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Access: Create a Shadow Effect for Report Text

Access comes with shadowed special effects that enable you to display control borders in various interesting ways. Unfortunately, the Shadowed effect applies only to control borders. You can get the same effect with the text in a label by following the steps in this tutorial.

1. Add the label to the report. Edit and format the text as needed.

2. With the label selected, pull down the Line/Border Color palette from the Formatting toolbar, and click Transparent.

3. Click Edit, and select Duplicate to create a copy of the label.

4. Move the copy of the label so that it is offset slightly below and slightly to the right of the original. You can move the copy more precisely by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the arrow keys to move the label in the direction of the selected key.

5. Use the Font/Fore Color palette from the Formatting toolbar to choose a color for the shadow label.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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