help!

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, it works like a magic….I have really doubted the possibility just because i have tried all i could…but i’m really surprised. Keep the good work going…Thanks a million.

  • Chad Brown

    I have done this as well and I still get the message that I need to download flashplayer (player 10, the new one). Its there. The computer recognizes it. I see it. The world knows it is there. Only when I want to use it, no go. I must say, this is very purplexing. Im about ready to just absolutely freak out. What can I do. I just want to play youtube videos.

  • Anonymous

    uninstall flash 10 and dload Flash 9,
    okay when you restart next time it will play, but it may tell you to dload the latest version of flash open internet options and dump cookies, it should now play

  • Anonymous

    omfg , it didnt work ))): like yah know on myspace pages , the music players & game websites are not showing up . so it says to download flash player & ive tried everything ; i need help ! ):

  • Anonymous

    how do I navigate??? (sorry i dont kno very good english)

  • amy

    thank goodness for boopsie 2 months ago!!!!!!!!! i was ready to beat my pc with a hammer until i saw this response below:

    I have Windows Vista and I’ve tried everything in the book to get Adobe Flash Player to work on my computer. I finally got it to work by following these steps:

    Open your Internet brower and select:

    1) Tools >
    2) Internet Options >
    3) Programs >
    4) Manage Add-ons >
    5) Make sure that your “Shockwave Flash Object” is set on “Enable”

    I hope this works for you too!
    It DID work for me, too!

  • Anonymous

    I cant find Macromed nor Flash directory to run as administrator.
    Any help.thanks

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU! This has been giving me fits since I got the computer!

    • Donna

      I too have been having a problem getting Flash Player to load on my laptop. I even contacted Toshiba tech support and my personal computer “guru” and they could not assist. I have had 5 different techs trying to remedy my problem with Vista and the 64-bit problem. By reading all of these comments, I was able to change my Internet Explorer to the 32-bit and Flash Player loaded like a charm. Why did the techs not know this simple trick of selecting the 32-bit program over the 64-bit program? Maybe because it is too SIMPLE for their technically programmed brains! Thank you all for your comments and assistance! I may keep this new laptop now.

  • Anonymous

    Please help, it says i am not connected to the internet!! can you please advise me, as i am already connected i do not understand!

  • Anonymous

    went step by step System32 but when flashUtil9b run as admin got ” not a vaild win32 application

    • evilkitty75

      i get that message when i try to download
      the get adobe flash 10 it downloads it n asks do u want to run it
      n i say continue n it says “not a valid win32application”
      this is why im lookin for another way

  • Anonymous

    When I follow the instructions, I get all the way to the flash directory but don’t have the flashutil9b. Instead, mine says Flash10c.oxc. Is there any way to get rid of this and get the flahsutil9b. Also when I try to download flash, I get an error that says something about no GUI???? help, please if you can

  • John H

    This drove me nuts for weeks – here is the answer as it is a script issue not flash

    Vista Users
    1. Go to start and type msconfig
    3. Go to the Tools tab, scroll down and select “Disable UAP” and click the run button.
    4. You should see a command prompt open and it will say “Command completed successfully”.
    5. Reboot
    On your keyboard, hit Windows key and R key together.

    Type regsvr32 vbscript.dll

    Click OK.

    If you see the message “DllRegisterServer in C:WINDOWSsystem32vbscript.dll succeeded,” you are finally free of this irritating problem


    • Anonymous

      Great until you turn UAC back on again……What now?

    • sjw

      I found Disable UAC but not Disable UAP.

    • Crissie

      Thank you so much, it works with my vista.

  • Dorothea

    Wow who ever did this is fucking amazing, this worked perfectly!!! Thankyou sooo much!!

  • Anonymous

    Ran as administrator and uninstalled, reinstalled per instructions. Still doesn’t work. Any more suggestions?

    Sincerely need help.


    • John H

      Roger, try the following:-
      uninstall java and then clean your system with ccleaner (registry cleaner)
      reboot and reinstall java
      Follow the instructions in my first message

      You should be ok then



  • Anonymous

    flash file does not have Flash9b,does have Flash9e?

  • lol

    thanx dude it took me a long time to find this site but now it finally works
    stupid vista

  • Anonymous

    I have tried absolutely everything to get flashplayer 10 working.
    Once I enable UAC again, I’m told I don’t have the latest version. But I do! It’s there in WindowsSystem32MacromedFlash folder.
    Going slightly mad….

    • Desperate


      • Anonymous

        There is no answer to this problem.
        Adobe Flash Player will not run under Windows Vista with User Account Control switched on. Just turn it off; you don’t need it.

  • Name

    If you are still having problems with IE 8 or which ever one you have, then download Mozilla Firefox and use it instead of Explorer. I did it and everything works fine, videos and all!

  • Anonymous

    It is a perfect solution.
    Best regards.

  • Anonymous

    No wizard comes up ??

    • Anonymous

      With Vista 64-bit operating system INCREDIBLY the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer does not work correctly. FIX: Go to Microsoft website, download the latest Internet Explorer 32-BIT VERSION, follow install procedure. Then go to Control Panel, select add/remove programs, find Internet Explorer 64-bit version, highlight and select REMOVE. Presto! All fixed! P.S.: This drove me crazy till I found the fix on a forum, and dont worry, the 32-bit program is actually faster and works perfectly with the 64-bit Vista. I’m glad Vista 64 runs 32-bit programs too!

  • Anonymous

    I did the aboce…. and when i hit “run as administrator” and then “continue”….. nothing happened…….

    • Desperate




    • evilkitty75

      why dont ppl read things properly????

  • Desperate

    Help please! I can’t get to C:WindowsSysWOW64
    I’ve tried installing the Flash Player 10 times!!!
    And I need it to convert my videos on RealPlayer.

  • Desperate

    . Odd. I think I figured out why it wasnt working for me. I couldn’t navigate to C:WindowsSysWOW64

    but I navigated to:

    does this mean i actually have a 32 bit computer?
    cuz it says 64 on the sticker on my laptop and next to it, theres a sticker that says Windows Vista Basic

    • NoName

      Well that’s just lol

  • Desperate

    ohkay now another problem. so im here at C:WindowsSystem32MacromedFlash
    and then I right clicked FlashUtil10b (cuz there was no 9b) and clicked run as administrator and then continue. AND NOTHING HAPPENED. well actually, the first time, it said there was an update and I clicked no thanks, cuz I didnt want another updated version. then nothing happened. so I went back and repeated the instructions MANY TIMES. and guess what? NOTHING HAPPENED. sorry for the caps, but I am EXTREMELY frustrated. I though advanced technology was supposed to help us not cause us to slap ourselves and growl in frustration!!!

  • Brittany

    ok I can’t even get past the third step- im in the “C” drive but there’s no “Macromed Directory” folder…any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    please i want a adobe flash player

    • Desperate

      why don’t u download it for free off adobe’s website?

      • evilkitty75

        ehy do ya think were lookin for other ways sherlock?

  • Anonymous

    Well, tried this fix a couple times then restarted my computer to find it doesn’t work! Before arriving at this site I had been online with Adobe online help and had someone walk me through several proposed fixes that still didn’t work. After gave feedback to Adobe…they still don’t have an answer. I am running Vista 32 bit with the latest Windows Internet Explorer and everything enabled. Real annoying having to redo download and install every time you restart your computer.

  • mike T

    Thanks to JOHN H comments a month back

    clear instructions and works perfectly, especially as I don’t use UAC (who needs to lol)

    Thanks again

    Mike T

  • Anonymous

    In my Flash directory, I DO NOT have a FlashUtil9b. I only have a FlashPlayerTrust. Please advise

  • jporter

    excellent advice it works for my vista now ta

  • Anonymous

    I am at my wits end i have downloaded the latest flash player(10 btw) and it works on two stardard users but wont work on my admit user and i downloaded it on the admin user. Tried the suggestion up top but still no luck. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    Adobe Flash Player will not work under Windows Vista with User Account control turned on. Just turn it off; you don’t need it.

  • Name

    i have no folder named FlashUtil9b.

  • Anonymous

    This was awesome, even I was able to do it as a woman — LOL

    • evilkitty75

      I find that offensive u must be an airhead lol

  • Anonymous

    Tried that. I get the … completed successfully message but it still doesn’t work on Business Vista

  • Arioch

    Works for the newest version as well, was about to throw the computer out the window.
    (hint for others – the file names change with the versions, you’re looking for the .exe that has Util in it)


  • registry cleaner

    Great post, really help me a lot. Thanks.

  • ravi

    thnks for valuable info

  • Anonymous

    Thank you. It worked perfectly.

  • Sandy

    How do you install Flash and Java in Win 7 when you have over and over, but it seems to not be available…no hulu, no youtube, no teleseminar links, no nothing…

  • D

    Thank you!
    Wonder why the goofballs at Adobe didn’t tell us?

    Without your help . . . I’d still be wondering what went wrong?

  • Anonymous

    hmmm i uninstalled the last one and installed new . now when i reach this file you have to run as administrator i am waiting and once the load is completed i get a message saying: An error was occurred while downloading the installer. please make sure you are connected to internet and try again… well i am connected to internet i tried to repeat 100 times but nothing anyone who can help? 😮

  • Anonymous

    For step 5, all I can see is FlashUtile.exe. Do I click ‘run’ like I would do if it came up with FlashUtil9b??? And does this work with Google Chrome???

    Somebody help me, PLEASE!!!

  • D

    I tried going through this little process several times . . . . .
    never did get it to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also having problems with Quick Time player as well . . . it won’t work.

    The only thing that works on my computer is Windows Media Player ! ! !

    So, all of this stuff didn’t help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I used to install Flash Player everytime I open a site that requires it. Hassle, hassle and hassle.

    I am running 64-bit Windows 7 and I had FlashUtil10e, which I clicked.

    Superb advice. Now it works perfectly.


  • evilkitty75

    did that but it didnt work even tho it said it now worked
    n please dont tell me to reboot i did that also

  • Jessica

    i went to windows and there is no C:WindowsSystem32. or Macromed

  • Name

    Nothing is happening.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I did not see “FlashUtil9b” but there was a “FlashUtil10a” so I hope this works. I hope this will fix my Adobe Flash problems! 🙂

  • Alana

    That unfortunately didn’t help at all. I have done everything, contact Adobe and follow their directions, remove Flash Player completely, re install and still when I am using Firefox it keeps telling me to upload Flash Player and I cannot view any videos. This is a newish computer and still nothing.Please help. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    when I open Macromed there is no Flash directory
    no folders exist

  • HM

    it worked for me
    that’s a miracle 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much i spent hours trying to sort out flash player on vista then i found ur website, all sorted now, thanks again xx

  • Anonymous

    I am having huge problems on my vista 32 Dell. I am not even going to go into the DELL issue. Anyway…

    I went to create a web page in Weebly and they needed a higher update with Adobe Flash 10, so I went to download it, and it did not do it through IE but it did it through Firefox.

    The adobe page advice said to uninstall all other versions. I had 8 and 9, so that’s what I did and even cleaned out my recycle bin (big huge mistake).

    Anyway…I keep on getting error messages when I tried to execute the files. I’ve turned off the UAC, I’ve disengaged the enable in security, right clicked and tried to run as an administrator.


    I get these error messages…tn_19166 and type it into google and get a list of sites for resources and I try them and still nothing.

    I’ve also had an installer error message. I really think that two programs are somehow not responding or maybe the installer is not talking to the new adobe, but whatever it is, I need help , and help FAST.

    Now I can’t run by captivate because it needs FLASH!!!!

    Is there anyone out there that can help?

  • Anonymous

    i installed but i dont know it is prompting me that it has stopped working

  • Anonymous

    Been trying to install flash player and have followed instructions you’ve advised but have got stuck after i’ve gone into macromed. You’ve said that we need to click on util9b but i have no file for this i only have util10b.exe would i need to click on this to proceed or take another route?

  • Melissia

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/4.0; GTB6.4; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30618)
    Timestamp: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 14:55:14 UTC

    Message: Error in loading DLL
    Line: 61
    Char: 257
    Code: 0

    Flash player will not run on any web site? Any help is appreciated?

  • jeanne

    Thanks, this is exactly what happened to me. But, I have Windows XP.
    Will the solution work the same?
    Again, thanks

  • hoops

    got firefox on…enerything is working
    thanx soooooooooo much

  • jacquie gerideau

    tried above, wizard never popped u[ so I still do not have flash player on vista 64 bit
    also, flash util 10b came up not 9b. I got as far as FB install wizard, which never showed up. frustrated and bewildered.any ideas?????

  • Rob

    Thank you.
    After putting up with Vista for 2 yrs it just reminded me why I will never buy another PC loaded with MS products again

  • peter

    i have flashUtil10c and it doesnt work

    • ManoSanta

      I got the same problem and was resolve when turn off my UAC. Do it, and then follow the procedure above. I have Windows Vista

  • Roboverton

    fOR wINDOWS 7

  • AMTyler

    What is the there is no FlashUtil9b but only a 9f ??

    • jessica<3

      how do you navigate??? omg

  • nogoodendinsight

    Again, all the experts at Adobe and Opera and the others are UNABLE to resolve compatibility issues! To call this ridiculous is the understatement of the century. I tried all the proposed solutions and – of course – they don’t work because they aren’t meant to work. Oblabla demanded censorship of the internet and that’s what it is, pure and simple. It’s censorship when most people can no longer watch youtube videos. If Oblabla weren’t the bankster shill he is, perhaps there might be cause to produce vids showing him in a more favorable light, but after the heist of the century a lot of obfuscation seems to be necessary…

    If this Flash Player issue were so bad as to render playing vids impossible, why does it work in older browsers? Because there wasn’t time – or need – to botch up old browsers as well. Keep dingling, Barry!

  • TV

    hi. when i follow the instruction, it ends up in deleting the flashplayer! what gives? is this microsoft and adobe’s way of making you upgrade to windows 7? ive been having this problem for months and ive tried almost every solution i could find on the web. im seriously thinking of switching to mac!

  • Linda Greenfield1

    i opened computer and went to c drive but i do not see Macromed ?????

  • Na

    I followed the first list of instructions but once I get to the 3rd step I do not have a Macromed file. I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything and nothing works. I am baffeled!

    1. Open Computer.

    2. Navigate to C:WindowsSystem32.

    3. No file under that name.

    • L.

      Yep, no file under that name for me either, so now what do we do?

  • Ccarsten2001

    when I do the above, it want to unistall the flash player.

  • Stineoslol

    i downloaded the new adobe flash 10 and i still cant get it to work. every time i get passed the Macromed step i see the flash player and when i click on it would say “would you like to uninstall” but when i go on youtube it would say ” you need to download adobe flash player 10″ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • L.

      Ive been having the same problem, but the instuctions above for vista dont work either.

  • L.

    For Vista, you say to open your computer and open C:WindowsSystem32. but all mine says is C: open it but there is no Macromed directory.So now what do I do?

  • L.

    I had all these same problems of trying to download the flashplayer. It was due to somehow my Shockwave player got deactivated-turned off. So once I turned it back on, the download for the new flashplayer worked just fine from Adobe.

  • Mimiseed

    when i do what you say,, it comes up as uninstall flash.. I want this thing to run.. NOT uninstall it… 🙁

  • Vik

    I dont have FlashUtil9b. I am not sure whata to do know with all this frustration. 🙁

  • Vik

    But I do have Flash10.0cx and FlashInstall. Niether one of them say Run as Administrator.

  • Paula

    You saved me!! Thank you for your advice!

  • Jigztatsme

    I just want to open an .swf directly…. without a browser….
    wat shud i select in “open with” ?

  • Luckypal

    I followed instructions as prescribed, but what came up was flash player 10.1.
    All the right clk did was uninstall the prog. What’s the fix for V 10.1?

  • Anonymous

    Hi this is the first time i have used one of these forums. I installed update pompt to flashplayer 10 on 28 september and have had the same problem. My laptop is a 32bit and have followed the instructions given, however when i open the flash directory it is shown as FLASHUtil10K? There are 3 user accounts and only on 1 account it works. Is it because it wasnt ‘run as administrator’? What is going on? Can u help me please?

  • Anonymous

    Hi this is the first time i have used one of these forums. I installed update pompt to flashplayer 10 on 28 september and have had the same problem. My laptop is a 32bit and have followed the instructions given, however when i open the flash directory it is shown as FLASHUtil10K? There are 3 user accounts and only on 1 account it works. What is going on? Can u help me please?

  • Sbullard29

    Tried to run as admin and it tried to uninstall. WHAT????

  • sreeni

    Tried to install but i cant it

  • Shirley Davis

    Oh…so that’s what happens? After all it’s just got to do with the update. Yeah, many times after I have reformat my PC, and installed flash player, restarted..and still these “need to install” message will show up. But you know that’s not the only problem I get with Adobe. Sometimes I get certain messages that seem to pertain to permission issues. I don’t know if a lot of people encounter it too, but I found this good source telling that you can solve it by downloading SubLnACL from Microsoft website.

  • dave

    rite downloaded new flash player still cant play games on fb or vids on youtube can u pls help doin my heed in

  • Lorne

    Thank you. Actual online solution that works!


    I too have been having this problem for the past few days and have just solved it! Hoorah!!

    I’m using Internet Explorer and simply clicked on “tools” and then “manage add ons”….. looks for Adobe Flash Player and check if the add on has been disabled. Mine was….. so I enabled it and hey presto my flash player now works properly.

    • Guest

      thanks so much for the solution

  • Annab84

    thank you so much have been installing/uninstalling for months, and just by enabling on the add ons, it all working.:-) thank you, your a star. X

  • Ron

    Thank you so much! Excelent explantion! Happy Holidays!

  • Jmooney5

    I did that it says unistall so i quit

    • Pamgrace2001

      Uninstall is all that shows up for me also

  • Asdsf

    mine doesn’t work. i downloaded latest flash player 10 but it doesnt work

  • Shelbyhmlt

    It wont work as soon as i do step one, i cant find the C:WindowsSystem32.

    when i search for it, it goes straight to windows media player?

  • Pwigington

    It still doesn’t work!!!!!

  • galXe


  • galXe

    Under Computer, Click C, click Windows, click System32, click Macromed, click Flash, RIGHT click NPSWF32_FlashUtil.exe, RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR, CONTINUE User Account Control. You can now INSTALL Flash Player… This worked for my computer, FINALLY…. THanks!

  • Tonisback

    I have Vista and so far I can’t get it to work.

  • Anonymous

    mine either this is some bs!!!!

  • mollyjoy

    I have Windows XP and I keep getting the message to install Adobe but when I try I get the message from internet explorer that it can’t do it. I can’t view anything off the internet because I don’t have Adobe. How can I get it to work?

  • Ley87

    Why everytime i want to attach file using my email, i can’t? Shockwave flash always unresponsived….what is the problem? I have tried all browsers but i still have the same problem….i don’t know the problem is…

  • scratch1

    in dont want the fucking adobe flash player, why try and force me to take it.  another form of communism

  • Tom Boyle

    I uninstalled Flash player and tried to reinstall from the web site. I get
    “Only a single instance of this application can run”
    Also my Windows Vista does not have FlashUtil9b. in the macromed file.
    How can I get Flash back.

  • navya

    i have tried to instal flash player according to the above procedure in my windowsvista-64bit but i didn’t find flashutil9b in macromed file…
    please help for me…

  • Lori

    I’m using Vista Ultimate and had just installed Pro Tools SE. I was having problems opening the software due to the Adobe Flash Player version on my Laptop. Searched everywhere including the Pro Tools forums but couldn’t find a fix that worked. After following the info suggested on this page I can now open Pro Tools SE. Works perfectly now:)
    Thanks so much for the info!:)

  • Javaid

    I tried but in my macromed/flash directory are two files flashutil10y_activeX.dll and flashutil10y_activeX, both did not respond to right click the way suggested. No way to selecft Run as Administrator. Can you please suggest any alternate?

  • Gina

    I don’t have FlashUtil9b. in my computer at all I have Windows 32-Bit Vista Plz tell me what I have to do, to fix this problem? When I download Adobe Flash it crashes second later and freezes my computer!!!!

  • helena

    i cant find FlashUtil9b in my file how would i go about getting that?

  • Nick

    I dont understand step 2? what does that even mean?

  • celis

    your method is no longer working, as FlashUtil9b is not found in the path you mentioned.

    so, now what? any other method?

  • Joe Ury

    I followed your dircetions and when I got to “run as administrator” the Wizard would only let me uninstall. What can I do to get this to run correctly. I never had a problem with Flash Player before. thanks for your help. Joe.

  • Bill

    When I opened FLASH directory there wasn’t any Flash util9b.

  • Test

    I don’t have ‘FlashUtil9b’ in the Flash directory, what do I need to do next?

  • movieless

    Hi, what about Window 7? I followed every thing you said about uninstalling my old program and i am sorry I did it! No matter how many times I re install the new FlashPlayer program, it says I have to re install the new Flash Player. I tried it 38 times today an dfollowed also your instruction, nothing has helped me out so far!!!!!! It also says that I have to unable the Acti . I do every thing but still not getting any where…I can not watch youtube or netflix or hulu etc etc etc…I am tired and so exhuasted. Please help me out!!!!!! i have followed few advises from the internet and nothing seemsot help me at all!

    • David Kirk

      Yuck. I would completely uninstall Adobe Flash and then try to reinstall. It sounds like you have something corrupted somewhere.

      Alternatively, installing another browser such as Chrome (which has Adobe Flash already integrated) should be highly considered.

  • peter

    I have tried your suggestion for Adobe Flash player install (Vista 32bit). I went into macromed opened the folder but no FlashUtil9b but there was FlashUtil32_11_4_402_265. selected run as administrator.Then I clicked on FlashUtil32, the UAC appeared, I seleted continue & it promptly uninstalled Flash player. I then re-installed Flash player but it still doesn`t work! Where have i gone wrong, There is a mention of a Java program & I am not sure if it is installed on my system. thanking you in anticipation of a result.

    • Lori

      > Peter, Did you ever get a response? I’m having the EXACT same issue. Please help!!!

  • dICK


  • Lisa rainey

    I did not find this file in my computer: FlashUtil9b. Please advise.

  • Bill

    I followed the instructions until I got to “FlashUtil9b”. There was no FlashUtil9b in the Flash directory. What now?

  • Robert

    It seems FlashUtil9b is for Flash Professional. I do not have that file in my Flash folder.

    What now?



    hi,i did all that you said,but when i got to open flash,there was no FlashUTIL9 b listed?-thats as far as i can go


    got to the flash,and it did not show anything like flashutil9b to right click?

  • Terral

    There is no FlashUtil9b in the Flash directory

  • Frank

    I have tried over and over again to get adobe flash player to work on my desktop. You mention to open computer and navigate to c:windowsststem. I can bring this up on the computer but can;t find the Macromed directory to continue. Can you help explain a little more on how to get to these spots that you mention. Thanks

  • susan

    Tried this, but all it offered was to uninstall Flash. Nothing about installing.

  • Susan C

    In the Macromed/Flash directory on my Vista system – I do not have a FlashUtil9b selection. COuld you let me know something else that might work to run Adobe FlashPlayer?