Vista: Installing the Telnet Client

By default, Vista does not install the Telnet client. The client is for text-based communication with remote systems. You can install it by following these steps below.

1. Click Start, and then select Control Panel.

2. Select Programs and Features.

3. Select Turn Windows features on or off.

4. Select the Telnet Client option.

5. Click OK.

6. A dialog box will appear to confirm installation. The telnet command should now be available.


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    Seriously guys, having telnet not installed by default was a wise decision by MS – one of the few they’ve made – telnet is a deprecated (and insecure) service that has been replaced (for the most part) by SSH. There are few of us who still use it (admins, and those studying networking.)

    Now had they completely removed it from Vista it would have been a bad idea (although alternative clients like PuTTy are overall better options.)

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      why worry about the client?

      concerned about security, then ship with a native command line ssh client

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