Outlook 2007: Resend a Message

Posted January 12, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Outlook

Sometimes you need to resend a message either because the recipient never received it or because they accidentally deleted it. To do this…

1. Go to your Sent Items.

2. Open the desired message that you wish to resend.

3. Go to the Actions section on the Ribbon.

4. Click Other Action.

5. Select Resend This Message.

6. A new copy of the message will appear. Add any additional text to the message, verify the email address and click Send.


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  • Debbie

    How do you remove the expiration for calendar appointments set up in the future and then want to send an update? I like to set up meetings for the entire year, to make sure they are on calendars. When I need to go into a meeting and send an update, I get a warning message “the expiration date and time for message have passed. Do you still want to send it?”. When I say yes, the message does not send. I know how to remove expiration dates for email messages, but not for calendar items. THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!

  • Tommyg

    doesnt work… no “resend this message” option in my Actions menu when I have a message in my “sent items” folder selected!

  • Tommyg

    ok it does work actually.. (click the actions-> other actions menu in the message itself… not the actions menu in outlook) 🙂

  • dcm

    I have a problem w/similar steps. If Resending from Personal Folders, Outlook crashes. This does not happen if Resending from Inbox, tho.

  • Guest2

    First, double-click the e-mail to bring it up in its own window. Then go to “Other Actions” and choose to resend the message.

  • BAB

    Thanks so much!