Outlook 2003: How to send a multiple day meeting request as one request

this is a recipe i just tasted last week at work. the client wanted to be able to have a meeting request that was on thur at 5p – 10p and then fri and sat at 8a – 5p. however, he wanted this request to be only 1 meeting request not 3 that the invitees would receive. lets get cooking!

here we go!

we will use my example in the description: (thur at 5p-10p, fri and sat at 8a-5p). and it must be ONE meeting request that is sent out (trust me, i do not know of any other way than this)

1. In outlook, go to your Calender and then File > New > Appointment.
2. Setup the first days appt (thur 5p-10p). Then go to Actions > Recurrence.
3. In the recurrence box, choose the following (for our example); leave the start and end times alone, change pattern to be Daily, everyday. Then change the range of recurrence to End after “3” occurrences and click OK.
4. Fill in your subject and also the reminder options and any notes and then click on Save and Close.
5. Now, go to the calender, find the 2nd day, fri, and double click on it. and Open this occurrence.
6. Edit the date start / end time to be 5p to 10p. click Save and Close.
7. Do the same for sat and again save and close.
8. Now, we are going to double click on either of the days and choose to “Open this series”.
9. This will now open the meeting w/the recurrence pattern showing. Click on the Invite Attendees button and put your own email in the To: field. also if you do not want responses back change that in the Actions menu. and then click Send. you should receive one appt request for the first day and two updated requests for fri and sat (again, notice 3 notifications for the one appt)
10. Now, go back into the same calender appt/meeting request and again open the series, now go to Actions > Forward. This will open a new meeting request that we can send this to the people and they will receive only one request. Just change the subject and body and if you want responses or not (in actions menu) and then click send.

VOILA! one request!


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  • Name

    This did not work; it still sent 3 notifications

  • Anonymous

    Used this to create a monthly appointment with varying dates over a 12 month period and it worked a treat. They only got the 1 request. Cheers

  • phil

    Perfect, but I need the same but for proposing the a meeting either the morning or the afternoon … and this is not possible as we choose occurence : everyday :(….

    but your idea is fine for case of different days 🙂

  • Andy

    This worked for me with Outlook XP, but with Outlook 2007 a request is sent for each meeting.

  • Dan

    This works..kind of. It will put the invitation on all of the correct dates with only 1 notification. But, in the recurrence line, it still says whatever the original recurrence was. I.E. if I set it for the 29th day of each month, then change Sept, Oct, and Nov to the 19, 21, and 15th, it will put the invites in the right spots with one notification, but the recurrence line will still say “day 29 of each month* on every date.

  • hwspars

    This doesn’t appear to work in 2007 – any further tips to make it work in 2007?

  • Noname

    It does work in 2007 – just done it. I made the mistake of NOT sending the request to myself first and then forwarding to everyone else.

  • Randy

    Far to complicated. Microsoft should just allow date pickers for the dates you want similar to other calendar software. Period

  • Maria

    In Outlook 2007, when I try to change the date to the second occurrence of my random dates, I get a message that says “Cannot reschedule an occurrence of the recurring appointment if it skips over a later occurrence of the same appointment”. First of all… WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?!?
    Second, how can I correct it?????

  • Louise Hopkin

    Hi there,
    This has worked for me but can anyone tell me if you needed to reschedule a meeting how you would do this?
    Thanks Louise

  • Debbie

    Worked great. I agree with another poster. Microsoft could surely come up with a way to do this within Outlook.