Facebook: Hide or unhide recent activities

   Posted October 15, 2011 by Lê Hoàng in Facebook, Internet

By default, all of your recent activities will show up in your Facebook timeline or profile page. This means everybody in your list can see what you are doing on Facebook. If you want to hide those activities from your friends, this tutorial will help you.

To hide Recent Activities:

1. Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Go to your profile page.

3. Find the Recent Activity section on the page.

Click the X button at the end of each activity -> Hide All Recent Pages from Timeline… for the Liking activity.

or choose Hide Similar Activity from Timeline… for other activities.

4. If you hide all activities, your Recent Activity section will look like below.

To unhide Recent Activities:

1. Go to the Recent Activity section.

2. Click on the small pencil icon -> Hidden Activity…

3. Click X next to the activity that you want to unhide. Hit Save button to update the changes.

Note: The difference between Hide from timeline and Hide similar activity from the Timeline…

Hide from timeline: Only hide that single activity from timeline. That type of activity will still appear in the future. Can be unhidden from the Activity Log.

Hide similar activity from the Timeline: That type of activity, even in the future will not appear anymore. Can be unhidden.


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  • ta

    um….there is no RECENT ACTIVITY section!!!! WHERE??? Can you tell me how to find this section? Where? What do I do? Like from my home page? Where? You just say “FIND IT” thanks alot…..even FB own HELP pages do that….”um just go to this section” WHERE IS IT?????????? DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE!!!!!!

    • nino

      temporarily deactivate and reactivate your facebook account and it will re-appear after you make a comment, like, update status… etc. etc.

    • kasey

      WOw uhh I think your going psycho.Its time to see a shrink.

    • dee

      i have the same problem .where do i find my recent activity .its no where to be found on my page and no options to find it…urghhhhh

    • 3hm

      First of all On your timeline, you will see ”Activity log’ at the right corner on the top, Click it.Then you will see that what you have done on your timeline but not everything.So, you can choose by clicking ”Posts and Apps ”at the right corner and will see specific thing what have you done on your timeline and on your friend’s timeline.I recommend to choose ”All Activity”. Then you can fix what you want to unhide or hide by clicking hidden from timeline or allow from timeline on the right size of what have you done.It is 100% worked out.

      Go to your profile >>>>Activity log (at the right corner on the top) >>>Posts and Apps (at the right corner on the top) >>> All Activity >>> Ready to change

      • http://NA phan

        > thz ,now it work for me ^-^

  • Lê Hoàng

    @ta: To see the section, click on your name (top left of the page) to go to your profile page.

    Have you upgraded to the new Facebook Timeline?

    If you have, then the Recent activity is at the top, on the right side.

    If you have not, then the section should be somewhere at the middle of the page (it depends on how many statuses you have since your last activity)

    Here is an example of the old Recent activty:

    • zee

      Hi Lê!
      Actually recently i have had problems with facebook. Earlier when i used to comment on my own pic it used to show up in the news feed and every1 could c and like my pic. But now when i comment it doesnt show up in my friends news feed plz help

  • cj

    If you don’t see any Recent Activity on your Profile Wall, you need to create one, like add a quotation or change your profile, etc, it will create a Recent Activity story on your Profile Wall. Then you need to click on the “X” on that activity and select the option “Hide All Recent profile changes from Profile…” and the confirmation window will come up, instead of clicking “Hide all”, click on “Edit Options” and it will show you “Activities” you’ve hidden before and you just need to click on the X beside the activity to unhide them. Hope this helps!

    • camellia

      > i did all that in the box is saying you didnt hide any activity. but still i dont see my city ville posts on my wall???

      • sage

        did you figure it out cuz i have the same problem and cant figure it out.!!>

  • olol

    Too bad this doesn’t hide my recent activity from News Feed/Home and Ticker Box, Facebook apparently doesn’t want these information to be hidden. Fail.

  • olol

    Any suggestions for that? Cause I looked everywhere, but nothing came up.

    • nino

      > temporarily deactivate and reactivate your facebook account and it will re-appear after you make a comment, like, update status… etc. etc.

  • Le Hoang

    @olol: Can you use the “View As” function to see if those activities are hidden from other users?

  • lynnetua

    @Le: I hid some of my recent activities and when I view as a friend, they can’t see most of my activities… I’m suppose to be able to unhide them which i tried under edit options but it was written [there are no recent hidden activities] how is this possible when i hide some of them? And now I cannot unhide them….

    • David

      I’m having exactly the same problems as several people above. There is no recent activities box, and under my “Activity Log”, it shows that a friend’s post which I accidentally hid from my newsfeed and want back on my newsfeed is NOT hidden! But it IS hidden!

      Showing ALL activities in the “Activity Log” doesn’t show that I ever hid it! But I DID! And it’s certainly gone from my newsfeed and I can NOT get it back!

  • Lê Hoàng

    @lynnetua: It sounds like you have hid the activities using “Hide from timeline”. Using this, you can not unhide the activities.

    You can see the difference between “Hide from timeline” and “Hide similar activities from timeline” at the bottom of this post.

    I hope this helps 🙂

    • Lissette Centracchio

      So hide similar stories can NEVER be unhidden???

  • Lê Hoàng

    @lynnetua: Is there any activities in your Activity Log (click the View activity button)? You can unhide an activity from there.

  • Jerome

    same problem as lynnetua – I hid some activity (games such as cityville) and I’ve got nothing in the section to unhide anything.
    I hid some more activities to see if the problem was only related to games but I got the same problem with “friending activity”
    When I go on the activity log to get to posts for games back on my timeline, they are all “allowed on timeline” but none of them appeared even if I try to feature them.

  • Dan

    Any ideas as to why I’m unable to delete activity for adding life events? Want to add some previous trips but don’t want it all showing up in recent activity – but everytime I remove it from there, I refresh the page and it comes back!

  • Robin

    Same as Jerome, So anything you “Hide from Timeline” on your profile page, like Castleville..You can’t unhide it?!! I accidently hid my castleville and now I can’t get it back, Ive tried everything. So none of my castleville friends can click on any of the stuff I try to post from the game on my profile page :\.

  • Dian

    i clicked hidden activity but there’s nothing showing although i’m sure that i hide something on my timeline.what do i do? :s

  • Stephanie

    How do you get the Music box back to your timelime?

  • Lê Hoàng

    @Stephanie: You can go to your Activity logs and get it back from there.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  • genesis

    well i accidently hid something and it wont show anymore.not even on my ambum.how can i make show again on my timeline?

  • genesis


  • Avery

    I have accidentally hidden the ‘Music’ App from facebook, and now there seems to be no way to bring it back. I have tried accessing my activity feed, selecting music, and making sure all of categories are checked under the gear ‘Top Albums, recently played’, however, the Music box is still missing from my timeline. I have tried everything, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to ‘unhide’ it. Any ideas?

  • zena

    Ok so let me get this straight, if i’ve clicked on
    “hide this activity from timeline” or
    “hide similar from timeline” or basically hide anything from timeline, I can NEVER unhide this information?
    Because that is a super flaw .. and would make me very unhappy….

  • Lê Hoàng

    @zena: You can. All those activities can be unhidden from your Activity Log

  • zena

    @Le .. I tried that .. The photos that I’ve hidden have just disappeared off the activity log.
    I’m still tagged in them, but they don’t even come up in my photo albums .. only when I go to the friends album can I see them
    *sigh*.. facebook and their tinkering.

  • megan

    I have anciently hidden my music from my timeline as well and I *cannot* get it back even through the activity logs as suggested. It super frustrating. I was only trying to hide my recent playlist created and it hid my recent songs played. Has anyone had luck so far getting theirs back?!

  • Arthuus

    Go to your timeline>activity log> on the top right of the page there is a drop down menu click on it> go to music > then find the drop down menu with the picture of a gear next to it says ” global activity can show up in ” > make sure Recent Music Activity is checked. And that’s it.

    • patz

      > thank you thank you thank you. I’ve been searching for this for weeks.

  • Shan

    Please after reading all the help and set up pages I still can’t get any activity such as “Shan liked so & so’s link” or “Shan liked this photo” or comments on other posts to show up on my timeline. Only threads I start or links I post show up – I hate this timeline it’s so contrived and not what Facebook is all about – if I wanted a blog I’d have one!!! I can’t see how to allow recent activity – been to the activity log and it says “allow on timeline” on everything yet nothing is there!

  • Danica

    I’m having a similar problem – I can’t see anybody’s status updates, including my own, yet nothing is hidden.
    Also having problems with things not loading properly, e.g. the “Notes” and “Photos” links.
    Facebook has a problem and nothing I can find will fix it!

  • joe

    same problem! I can see all my activity in my activity log….but I can’t get any of it on my timeline like “likes” and comments…..when I click on the little circle..says its allowed on timeline…but the only option I have is to delete…and not to add it to my timeline…..TIMELINE SUCKS WISH I NEVER UPGRADED!!!!!!

    • Arctic Char

      We’re all having this exact same problem. This upgrade sucks real hard!!!

  • mel

    i have done all of those things, that have been suggested. it says i dont have anything hidden. yet no comments i write on anyones wall show up or things i like. yes its in my activity log. but nothing in recent activity.
    dont know why they keep changing shit for, especially that ticker thing, we dont need to know everything people do on other peoples wall etc

  • Kay

    I have the same problem as others on this page. I have no recent activity box on my timeline profile. I cannot add them from the activity log. I have done hours of research with no luck. It seems like there is no way to put the recent activity box back on my timeline. Very frustrating. Please help.

  • Sabine

    Same here:
    The “Recent Activity” section doesn’t even show up on my profile. I cannon unhide my “likes” (of other users’ posts) and “comments” (on other users’ posts). I’m done trying. Too many glitches in TimeLine.

  • Larry

    Why there is not a “Post to wall only” button has got to be a “Market strategy”…I hate facebook…!!!

  • http://n1ckd.tumblr.com Nick

    Thank you so much Arthuus! I had the same problem as everyone else here and your fix is the ONLY thing on the internet that actually worked. Two thumbs up =D

  • Erik

    Arthuus, I followed your instructions to get my Friends recent activity back. However, that option isn’t there for “LIKES.” I hid the LIKES recent activity and now I cannot figure out how to get it back. This is incredibly frustrating. Any help on getting the recent Likes back would be appreciated. Wish FB would just leave things alone.

  • Brittany

    Hi can i ask for some help??

    I have only ever hidden a few things on my face book and logged in today to find everything has gone from febuary onwards ??

    do you know why my facebook has suddenly removed everything without me even telling it to ??

  • jaci

    i removed the pinterest log from the main page on my timeline and now i want it back and i cant figure it out. i tried looking for the gear, which arthuus said to do with the music log and i didn’t see the gear in the music section or the pinterest section. Nothing is working for me i tried everything!!

  • Ro

    I have accidentally hidden my relationship update
    the update and likes/comments still show up in my recent activities but not my timeline
    however it doesn’t show under the info tab in recent activities… only under all…. where could it have gone and how do i get it back?

  • Buba

    I cant find my hide/unhide ticer icon, so I can’t backticker.. Help, please!!!

  • Buba

    simply , it is not in the top right corner????

  • J

    This is bogus. Theres no “x” on my activity, it’s an “o.”. The only time I have an option to hide from timeline is on my own status updates. On comments that I’ve made to friends statuses the only option I have is “allow on timeline” and “delete”. When I delete it it not only deletes It from my timeline but from the original place I commented as well. How can you just hide those from your own activity timeline?

  • HS

    Just the same problem as J above (26-Mar-12). I am searching mighty high and low, but even Facebook help doesn’t have that solution. The circle, as J puts it, says “Allowed on Timeline” or “Delete…”. All my likes and comments on others’ pictures and statuses etc. appear in my Acitvity Log and friends Newsfeeds, but NOT on my own Timeline.

  • Vicki

    For the past week I cant click on hide to unsubscibe or hide story etc it just wont work Help.
    and all of a sudden everybody I have hidden from news fee has come back up and all the games they have played any ideas?

  • Vicki

    also unsubcribe doesnt show up anymore

  • just-peachy

    In regards to:

    “Hide similar activity from the Timeline: That type of activity, even in the future will not appear anymore. Can be unhidden.”

    How? I went to my Activity Log and the “hidden” posts etc have disappeared.

  • clare

    I hid all posts from a game this morning that were on my timeline wall and now more recent ones are not posting neither are my friends on my newsfeeds, is there any way i can change it??

  • CHoopes

    I hid Subscriptions using that dialog box, and now I can’t find how to add them back. It’s not listed in the Recent activity box.

  • Ami

    i hid my zoo world requests.. and i did what it said but it says theres no hidden activities 🙁

  • Berhe

    How do I check whether viewing post is enabled or not? I can not see any caption or stub for enable and disable on face book.

  • renjith

    i dont want to hide my comments that i given and likes that i liked away from my timeline. is this possible? I dont want what i liked, messaged away from my timeline. 🙂 Thanks in advance.

  • Dave

    What is the difference between untagging a photo and hiding it from timeline? Can other people still see the photo by looking at ‘photos of you’? or they will only see it if they go and look through the album that it is in? thanks! 🙂

  • Lisa White

    My game post aren’t showing up on the home page? I’ve made sure they’re all unhidden. Is their something else I need to do to make them seen on the main home page?

  • http://facebook.com/​cheena.avancena rochee

    i hid my friending activity on my timeline and i when i tried unhiding it, checked my hidden activity and it was empty -_- how it will appear again? =/

  • lawrence

    It says no recent activity hidden, and i hide a pic of my buddy from my time line yesterday. like wtf

  • Izabelle

    What i write on others wall dosent show on my own timeline. Why? it never does? can i make any change in my settings to make them show?

  • David Kirk

    @Izabella – Writing on the wall of someone else doesn’t show up on your timeline. If you really want it to show on both places, write it on your wall and then tag the other person on the post.

    • M

      In my timeline business page, when I tag another business that I have liked, it shows as the blue tag but it doesn’t “cross-post” to their Recent Posts by Others section, even though other businesses’ tags appear there. I’ve tested this by looking at other business pages who tag a lot. Their posts appear in the Recent Posts by Others sections of that tagged business. Why won’t mine show? When I write directly on the wall of the business, it first appears on their wall, but minutes later it moves to the Recent Posts by Others. I have always felt like the tagging should accomplish both: that is be a hyperlink for others to click on to explore AND a cross-post to have more exposure to that new businesses’ fans.

      What am I doing wrong!?!


  • Mox Moks

    kindly,i cannot access or see my posts on my timeline,what can i do to see them?

  • RedStar

    this must be out of date..when you click on the link you want to hide..it only gives the option to hide the one..or stop the game from publishing at all..or report as spam. it does nto just allow you to hde the annoying recent activity of the game(e) so have to hide it..then hide it again a few mintes later. grrr!

  • Richard

    Hi Le Hoang, I mistakenly hid Top Albums from Music (via Spotify) and cannot find a way to unhide this. Any thoughts? Thanking you in advance! Richard

  • Mister X

    Sorry, been dealing with this for two months now, no answers anywhere on the web in regard to RECENT updates. Personal profile page, ANY TIME I hide a post, and then go to Activity – Recent, it tells me nothing has been hidden. Nothing! Be very careful about the posts you hide, apparently they will be deleted permanently.

  • seynette

    hi guys! you can unhide posts that you have hidden from you timeline. just go to the activity log located at the upper right corner just below your cover pic. in the activity log, you will see the activities you’re doing everyday. find the origin of the the post you want to unhide. for the origin i mean, the first time you post the status (the post is reappearing when someone comments on it,right?). when you have found it, if it is hidden, you will see a circle with a slash on it, on the right side i think it shows “hidden on timeline” (if it is not hidden it shows “allowed on timeline”). so just click that circle and it will show choices, just click the allow on timeline and there you go.. thanks

    • Arctic Char

      >Problem is, when you click on that circle the only option we’re getting is to delete the content. That’s it. This is the pits

  • Ed

    Hi guys and girls! I have hided the Likes I make successfully from my profile. However, when I push a Like button for a picture on somebody’s profile, it will be visible on the main Facebook wall for all of my friends. It is true that they will not see this activity on my profile wall, but it is still posted on the main wall. How can this be hided, so nobody ever will see what I have Liked? Thanks in advanced!

  • Carol Edge

    Hi Everyone

    Not sure if this is related to the problems I am having. Today (1st June) suddenly my posts/status updates aren’t showing up on my timeline Pages. (However they appear when someone uses an i phone and I can also see them in Notifications, when someone comments on the posts) so something has happening on the PC version of FB.

    This happened to me on 1st May. Then I was able to fix the problem by going into “About” and changing something, refreshing and then my posts appeared! But this time nothing works. I have 5 active pages and they are all the same.

    Can anyone help. I tried de-activating and re-activating (a few minutes later) but no luck after that. I also tried to find “recent activity” but there is nothing on my profile or Pages that looks like you have described above.

    Really hope someone can help as I have spent 12 hours on this and am concerned that all my work on Pages is gone. (Have submitted to them but they never seem to do anything about things like this) I know others having the same problem_ THANKS IN ADVANVCE


    • Dorte

      > Since yesterday
      i can not see anything on my timeline, all of October postings gone missing, I can only see those posts if some of my friends comment or like it and I get a notification, now how do I fix it and why is everything else form before October 1 still on my timeline?

  • sheila

    I posted a picture but later on deleted the picture. can I find it
    somewhere else on facebooklogin.

  • awanthi

    i want to delete my recent activities.. but i don’t visible it.. one of unauthorized person has used my account.. so my friends can see vedio… but i can’t see it.. plz i want to remove it… plz help me………

  • Lara

    Hi- If I like something or comment on a friends’ post/pix- are my friends able to see that in their newsfeed? I understand how to hide it from my timeline but I want to make sure that none of my activities like that are not going into friends’ newsfeeds- thnx

  • Miller Gandy

    Guys figured it out… Bare with my but to enable your Recent Activity on a Timeline platform you have to do this. Go to Activity Log — go to the Dropdown box from Facebook ALL to just Friends otherwise you will not see this option—- From this you’ll see Who can see your full friend list on your timeline? (dropdown box) and also right next to it Friend activity can show up in (another drop downbox) at the top of the page Do the second drop down box you’ll see four options with check marks next to them (one being Recent activity) simply click it and magically your Recent activity box will come back alive from there you can edit all recent activity options. By far the worst setup facebook has come up with there is absolutely no help option for this criteria and I spent an hour looking through every possible option you can go through to find this.

    • Arctic Char

      > This managed to get my recent friends back but that was it. Still no comments or likes. This is nuts

    • HAPPY


    • Josh Huber

      > thank you very mutch it worked

  • FB Frustrated!


  • M

    hey there…not sure if it’s already been answered & i missed it while skimming but here’s my question/dilema?!… okay, so on the old Fb, when you visited someones page, mine or a friends, you were able to see listed under various a “recent activities” header, all the likes, comments, tags, articles read, songs listened to, etc. that i/a person has made, amidst the activity listed on there wall… you could then follow that link/activity to view the whole thing…much like expanding a convo on twitter… but the new timeline doesn’t seem to list any of that type of activity on my, or anyone elses wall… is this considered to be a “mew/better” feature of timeline???? …in discussing with friends, co-workers, blogs, etc. it seems like the majority (like99.99%!) are very UNHAPPY about it…is this just a feature that the majority hasn’t figured out or is it no longer available as a setting???? & if that’s the case, what’s the likelyhood of getting them to reinstate this feature on Fb… it seems like more than enough people wanted that feature & given all that they’ve been able to do with Fb so so far, surely they could add this feautre back as an option for the user to decide…right? …commenting to Fb’s feedback team, or inquiring for clarification has never resulted in a single response…but then , the’ve never responded to any support inquiries before so i prob shouldn’t be surprised by their silence…Lol …i really would love any the feedback from someone who is thotoughly familiar with the ins & outs of the new Fb???? thnx:) ~M

  • freshers jobs

    Thanks a lot for the post…!!

  • Ray

    How can I see if 2 people who are not my friends on face book have deleted or deactivated their accounts?
    I went to a persons account that was not blocked and who was friends with them both and I could see their activity but a week ago they are both gone completely off of all their friends too. I am new to face book but I need to print some activity from one of their accounts. For legal purpose. Can you help?

  • Stephen

    I THINK FACEBOOK IS A BIG SCREWUP. Recently I had over 150 postings deleted. Wasn’t by me. Changed passwords and everything. Did no ‘hiding’ or anything like that. Somebody at Facebook is screwing around with your Timeline. I’ve seen it right before my eyes. Posted three times IN A ROW, WITH DISAPPEARENCES, and it continued to disappear until the ‘editor’ got tired of playing with me. I don’t think their version of HAL 9000 (2001) could be the cause – though maybe a lot of time. I’ve complained by letter, email, etc. They never answer, just hide like cowards. A bunch of punk kids are running the show and hauling in the cash. They also stall or stop your Timeline from scrolling. A lot of teenage “ha,ha” involved. I can’t believe all this is just cyber, mechanical dysfunctuion – by a billion-dollar company? If it is: they need to get off the stock-market, their product is a mess. But, worse yet, if they are attaching your private accounts and private information by way of your emails and computer – WOW – better get down to the bank pronto! Anybody that has any thoughts on these mysteries – please contact me at P.O. Box 18863, St. Louis, Mo. 63118

  • Stephen

    Cowards! The real problems – you run away from!

  • Jen

    Just because you can see how your profile looks to someone has nothing to do with what shows up in their newsfeed. That is what I want to be able to determine. All this hiding this, that or the other is way too time consuming. The old way was better where you just turned it off in your personal settings. My husband is able to see everything I post or like even though my viewing my profile shows nothing. I have spent so much time on this it is ridiculous!

  • Donna

    If I write on someone’s timeline is it only mutual friends of that person and myself that can see it in the newsfeed what I wrote? Or does it appear on all my friends newsfeed?

  • Johnson

    So, i was on facebook, and i don’t really know what happened, i was trying to unhide my comment activity because i had accidentally hidden it, but I don’t know how… i looked through the other comments to see if they could help, but i was totally lost. all i want is to bring back my comment activity because it also took off the pictures i posted and some of my status’. what should i do

  • siraj


  • Sylvia Joseph

    How can I get the recent activity on my side bar in face book.

  • Kimber

    Sucks that there isn’t a solution to this yet…that is, unhiding something you’ve hidden under ‘Recent activity’. I wanted to hide a ‘like’, and I did by selecting “Hide from timeline”. Now whatever I ‘like’ doesn’t show up under my recent activity. Doesn’t show under ‘Hidden activity’, either.

    I looked for answers all over the web, too, and nothing. This thread seems like it’s the most updated so I’ll keep up with this page. I reported the bug to FB, but who knows if they really listen.

    Anyone with new information, please post!

  • keith

    I was wondering if there is a way to hide photos that I liked from my activity log (don’t want others to see all the pics I liked) is this even possible or is it up to only them to hide that?

  • hadi

    hi , i have problem when i comment to any of my friends the other friends they can see all this comment , i make what you said we need to to X logo Right but when i press its shows nothing no menu its shows only none ?? so plz tell me what to ??


  • M Burke

    Since deactivating and then reactivating Facebook I cannot access Facebook now via my Facebook app., can this be sorted>

  • jsenal

    rely helpfulll.thnks yo

  • emma

    I was tag by my friend but my friends cannot see the photo even if its visible to my friends also. I tried to share but doesn’t appear in their wall either!! Please Help!!

  • GOR

    i am not getting any X button for my recent activities.
    i only get 2 symbols. 1st is public n 2nd is alowed on timeline. n i cannot edit thej options.
    wat does this mean?
    are my activities already hidden from everyone else ?
    if not then how do i hide them ?

  • Kimber

    Hullo, everyone. I had the problem of hiding a ‘like’, which in turn, hid ALL of my likes from my ‘Recent Activity’ box. When clicking ‘Hidden Activity’ in the ‘Recent Activity’ box, it wouldn’t show that I had hid anything. Very frustrating.

    I reported the bug to Facebook, and looks like my page is finally showing all recent activity I didn’t mean to hide. Not sure if this was fixed for everyone, but just wanted to report my experience. Report the bug, and maybe one of the FB gods will listen.

    • David Kirk

      Thanks for the update!

  • klaeyz

    When i hide a photo from appearing on my timeline, why does it disappear from my photos too? i only want it off my timeline. i dont want it advertised on my profile like that, but would like to keep it in my photos.

    • tc

      > Did you ever get a response to this? I’m in the same situation and can’t figure it out…

  • illa

    i can’t see my own post appear on my timeline.. and also my activity log is empty.. but my friend can see my post… and i can’t find the recent activity on my timeline.. is there anything wrong or hack in my facebook account ?

  • Eli

    I’m trying to understand the new Timeline. I have shared photos on several of my friend’s timelines, but they don’t appear to my friends on my timeline. When I go to change who can view, I’m not given the option to change it. It just says, for example, ” Kevin’s friends of friends” But no option about my friends. I want the pics I have shared on friends timelines to be visible by my friends too. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • ayu

    i tried everything, doesn’t work :(((((

  • ranjit kumar

    > ranjit kumar

  • 3_HM

    100% sure it works.
    Why i couldnt find the right answer on any website for the que of how to unhide our status/photo/relationship status that we hide in a purpose or by accident on our timeline.finally i found out in an hour and its a shame cause it is so easy to find and do it.First of all On your timeline, you will see ”Activity log’ at the right corner on the top, Click it.Then you will see that what you have done on your timeline but not everything.So, you can choose by clicking ”Posts and Apps ”at the right corner and will see specific thing what have you done on your timeline and on your friend’s timeline.I recommend to choose ”All Activity”. Then you can fix what you want to unhide or hide by clicking hidden from timeline or allow from timeline on the right size of what have you done.It is 100% worked out.

    Go to your profile >>>>Activity log (at the right corner on the top) >>>Posts and Apps (at the right corner on the top) >>> All Activity >>> Ready to change

  • sandie

    go under Activity Log > click top right button > choose ‘Hidden’ from the drop down list.

    you will see all the posts/activities which you have hidden there. then you can choose to unhide it.

    i had the same problem as everyone else and figured it out from all the recommendations in this thread.

  • d

    very helpful! however, there is no recent activty hidden when i click on hidden activity.. the problem is that one day i decided to hide all similar activity from my recent activity.. but i wish i could unhide it now :s
    anything to suggest me? any help would be appreciated.
    merry xmas!

  • juanita

    how come i can see all friends post but a couple . thyey dont have me deleted checked that out.

  • Ray

    Ok so this information is apparently old and no longer does what we need it to. The folks at Facebook are constantly making changes to everything, so keeping up with things like not allowing activity to be seen on our timeline becomes a nightmare. How do we do this now that there is no longer an option that says “Hide similar activity” or even “Hide all recent pages?” I’m at the point now where I don’t want anyone to see my Activity box at all now. I don’t need someone to know if I played this game or that game or earn this badge or that title or any of this crap, I don’t need to be publishing that for the world to see, or even to be bothering my friends with it. I want it gone, out of there permanently, never to pop up behind my back again, and yet I still want to be able to play games (I just don’t think it necessary to publish every little thing to my Timeline). Please help!

  • Denise bostick

    I need to find my activty logs for July 16 2012

  • Krsity

    Interesting stuff! But did you know that likes can also be hidden? Check out some cool stuff at http://viralkick.com/blog/hide-likes-facebook/, really useful for you too. 🙂