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How to use your Sony Ericsson phone as a mouse/presenter for pc

this recipe requires a sony ericsson w/bluetooth and HID Profile capability, pc w/bluetooth (dongle/onboard). also if you want to create your own HID Profiles for your SE

This is an older recipe from my subdomain site.

this will recipe shows you how to use your compatible sony ericsson phone to control your pc’s mouse and kb.

certain SE phones that have bluetooth have HID profiles built into them so you can connect via bt to a pc w/bt and then use the phone as a mouse or to press keys.

you can download the bluetooth remote control creater here

    Bluetooth Remote Control
    Create your own Bluetooth™ Remote Control files for your Sony Ericsson Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. Version 3.00 suppots the new W850, W710, Z710, Z610 and Z550 phones.

from sony site

once you create a profile or just want to get started, start bluetooth on your pc.

start bluetooth on your phone and connect to your pc.
once your paired, on your SE phone go to Menu > Entertainment > Remote Control (on most newer phones). Then choose your remote profile to use, you can use the included ones to see how it works (pretty kewl!).

now you should be connected to your pc and be able to control the mouse and/or keys. this could be fun for parties to control music or for me i use it sometimes at night for powerdvd and movies or presentations even.

here’s a link to my K750/W800i HID Profiles i made for PowerDVD, SageTV, and more:

Jimmy S
Jimmy S
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