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Window 7: One Click Restart Shortcut on your Taskbar


If you restart your computer often, you will love this tech-recipes hint. Just follow these steps to create a shortcut that will restart your system with a single click of your mouse.

Save time and a few extra clicks by pinning a shortcut to your Windows 7 taskbar. This will allow you to restart your system with one click.

1. Right click on your Desktop. Go to New > Shortcut.

Desktop Shortcut

2. Type in the text box: shutdown /r /t 0
3. Click next

Create Shortcut Text Box Windows 7

4. Type a name for the shortcut and click finish.

Shortcut Name Field Windows 7

5. Click and drag the shortcut icon on your desktop to the Taskbar and drop it. It will automatically become pinned.

Shortcut Restart

6. Your restart shortcut is now pinned to the taskbar.



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